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By darknessDemon All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Action

Ice Cold Villain

Koden, a brown-haired boy wearing a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and a blue baseball cap, and Martha, a black-haired girl wearing all grey, were walking along an orange cliffside, a forest to their right, and a deep chasm with a river to their left.
"Martha, that Ice Age move you used was amazing!" Koden exclaimed.
"Yeah, but that is something I do NOT wanna use too much." Martha laughed.
"Its crazy, that move is something fit for a second form. You think it had something to do with that scroll?"
"Heh, maybe I should have looked at it in my second form!" Martha joked.
"I dunno, but it was just weird that someone like Bryce had treated you so badly."
"I know...but it is so great knowing that he turned his life around so much during those years, I'm gonna miss him."
"Hmhm, you wont have to for very long because you are going to join him." a pale skinned humanoid being with claws, blue hair, and wore a dark-purple caveman-like cloth.
"Shreku!" Koden exclaimed.
"It seems you are missing a few of your friends."
"What’s your point?" Martha sneered.
"If the 4 of you couldn't kill me, then there is no way the two of you will."
"That’s because we were overconfident! We all got stronger since then, in more ways than one." Koden explained.
Martha looked away, "Besides...Andy..." she murmured solemnly, but couldn't find the heart to finish.
"Did something happen to one of your pals?" Shreku taunted, "That’s one less person I need to kill then."
"Shut UP!" Koden yelled and threw a couple white explosive orbs called Shock Bombs. After the smoke cleared, Shreku was surrounded in a black electric shield, grinning evilly.
"The same tactic again, you'll get yourself killed that way." he hissed and quickly extended a black arm out of his back, but Koden dodged by snapping his fingers and turning into a puddle of water.
Koden rose out of the water, turning back to normal, "You should follow your own advice." he said with a smirk and Shreku was hit by a gigantic rolling snowball from behind.
"Haha!" Martha cheered and hi-fived Koden as Shreku stood himself upright using 4 Dark Arms.
"You'll pay dearly for that." he hissed and sent 2 Dark Arms after each hero and caught them both. "And the price is your removal from the Ancient Tablet!" Shreku then retracted two arms and shocked the duo with purple electricity.
"I...Ice...Field!" Martha managed to utter and the area around them transformed into exactly that, a flat plane of ice. This caught Shreku off guard as his clawed feet scraped across the slippery surface and, in order to regain his balance, stopped shocking Koden and Martha. Koden managed to twist himself enough to become surrounded in a razor sharp whirlwind, dissipating the arms and freeing him and his friend.
"You have humiliated me for the last time." Shreku sneered irritably, and sent a couple black blades of energy that skated along the ground, crossing paths and dropping Martha and Koden into the icy water underneath.
"Thanks for the dip, Shreku!" Martha taunted, climbing out with no ill effects while dragging Koden, who was freezing cold. "Hey uh, use that Hot String move or whatever it is on yourself, you should be good!" Martha gleefully whispered to her friend. Shreku, not one to waste any kill-shot, pulled a black sword out of his mouth and swung it horizontally at the girls neck, but Martha anticipated this and blocked it with a wall of ice.
"I shoulda known you were one who was not afraid to take cheap shots Shreku!" she yelled, enraged.
"Never let your emotions or friends get in your way, in battle there are no rules, its kill or BE killed." Shreku used Bladeshot a couple times, but Martha put up 3 Ice Walls in front of herself and dove into the pool of water Shreku created earlier. Shreku waited for her to come back up, but she never did, so he turned his attention toward Koden, who was trying to stand up. Shreku was about to come at him with his sword, but was bombarded by crystals from underneath. Martha then jumped out from the weakened ice and waved her hands a couple times, sending rows and rows of icicles crashing down upon him.
"How do ya like THIS?" Martha went for a leg sweep, but Shreku protected himself with Black Shield.
"That was an impressive strategy, but this ends here." Shreku held Martha to the ground by her chest with a Dark Arm and held his sword right above her face, Martha was hyperventilating and scared out of her mind as she knew this was the end, but Shreku was suddenly knocked back by a slash of darkness.
"'re..." Martha knew what had happened, Koden tapped into the power of the Darkness Virus that was injected into him by his arch-enemy and turned into Infected Koden, gaining claws, red eyes, fangs, and black marks were all over him.
"Ah, what have we here?" Shreku was intrigued by Koden’s new demeanor and appearance.
"You're gonna PERISH!" Koden snarled and tossed a black Shock Bomb, but Shreku was still able to block the more powerful Dark Shock Bomb with his shield, so Koden ran at him and surrounded himself in a black twister that picked up Shreku and threw him across the icy battlefield. Shreku caught himself before he hit the ground using a couple Dark Arms and spat out a couple black puddles, black clones of him rose out of these puddles and they focused on Martha while he dealt with Infected Koden.
"Oh, glad to see he didn't forget me..." Martha mumbled as the 3 clones clambered toward her. The girl kept using Crystal Shot, bombarding the clones with ice, and then threw a Snowball off to the side. The clones then leapt at her, but she just protected herself with Ice Wall.
"I see you guys can't use any of Shreku’s powers." Martha observed, but she spoke too soon as each clone pulled a Black Sword out of their mouth. "WHAT?! Why do I have to be doppelganger up on?"
Meanwhile, Infected Koden was slashing at Shreku, ignoring the electric volts, but couldn't get through his Black Shield. "Hmhm, I think I understand what’s going on here, you turned into this beast when you get enraged. Its evident because you are much more reckless and suicidal than normal."
"Shut UP!" Koden pulled out a black rocket launcher-like weapon and shot at Shreku with dark blasts, which were strong enough to break through his barrier and knock him backward. Then Koden pursued him, his claws cloaked in darkness, but Shreku just nonchalantly sliced his left arm clear off. Koden screamed in both pain and rage as blood oozed out and glazed the ice around him.
Shreku just laughed as he picked up the missing appendage with a Dark Arm and chucked it into the exposed icy waters. "Heh, I knew it. That is the epitome of letting your emotions consume you, when it turns you into a monster."
Martha ran up between the two and gave Shreku a piercing glare. "SHREKU!" she shouted angrily.
"Just how did you defeat my clones little girl?" Shreku was intrigued that someone who seemed so weak could take out 3 copies of him all on her own.
"It isn't that hard when you can turn into a giant snake! It also helps that your clones are weaker than you and can only use your sword move."
"Then why don't you show me this snake transformation then?"
"Not a chance! You don't deserve to see my guardian form. I'm going to make you suffer with ICE A-"
Koden, who was weakened and back to his normal self, shouted as loud as he could. "Martha STOP!"
"What? Koden, I have to kill this guy!"
"But if Ice Age fails to kill him, what then?"
"Oh gimmie a break Koden, no one could survive Ice Age!"
"But you only used it once! And on one person! Who was artificial!"
"Koden, ya can't do anything anyway, so leave it to me! ICE-" Shreku gave her no time and grabbed her with 3 Dark Arms.
"Too slow." he said and started shocking her.
"Alright buddy, I'll crush you with my guardian from if you wanna see it so badly!" Martha said and started to glow light-blue. "Ancient Gem Guardian: Essence of Knowledge!" the Vexian transformed into a large blue serpent with 2 arms and black spikes ran down her back. This drastic change in size easily broke the Dark Arms and she smacked Shreku away with a flick of her tail. He stood up and narrowed his eyes at the monster-transformed-girl.
"So this is the true power of the Ancient Gem guardians, now I see how you easily defeated my clones." Shreku sent out more Bladeshots, but Martha dove right through the ice into the waters underneath to dodge them.
"Clearly she is going to strike from underneath." Shreku figured and concentrated on the movements of the ice underneath his feet, he felt it and moved himself backward quickly using a Dark Arm, but all that shot up was her tail.
"Then that means-" Shreku barely had enough time to put his Black Shield before Martha burst up from the ice and knocked him into the air, the force of this assault broke through his defenses. She then grabbed him in her mouth and dove underwater, planning to drown the pale-skinned Vexian. Shreku extended some Dark Arms and gripped the underside of the ice, he then shocked it, hoping to break it apart. He also spat up another Black Sword and managed to slash Martha in the tongue, cutting a chunk of it clean off. Martha was undeterred though, and held on despite the pain. The ice under the Dark Arms broke apart and he took the chunks that the arms were still gripping and rapidly smashed Martha with them, including stabbing her in the eyes. This was enough to weaken her bite that Shreku was able to escape and he swiftly swam to the surface and Martha shortly followed with streams of blood trickling down her long body.
"Martha!" Koden exclaimed, concerned about his friends condition.
"I should have expected such power from a guardian, but you wont be pulling a stunt like that ever again." Shreku extended eight Dark Arms at Martha, the girl knew she couldn't dive as he would just shock the water, so she let him get a hold of her and twisted and turned, freeing herself. Quickly, Martha got in a striking position and swiftly wrapped herself around her adversary and constricted, but Shreku was crafty and made the blade of his Black Sword stick out of his mouth and jerked his head, slashing all along a portion of Martha’s body, creating a huge gash where blood horridly oozed out. Martha hissed in agonizing pain and no longer had the strength to stay in her guardian form. When she turned back to normal, there was a large gash on her belly and blood was leaking out of her eyes and mouth. Due to her condition, the area returned to normal as she didn't have enough strength to keep up her Ice Field.
"NO!" Koden was horrified that another one of his close friends was going to die, but he was not going to let that happen as he could feel the Darkness Virus influencing him once again.
"And now to wipe you off the Ancient Tablet." Shreku pulled the rest of his Black Sword out of his mouth, ran at Martha, and would have plunged it into her heart had he not been knocked into a couple of trees in the nearby forest by something almost invisible.
"What the...? You again?" Shreku was surprised to see Koden in a new form, his Infected 2nd form. "This must be more of your rage, interesting that you were able to move so swiftly despite missing an arm, but I suppose you're just solely powered by your anger now."
Koden said nothing and flew at Shreku, going at such great speed that he could only be seen as a blur. He smashed Shreku into the ground with a downward swing of his chain, he then immediately grabbed him with his one hand, flew up high, threw him downward, and blasted him with a beam of darkness.
"K...Koden!" Martha uttered, horrified that he was in his infected second form, Shreku was surprised as well.
"Be is going to destroy me at this rate. I have no choice, I must retreat." Shreku thought to himself and Koden swung his chain, knocking Shreku off the cliffside, but the evil Vexian caught himself with a couple of Dark Arms. He extended them upward, at eye level with Martha and Koden.
"We will meet again, I assure you, good luck little girl." he said and chuckled sinisterly, then made his escape into the ravine below, using Black Shield as he jumped down. Koden then turned his attention to Martha, the virus made him a rampaging menace, unable to discern friends from foes. He held out his hand to fire a Dark Blast when he was suddenly encased in an ice crystal from the girl shouting "ICE AGE!!"
Icicles skewered the crystal, stabbing Koden from all angles, the crystal then became surrounded in snow, appearing to be a giant snowball, when an icy cave appeared in the background, it melted, a giant glacier then shot up out of the ground and shattered, ending the icy assault. There Koden lie, back to his normal self but barely alive, both he and Martha were knocked out cold and would have died there had their friend Bill not passed by and spotted them.

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