Slave Lunas

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Chapter 9: No Mercy

They say when two people work and train together long enough, they fight together as one, with a mere thought or gesture.

When twins are fighting, they don’t need the thought or gesture. They function as one because they have never been any different, and that makes them tough opponents for anyone. Watching Tandy and Sheri fight for the first time, I almost felt sorry for Alpha Zane.


The two were off like a shot when Shay started the challenge. They went high/low on Zane as he tried to barrel between them; Tandy jumped high just out of reach while Sheri latched on to his front left paw, her teeth breaking bones as she clamped down. She held on and dug in, causing him to spin in the air and slam heavily onto his right side. In a flash, Tandy jumped back in and took out his back right leg, ripping through his hamstring before jumping clear again.

The two circled him, growling constantly, as Zane struggled to his feet. His back leg dragged on the ground and he was trying to keep weight off his paw, and it was the first twenty seconds of the fight.

With his legs being damaged, the girls used their speed to dart in, take a strip from his hide and dart away again. They stayed on opposite sides and timed the attacks to perfection. Within a few minutes, his black coat was covered in blood and dirt, and he was howling in pain with every motion. The attacks were constant, and he was soon breathing heavily.

It was clear they were going to win, he wasn’t able to defend himself any more. They wanted him to suffer, to feel just a fraction of the pain they had felt over the years. They wanted him to feel helpless to stop the pain and the torture, just like they had been while being chained down.

They wouldn’t listen to pleas for mercy.

I was watching his Beta’s reaction to the fight; he was looking like he was going to be sick, and he didn’t know yet who Shay was. I heard a reaction from the crowd and looked back to the fight; Tandy had darted in behind Zane, and used her razor-sharp front claws to slice Zane’s scrotum in half. I watched half in horror, half in glee as his testicles dropped to the ground and were pulled around by the tubing that still kept them attached. Zane howled in pain, and every man watching groaned and most of them put their hands over their crotches in sympathy pain.

Sheri darted in and grabbed one of the golf ball sized pull toys, and gave it a yank. She held it in her teeth while standing on the tube leading to the other, causing it to pull free when Zane tried to turn around. She batted the ball with her front paw, sending it rolling to the other side; he tried to catch it but was too slow. He watched helplessly as Tandy snatched it up, holding it between her teeth before biting down and swallowing it. He tried to get her, but she darted out of the way instead. He felt claws raking down his back, and turned to see Sheri holding her Rocky Mountain Oyster in her teeth. She chewed it a few times then swallowed, leaving her with a goofy wolf grin.

“Why would they do that,” Shay asked me.

“Well, Zane always made us swallow his sperm, so I guess it’s habit now.” He just about choked, but our eyes were quickly drawn back to the battle. Sheri went after his back left leg, biting deeply into the upper leg as she dragged him backwards to the center of the circle. He left a trail of blood behind in the hard-packed dirt as he struggled to get away, but it wasn’t going to happen. Tandy went in and grabbed his other leg and they turned him into a wishbone contest, stopping only when his hips were dislocated.

With three legs now useless and two basically unscathed wolves around him, he gave in to the inevitable and exposed his neck to them. He was hoping for a quick finish. Instead, the two women shifted back to human form. They were dirty and covered in blood, and none of it was theirs. They stood over the man who had raped them, tortured them and humiliated them with a look of total disgust.

Then they pissed on his face. He tried to move to avoid it, to avoid the sting of the urine on the dozens of open wounds, but it worked as well as everything else he had tried. It didn’t. When they were satisfied, they let the claws grow out of their hands and ripped his throat out.

They turned and walked away from him as he bled out into the dirt, grabbing some wet towels to wipe the blood off before donning the dresses brought for them. I watched as Zane’s eyes turned glassy before there was a raspy last breath and Alpha Zane was no more.

They stood tall, their dominance going out over the Pack as one by one the members submitted to their new Alphas. All but one, the Beta. Just as well, I thought, we needed to clear the circle for the next bout in our card tonight.

“Get him out of here. He is to be burned with the garbage.” Sheri pointed at a few men, and they hurried to get the body out of the ring and do her bidding. People were starting to turn as if to leave. “STOP. We’re not done here yet. The ring is still open for criminals to be given true justice. Your Beta has committed multiple acts of rape and abuse against she-wolves, and he will face the punishment tonight.”

Moose had moved behind the Beta during all the excitement, and he grabbed him and tossed him ten yards before he rolled to a stop inside the ring. He jumped to his feet and glared at Sheri. “You bitches are NOTHING. You were slaves, I was within my rights.”

Alpha Shay stepped into the circle, tossing his shirt aside and exposing his chiseled physique. “Luna Kirsten was my COUSIN, she was as close to me as my sister, and YOU raped her. She’s dead now, she went to be with her mate, but YOUR ass is MINE.”

With that, he shifted into his huge black wolf and a shudder went through the crowd as he howled in his anger. The Beta tried to run out of the ring like the coward he was, but no one from either Pack was going to help him now. He was grabbed and tossed back into the ring, where an angry Alpha immediately took a chunk out of his thigh before the Beta shifted into his wolf form.

The girls had toyed with their man, but they had nothing on what Shay was doing. He was stronger, faster and better trained, and he wanted him to bleed and suffer. He took his time, picking spots on his enemy and tearing them open with surgical precision. The Beta tried to go for his neck, but Shay got his front paw up and held him up before his jaws grabbed onto the Beta’s lower jaw. He shook hard, ripping the lower jaw free from his body and tossing it aside as the Beta howled in agony.

A minute more of this, and the Beta was on his side breathing heavily. Shay lunged in, his teeth ripping his cock and balls free of his body then dropping them on the dirt in front of his eyes. He was losing strength rapidly and the blood loss was going to kill him soon. Shay shifted back to human form and grabbed his junk. Keeping it in his fist, he shoved it up the wolf’s ass as he howled in agony. “Don’t be a little bitch,” he told him as he bled out. “I bet my cousin didn’t whine like that as a cock was shoved up her ass.” He stood back and watched for a few more minutes until his heart stopped.

When it was over, he shifted to his wolf and let out a long, mournful howl to his beloved cousin and her Pack members. The call was taken up by both Packs, and when it was over Shay walked away into the woods.

I gestured for his men to follow him, we’d be fine here. We all shifted back and pulled clothes back on, and I walked over to the twins. “I’m so proud of you two,” I said. “I’m glad I share a border with my best friends.”

“You are always welcome here, Catherine,” Tandy said as the tears started to fall. “You’ve made this all possible.”

“No, we did. You are stronger than you recognize, and now you can show that. Please, live for your Pack, make good wolves out of them.” We hugged again before I stepped back and folded my clothes up, Moose put them in his bag. “Now I need to get back home and make sure Nancy and Mary are all right.”

I shifted and howled, calling my Pack to me as we moved back into the woods. As I reached the top of the hill, I looked back and took one last look at my friends, moving among their new Pack and establishing their Alpha bonds. I chuffed and ran ahead.

The moon was high in the night sky when we finally returned home. The Pack was jubilant, both with the punishments of the Alpha and Beta and with the two Lunas now having their own Pack. I moved through them, comforting and accepting them as I went, but I really wanted to see Nancy.

I got into the house and Mary was waiting for me. “We’re in the kitchen,” she said as she turned around.

Where is Shay?”

“He’s taking a shower in the guest room.” I moved into the kitchen, where Nancy was sitting alone at the table with a plate of steak and eggs. Mary was already working on more food, having been warned we would return soon. “How are you doing, Nan?”

“Better,” she said. “I had a good nap.”

I chuckled a little, knowing why. “It’s over, the Black Death Pack Alpha and Beta died painfully and without honor in the circle. Tandy and Sheri are now the Alphas.”

This got her to smile, we all hated those men. “So now what?”

“I need to talk to you about Alpha Shay. He’s your mate, Nancy.”

She stiffened when I mentioned the ‘M’ word. “I don’t want a mate.”

I sat next to her and put my arm around her. “I know you think that, but it’s not like that. Not with him. He’s a good man, I trust him and you know how tough it is for me to trust anyone. He loves you already, he will never hurt you.” She looked down at her hands in her lap. “What does your wolf say?”

“That little hussy is thrilled, she’s already planning the mating ceremony and picking out colors for the nursery,” she said. “That’s why I can’t let her out again, she’d run right up to him and present her dripping sex to him.”

I snorted, but she was right. Our wolves were more primal, their thoughts simpler. Once she found her mate, it was time for mating and pups. “That sounds about right. Once Thomas bit me to pass the mating bond, I was horny as could be. I don’t think we left our bedroom for two weeks.” A tear dripped down my face as I remembered my previous life. “It was the happiest time of my life.”

“He wasn’t your true mate, though.”

I nodded, remembering how he had agreed to the mating when I was sixteen so I could keep my Pack together. “Once the bond is formed, it’s a mating bond. I miss him every day. I went to his grave when I was back home and paid my respects to him and my Pack.”

“If your true mate found you now,” she asked, “Would you accept him? After everything you have been through?”

I nodded. “I don’t think I could say no. The bond between mates is the most amazing thing, Nancy. The closeness we have, the way we rely on each other and trust each other, is a mere shadow of a mating bond. That’s why it hurts so much when it was gone. That’s why I don’t blame Kirsten for her choice.”

She got up and put her plate in the sink as Mary handed me my plate and a big glass of milk. “I just don’t know if I can stand to have a man touch me right now,” she said.

“Talk to him about it, Nancy. He understands, and he will do anything for you.” She nodded. “Plus, he’s an adorable little fuzzball in wolf form.”

Her eyes got big. “I don’t think anything about Shay is LITTLE, Catherine.” We both giggled a little at this.

“And you’re right,” replied a deep voice from the doorway. “Nancy, can we talk on the porch for a bit?”

“I’ll get you some drinks,” Mary said as she ran back to the kitchen. I cut into my steak, a grin on my face, as I watched Nancy follow her hulking mate out the front door. I saw her pause as he held the door open for her before she hurried through.

I had a feeling Shay wouldn’t leave without her.

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