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Koden and Bill were running through the forest and stopped by a large lake. Jenifer, Bills sister, was with them too, but she wasn't in any rush. Jenifer had very long red hair, wore a white zipped up sweater with a yellow line a long each sleeve over a light blue shirt and white sweatpants with red squares on the knees.
"There he is!" Bill pointed to a huge, green, monstrous octopus that stared right back at them with its huge eyes.
"Hn, him again?" Jenifer said.
"Wait, isn't this how we all met?" Koden suddenly realized.
"Oh yeah, it is! It'll be just like the last time." Bill exclaimed.
"But we LOST the last time, brother." Jenifer pointed out.
"This'll be different though, we have gotten way stronger since then, so lets turn this guy into calamari!"
"Man, that was just awful." Koden grumbled. Octupuss swiftly grabbed the trio in its tentacles and opened its huge zigzagged mouth.
"Nice try." Bill teleported himself free and threw a flash bomb right at the cephalopods eyes, blinding it in a flash of light and causing it to lose grip of his sister and best friend. A yellow jetpack appeared on Jenifer as she fell and Koden grabbed onto one of Octupuss' tentacles using his Hot String move like a grappling hook. A compartment opened up on the back of Jenifer’s jetpack and mini-missiles flew out, but Octupuss shrugged off the projectiles and smacked Jenifer around a little. The stoic girl gritted her teeth and dashed to safety and the two thrusters on her jetpack pointed away from her and fired two purple beams that combined at a V shape, sending a huge purple beam right into Octupuss' mouth as it was about to swallow Koden.
"Whoa, that was close!" he exclaimed and Bill grabbed him by the arm. Octupuss roared in pain as it felt the beam burning its insides.
"I can keep this up all day." Jenifer said with a smug look on her face.
"Your sister can't take all the credit for beating my arch-enemies strongest henchmen!" Koden exclaimed.
"Well then DO something about it." Bill replied, Koden nodded and closed his eyes in concentration. A golden ring with ancient characters on it materialized and spun around him, Uranus-style, then swords appeared spun around with it, blades facing forward.
"Circle of Swords!" Koden fired the weapons, striking Octupuss right in its face, some of them stabbing it right in the eyes. Despite all this, including Jenifer’s beam that was still going, Octupuss still looked relatively unharmed and it managed to dive underwater to free itself from Jenifer’s assault.
"Damn it." she grumbled. All 8 Octupuss' tentacles rose out of the water and were electrified, turning the water into a death trap of volts and leaving the monster unharmed.
"That’s not good." Bill stated.
"Brother, drop the load and use Thunder Ball." Jenifer ordered, flying over to Bill.
"The load?!" Koden exclaimed.
"Alright Jenifer." Bill floated down, as did Jenifer, let go of Koden, and crouched in a ball. Two green bolts of lightning then struck him and he started to spin in place, turning into a green ball of electricity. Koden managed to drive Octupuss out of hiding by tossing a True Shock Bomb, creating an electric explosion in the water that shocked the creature horrendously and causing it to resurface. Jenifer then ran behind him and swiftly kicked him forward, sending him speeding along a bit faster than normal, and he was already really quick to begin with. Octupuss 6 of its now non-electrified tentacles in front of itself for protection, but it wasn't enough to fend off this attack and it knocked it straight out of the water. Jenifer then dashed across the lake in her jetpack, grabbed Bill, tossed him backward, and shot bombs out of the top of her pack, bombarding Octupuss with explosions.
"I think we need to make sure its down for the count." Bill said and started to glow green. "Ancient Gem Guardian: Essence of Determination!" and in a flash of green light, Bill became a big four-legged reptilian monster with big teeth and claws.
"I'll join you." Koden said and his Shock Bomb Launcher appeared in his hands. Bill curled into a ball and rolled around the circumference of the lake, ready to crush Octupuss who was struggling to get itself up, and Koden ran as fast as he could along the other side of the lake. Meanwhile, Jenifer held out her hands and they morphed into a dragon head.
"Dragon Cannon." she said and the dragon mouth opened, firing a black beam right at the point where all the beached behemoths tentacles met and, just for good measure, she fired the beam from her jetpack too. The combined force of these, along with Octupuss being out of its element, slowly began to tear through its body. However it wasn't about to go down without a fight and, with the last of its strength, it hoisted itself up, hurled itself forward, wrapped Jenifer up in its tentacles, plunged underwater, and electrified them.
"JENIFER!" Bill uncurled and dove underwater, he dug his claws into Octupuss and bit its tentacles, freeing his sister who floated up to the surface. Koden reeled her in by wrapping her body with Hot String and she was badly burned, but alive nonetheless. Underwater, Bill, who dealt with the extreme electrifying pain, managed to rip off 5 of Octupuss' tentacles, turning the water red and foggy with blood. Octupuss managed to wriggle to the surface due to Bills teeth being the main force holding it down, but that was a mistake. For there on the shoreline was Koden with his Shock Bomb Launcher and Jenifer, who was able to stand despite her condition, with her Dragon Cannon ready.
"You're going six feet under...water." Koden said with a smirk, Jenifer scowled at the boys lame pun. He then bombarded Octupuss with Shock Bombs as Jenifer blasted him with her black beam. Bill also jumped up from behind and dug his claws and teeth into the cephalopods cranium. With all of this, Octupuss was done for, the trio had one the battle against it and the strongest of Relics henchmen was down for the count. Bill turned back to normal, burned and bleeding, but not quite as bad as his sister due to his X forms increased defense.
"So glad THATS over!" Koden said with a sigh of relief.
"Yeah man, we all make a pretty good team, ya know?" Bill said.
"...We better get to the hospital, these injuries are pretty serious." Jenifer said, changing the subject. Deep down inside however, even though she still hated Koden, she knew her brother was right and she knew that without them, it would have been the end for her.

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