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The True Infection of the Darkness Virus

Koden and Bill were standing in a clearing along a forest against Alex, a boy with black hair that wore an orange shirt, black pants with a red square at the knees, and a kind of brown woven cloth over his shirt with threads hanging down from it.
"Koden, we meet again." Alex said, clearly not happy to see him.
"Uhh, who exactly is this guy Koden?" Bill asked.
"Alex. We had a couple scuffles and lets just say he’s less than fond of me." Koden explained.
"Whys that?"
"He made my path to achieving my goal a lot longer." Alex answered.
"You have no business in knowing what that is, but I will tell you it involves the Shards of the Ancient Gem. A rival gang as well as my partner and I came across two of the ten Shards, a once in a lifetime chance, and this scrub here just HAD to stick his nose where it doesn't belong." Alex went on, pointing a spear at Koden.
"I was just trying to stop the fight! Trust me, I was already given enough flak from another buddy of mine." Koden protested.
"Stopping fights? I assure you that will never happen, so quit wasting your time trying to be a peacekeeper." Alex ordered.
"This guy has quite an ego Koden, do we beat some humility into him?" Bill asked with a grin.
"It is shaping up to be that way." Koden replied.
"I have no qualms about taking you on Koden, but your friend here is not my target, so he shouldn't get involved if he knows what’s good for him." Alex said, tossing a spear at the ground right in front of Bill.
"WHAT?!" the boy exclaimed, irritated that he wasn't being taken seriously.
"Sorry Alex, but I know better than to take you on alone. Like it or not, my friends and I are a team, and we fight together." Koden explained with a smirk.
"If that’s the way you want it, very well then." Alex quickly crossed his fingers over one another, and two rows of spears appeared on either side of Koden and Bill, coated in purple poison. Bill avoided the Spear Gate slamming shut by teleporting and Koden by turning into a puddle of water with a snap of his fingers. Koden rose up and tossed a Shock Bomb, at Alex, but the raven-haired boy dodged the explosion with a backflip.
"Haaaaaaahhh!" Bill fired a beam of light from his palms that struck Alex in mid-flip, causing him to land on his face. The boy swiftly pushed himself up and tossed a large spear with purple lines along the body at the duo. Before it could reach them, Alex detonated it, knocking Koden and Bill to the ground with an explosion of poison. Alex then pointed up with both hands and spears coated with poison rose out of the ground, skewering Koden and Bill all over their legs.
"It wont be long now." he said, confident that the two heroes would soon perish. They managed to get on their feet, much to Alex’s surprise, despite blood trickling down their legs.
"We aren’t about to go down so easily!" Koden tossed another Shock Bomb, this one being bigger with electricity jolting around it.
"This again?" Alex jumped backward, but he didn't realize this Shock Bomb, known as True Shock Bomb, has a much wider range. He felt electricity course through his body as the electric explosion enveloped him. Bill got into a fetal position, prepared to use the move he had learned from his sister, but the green lightning bolts that struck him failed to do anything, he was too weakened from the poison.
"Come on Bill! I know you are strong enough to-" Koden could feel the poison take its effect, Alex just laughed haughtily at them.
"Y-you're right Koden!" Bill exclaimed. Koden looked over and noticed his friends hair was a lighter shade of blue, Bill was in his second form. Koden transformed as well, gaining his signature angel wings and ball and chain.
"Your hair is bleached and you look like you are going to hang yourself, I'm not impressed." Alex stated, but he should be, because he was blasted with a huge beam of light that sent him spiraling across the plain.
"Wow Bill, maybe I should leave this up to you." Koden said.
"And I'm just getting started!" Bill charged forward, enveloped in a streak of light that made him look like a comet, and roundhouse kicked Alex with such speed and force, it knocked him right through a pretty large tree.
"'re different than anyone I have ever faced, but I'm going to take you down." Alex said weakly as he slowly stood up, he threw a couple Spear Bombs, this time the lines around the body were red, but Bill protected himself from the explosions with a shield of light. Alex tried using the poisonous Spear Spikes again, but Bill dodged them by floating in the air.
"I'm your perfect foil, eh Alex?" Bill said with a grin. Alex gritted his teeth and wiggled his fingers downward, causing many poison spears to rain down from the sky upon Bill, but he just used his Light Shield again. When he released the shield, Alex noticed something, he could only have that shield up for a couple of seconds and it seems to severely reduced his stamina. Alex smirked, having come up with a plan, and used Spear Gate, but Bill just used Light Shield once more.
"Are you...ever gonna...learn?" he said, panting a bit.
"I should be asking you that." Alex said and clasped his hands together. Many poison spears appeared everywhere all around Bill, and he wasn't able to put up his Light Shield fast enough. He screamed in agony as spears maimed him from every which way and poison pumped its way through his bloodstream. Koden saw all of this and he was enraged, more angry then he ever was before, and he clenched his chest in pain.
Alex glanced up, having heard Koden’s growls of pain, "And now for y-" he stopped when Koden began to transform into something, something horrifying. He grew large claws, big fangs, his eyes turned completely black, big black marks appeared all over his body, his wings turned into demon wings, and his ball and chain grew spikes. He was in his deadly Infected second form.
"Wh-what is this?! Just what kind of monster ARE YOU?!" Alex was completely taken aback by Koden’s transformation, he tossed a Spear Bomb at him, but that proved to be a fatal mistake. Koden skyrocketed upward, appearing only as a blur, and then dive-bombed, crushing Alex’s left leg with his ball and chain. Alex tried hitting him with Spear Barrage, but Koden wasn't going to give him any opportunity, he grabbed Alex by the neck, tossed him forward, and blasted him with a beam of dark energy.
"I...I gotta get help!" weakened and in his base form, Bill began crawling toward the nearby town of Kelex for assistance, he knew that nothing good could come out of any of this. Alex crashed into the ground, feeling light-headed and aching in pain. He took a spear, planning on using it to pull himself up, but he had no time, Koden grabbed him by the throat, flew up high, threw him down, and pummeled him, mid-air, into the ground with a swing of his ball and chain.
"GAAAAHHHH!!" Alex screamed, he had never faced a more merciless opponent.
In his final moments, Alex watched as Koden held his hands out to fire another Dark Blast, his vision fuzzy and chest cavity exposed. "It looks like this is the end...getting rid of monsters like him...its hopeless, this planet is..." However something golden appeared in front of him, it was shielding him from the attack, although he couldn't tell what it was.
"Leave my master alone." a tan-skinned boy with black hair wearing a green hoodie and blue sweatpants, ordered. He had a quiet, yet threatening, voice and he was wielding a huge golden sword, which he used to protect Alex from Koden’s attack.
"Why are" Alex asked weakly.
Cory looked back at him, worried about his condition. "I need to get you to a safe zone." the swordsman said and put Alex over his shoulder. Koden wasn't gonna let his prey get away and prepared to charge at Cory, who was already in the forest, but he stopped and turned around when he heard a gunshot. Before him stood Westen, a brown-haired boy wearing a military outfit with a large silver pod on his back.
"You're my enemy now." he said. Koden dashed at him, faster than Westen could shoot, and knocked him backward with a swing of his chain combined with a shoulder tackle.
"Bill was right, you ARE bad news." Westen stood up, pulled out a machine gun, and unloaded. While Koden was very fast, he wasn't fast enough to dodge every single bullet fired, but that wasn't going to stop him, and he swooped down, his large claws outstretched. Westen quickly took a grenade, pulled the pin with his teeth, and tossed it. Koden just smacked it away with his chain and Westen slapped his forehead, he should have known that would happen! As the explosive detonated in the background, Koden raked his claws across Westen’s face. and knocked the wind out of him with a chain swing to the stomach.
"Wow, Koden is on a whole nother level! If things keep up like this, I might be KIA!" Westen thought, but he was in luck, because he transformed into his second form. Two missiles were on his back, a gray weapon was on his right arm, his right pinky was a gun barrel.
"Ya know, I could REALLY mess you up by using Mini-Nuke like you did me, but I'm pretty sure the other weapons in my arsenal will suffice." Westen gloated. Koden called his bluff and swooped down at him, but the two missiles on Westen’s back took off and detonated into Koden from either side. The infected boy spiraled in the air a bit, but got control of himself and fired another Dark Blast, Westen rolled out of the way and quickly summoned a tank that he hopped in. Koden fired his beam once again, but it wasn't enough to get through the vehicles tough armor. Westen fired a shell from his tank, but unlike his missiles, it didn't home in, so Koden was able to dodge it.
"I guess the ultimate defense can't be the ultimate attack..." he grumbled mentally. Koden circled the tank like a vulture, trying to figure out how to destroy it, then he got an idea. He flew in low from behind the tank and fired a Dark Blast right in the gap underneath it, this caused the tank to wobble a bit, but nothing too major.
"Alright Koden, this battle isn't getting anywhere like this." Westen opened the hatch to his tank and, as soon as he did, Koden grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the skies. Westen smirked, this is exactly what he wanted, he pulled out a bazooka and blasted Koden point-blank in the chest.
As the duo fell to the ground, Westen put one hand on top of the other, "Minefield." he said and the instant they crashed, the explosives underneath detonated, knocking Koden on his back and into another mine. Westen, of course, was immune to setting off the mines as well as the explosions. He slowly approached Koden, who was face-down in the dirt, thinking he was knocked out. This was all a facade though, because Koden blasted HIM point-blank with Dark Beam, right in the face too. Westen fell on his back, hard, the whiplash nearly breaking his neck. Westen’s started to feel very light-headed, and Koden was trying to crawl slowly toward him, he knew if he didn't think of something fast, he'd be dead. This was when a white yin-yang symbol lit up on his forehead, his Crest was activating.
Westen smiled in triumph, "Armada." A whole militia of tanks, missile launchers, and military helicopters appeared behind the wounded weapon-wielder.
"Eat lead." he said weakly, and Koden was bombarded by more gunfire, shells, and missiles than anyone could keep track of. This assault, which only lasted for a couple moments, ruined the area and left Koden in a bloody mess, but alive and back to normal. Westen, who was still conscious, was shocked to see Cory walk up toward them, his hood was up and he was wielding no weapons.
"You are lucky that the assault was so short as well as the fact that he was so low to the ground, thus avoiding most of the fire. He would have died for sure otherwise." he explained.
"What...are you doing here?" Westen asked.
"I am here to save the both of you, my master does not know my whereabouts as he is resting in our base."
"Why are you...doing this?"
Cory paused for a moment. "Because both you and my master were fighting a common enemy, one who was certainly not himself, and it would be a shame if you died from pacifying him." he picked up both Westen and Koden and briskly walked toward Kelex.

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