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Hostile Hero

Koden, a boy with brown hair wearing a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and a blue baseball cap, and Andy, a bit muscular redhead wearing dark-green jeans and an orange and red striped shirt, were looking around a desolate grey wasteland, only some weeds and the occasional barren tree showing any signs of life.
"Mind telling me just WHAT we are doing here?" Koden asked, exasperated.
"We're taking the scenic route back to town, that’s what." Andy replied.
"Scenic? This place is a barren wasteland!"
"Hey, you were the one who was hanging around the volcanoes."
"I was trying to stop a gang fight!"
"Alone? That’s pretty stupid." Koden crossed his arms in irritation at Andy’s remark, even though he knew his friend was right.
"Say, who in the world is that?" Andy wondered, pointing at a boy leaning against a tree with a depressed expression. He had black spiky hair, wore all orange, a leather jacket, and two red spiked bands on his arms.
"I have no idea, wonder what he's doing here." Koden was curious and the duo approached the strange boy. "Um, mind if I ask what you are doing all the way out here?" the boy merely glanced up at Koden without a reply.
"Emo much?" Andy commented and received an elbow in the side from his friend, but it didn't do much due to his strong stature.
"I don't mean to impose or be nosy-"
"Then leave." the boy interjected.
"Listen here goth guy, my buddy here is just trying to help." Andy said with a hint of irritation.
"If your buddy wants to help, he can do that by getting out of here, the same with you." the boy snapped back, his voice a tad louder than before.
Koden tried to calm the boy down, "We aren't trying to hassle you, we just want to-"
"My life is none of your damn business. Just walk away before things get ugly." the stranger was getting angry now and glared at the duo.
Andy was pretty ticked as well and cracked his fists, "I dunno about you, but I don’t take too kindly to my friends being treated like that."
"Yeah, but I'm not surprised if someone like you has never heard of that word." that was final straw, for the boy encased his fists in metal and he swung right for Andy’s face, but the redhead grabbed his hand and kicked him right in the stomach. Koden was a bit surprised at this sudden fight and he knew there was no way this could be resolved peacefully.
"You really think I would be caught off guard by that?" Andy said with a smirk.
"Silver Spines!" the boy said and large metal spikes shot out of the ground at different angles, turning the area into a kind of deathtrap.
"Mind telling me your name?" Andy said, having dodged them all using a rope of light to swing from.
"Its Kyle if you must know." the boy said and started charging up a projectile in his hands.
"What’s that ya got there?" Andy sneered and whipped his Light Rope, wrapping Kyle’s arms together. The redhead then jumped down from an angled spike for a drop kick, but Kyle fired his Charge Shot, which had built up from a simple yellow projectile, to a white comet-like one, all the way to a destructive black one with red sparks going around it, and it blasted right through many of the Silver Spines. He then swiftly fired a quick beam of light at a faraway spike and appeared there in an instant, dodging Andy’s assault and the redhead landed on the ground on both feet.
"That was impressive, I'll give you that much." Andy said, but Kyle just scoffed at his comment, broke free of the rope, and rapidly fired the small yellow Charge Shots at Andy, who rolled and jumped out of the way as best as he could, but was ultimately bombarded by them, they did little more than push him back however.
"Hey Koden, mind helping out?" his friend asked, slamming his hands on the ground and causing the ground under Kyle to explode.
"Well Andy, you kinda started it..." Koden mumbled, blushing a little.
"Wha- THATS why?! It doesn't matter who started it, we need to finish it." and with a sigh, Koden started tossing Shock Bombs at Kyle who was airborne due to Andy’s Burst. The raven-haired boy managed to avoid the attacks by using Light Warp on the tree where he was resting on before.
"Koden! Use that rope move!" Andy quickly said and slammed his hands on the ground, as Koden tied Kyle to the tree using Hot String.
"What are you doing?!" Kyle wondered as sparkles appeared around him and he was helpless to do anything as his hands were tied at his sides.
"Mystic Force!" Andy exclaimed and a rainbow beam came down from the sky onto Kyle, inflicting horrific pain upon him and blowing the tree to bits in the process. Andy stood over the boy, who was bruised with broken bones.
"Ready to talk now?" he asked condescendingly.
"Andy, don't you think that was overkill?" Koden wondered, glancing to Kyle and then back at the redhead.
"Now you've done it." Kyle said threateningly and began to transform. His hands became huge metal claws, his hair became longer, he grew a metal tail along with metal spikes along his back, his right eye turned black, he grew fangs, and perhaps the most unusual, a black orb appeared on his middle with 4 cords coming out of it with one each connected to his claws and elbows.
"Oh snap!" Koden exclaimed as Kyle stood up and hunched over, ready to strike.
"This must be your second form then?" Andy assumed. Kyle didn't bother confirming though and jumped at the redhead who barely dodged a swipe of his claws.
Koden wrapped a Hot String around Kyle’s cords and said, "This has gone too far Kyle." He didn't care and crossed his arms and flung them to his sides, creating a midair metal shockwave that broke through the ropes and knocked both Andy and Koden to the ground. Andy stood up and Kyle encased himself in metal, then charged at the boy once more. Andy quickly slammed his hands on the ground, but Burst barely even lifted Kyle off the ground as he was too heavy and protected by his Iron Body. He lifted Andy up by the neck, but he was swiftly smacked to the ground by a ball and chain.
Kyle lifted his head, glanced over, and saw Koden who had angel wings, blank white eyes, and a ball and chain around his neck. "What the...?"
"Alright Kyle, you forced me to get rough." the boy said then dive-bombed Kyle, swinging the ball and chain right at his face with a jerk of his neck, and knocked him right on his back.
"Koden, it wont do much good unless you can break his armor." Andy explained.
Koden nodded and dove at Kyle once again, "Then I'll have to break his shell." This time though, he wrapped his chain around Kyle’s neck and began his near vertical ascent to the skies.
"You're insane!" Kyle exclaimed and fired another Metal Wave, but Koden wasn't going to let go and quickly adjusted himself.
"And now for the drop!" Koden swung his ball and chain quickly the other way and sent Kyle plummeting toward the earth below. Kyle reacted quickly and created a metal clone under himself, he then used it as a springboard to jump up and hit Koden with a silver beam from the orb on his chest. As Koden spiraled downward due to the sheer power of the attack, Kyle managed to grab onto his side due to the boost from his leap, sending Koden downward even faster than before. The brunette tried to gain control, but Kyle has his wings in his clutches.
"Oh crap, Koden!" Andy thought fast and used Burst on the ground right under where Koden was going to crash into. While the rubble bombarded and cut him, it broke his fall greatly. With Koden unable to fight, Kyle turned his attention toward Andy and the redhead had to deal with his Metal Double as well. Both of them charged at Andy who could only hold his arms in front of himself for defense, and smacked him from either side with their steel-hard tails. Andy fell to the ground, his arms bruised and nearly broken, but he wasn’t one to give up and spread out all his fingers, aiming at his opponents with one hand each, and shot a red beam out of each digit. These beams, at close range, were like lasers and Kyle could feel his armor slowly melt away as did his Metal Doubles whole body. Kyle swiftly pointed all his claws straight downward and metal poles fell from the sky, pinning Andy to the ground by his hands, his left upper leg, his lower right leg, his middle which barely missed his vitals, and nearly by his neck. This pseudo-crucifix, in addition to the horrible pain, immobilized him completely. Kyle’s Metal Double disappeared in a flash of light and he looked down at Andy and then over to Koden, then turned back to normal. The Steel Drop poles disappeared when he did so.
"Let this teach you to mind your own business." he said and was gone in a near instant by using Light Warp, leaving Andy and Koden in terrible condition out in the middle of nowhere. Andy wasn't about to give in and crawled on over to Koden, who was still unconscious. Then, with all his strength, he threw him over his shoulder and began his trek back to town so they could heal.

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