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Red with Blood

"Bill! Where are you going?!" Koden was running though the forest, following his friend who was in his monstrous X form. He believed he saw him covered in blood and it was not like Bill to just avoid him, something must be terribly wrong. Both of them stopped by a grassy clearing near the beach of the ocean, this was when Koden realized it wasn't his friend he was running after.
"Wait, you're not..." Koden was at a loss for words, the creature before him sure looked like the form his friend took when he used the Essence of Determination, a four-legged monster with teeth and spikes running down his back, the only difference was that he was red.
"You were expecting someone else?" the monster queried, he had a look of murder in his eyes.
Koden started to back away slowly. "You just looked like the transformation of a friend of mine and-"
Killer Monster slowly approached him, grinning evilly. "Leaving so soon? Why don't we get to know one another? My name is Killer Monster, what’s yours?" he was getting closer.
"K-Koden!" the boy had his back against the side of a small cliff, he knew he had to get out of here, but there was something about this creature that terrified him.
"Well Koden, I want to ask you something."
"Just how loud can you SCREAM!" Killer Monster lunged at the boy, Koden managed to roll out of the way, but Killer Monster dug one of his claws into Koden’s leg, he was surprisingly strong and wasn’t about to let his prey get away. Koden hurriedly snapped his fingers and turned into a puddle of water, he began slithering away and, for some reason, Killer Monster didn't give chase.
"You will not evade me." Killer Monster breathed out a stream of fire, fire so hot that it caused the puddle to evaporate and exposed Koden, covering him in burns.
"GAAAAAHHH!" Koden’s scream brought a psychotic look of glee to Killer Monsters face, and he lunged at the boy once more.
"Dragon Whirlwind!" Koden spun around and surrounded himself in a cyclone of razor-sharp wind, slicing Killer Monster and keeping him away.
"Hmhmhm." Killer Monster chuckled evilly and spat out a ball of lava at Koden the instant the boys twister stopped.
"What the?!" Koden threw a Shock Bomb at the ball of lava, causing both projectiles to explode, but the blast of the Lava Bomb was a lot bigger than the Shock Bombs and it knocked Koden into the side of the small cliff. He screamed in pain as he felt his flesh melt off, this brought sadistic glee to Killer Monster. He torched Koden right in the face with his Fire Breath, searing off his skin and muscle underneath.
"Oh this is fun, I don't think I've had this much fun since I killed that boys brother!" Killer Monster grabbed Koden by the neck, dug his back claws into his legs, and jabbed a claw into one of his eyes. Killer Monster was about to crush his windpipe, but Koden turned into his second form and flew straight up, leaving Killer Monster on the ground.
"Who are you referring to?" Koden asked in a condescending tone, he had a gut feeling about who Killer Monster was talking about.
"I suppose I should tell you before I knock you out of the sky and feast on your organs, its the least I could do for you escaping my death grip." the red beast said smugly. "It was four years ago..."

In the middle of the town of Kelex, two boys were shooting hoops. The older boy wore all orange, had black spiky hair, and wore a white headband. The younger boy had short black hair, wore an orange t-shirt, and blue shorts.
"Nice shot little brother." the eldest boy, Jake, said after the younger boy, Kyle, scored a three-pointer.
"Yeah!" Kyle replied excitedly.
"Lets see if you can do THIS!" Jake performed a slam-dunk and tossed the ball to his brother.
Kyle frowned, "Oh come on Jake! You know I can't do that!"
"Ah, you're right!" Jake said with a smile, he picked up his younger brother around the waist and held him up high. Kyle dunked the ball in, Jake set him down, and they hi-fived.
"I knew you could do it!"
"Okay Jake, try-"
"Hold on a sec." Jake interrupted, he heard something shuffle nearby.
"What is it Jake?"
The eldest boy saw something from the corner of his eye, a monster, and he knew both he and Kyle were in danger.
"Listen very carefully Kyle, I want you to run as fast as you can and don’t look back."
Kyle was worried and frightened, "Wh-why? What’s happening?"
"Please, just listen to me. I swear I'll catch up to you." Kyle knew his brother always did what was best for him, and he started running. That instant, the monster jumped out of the nearby hedges and started pursuing the young boy.
"I don't think so!" Jake ran as fast as his legs could carry him and tackled the beast to the ground. Its sharp spines dug into his flesh, but he wasn't about to let that monster get his brother. Jake wrapped his arms around its neck and started choking it, but the creature dug its front claws into the boys arms. Again, Jake endured the pain, his brothers life was more important than anything to him. The monster jerked its head up, jamming one of its spines in Jake's eye, the boy let up just a little bit, but it was enough for the monster to get free and tackle Jake on his back. It clawed at his chest, tearing through his flesh and organs, spewing blood everywhere, then it went for his neck, but Jake jabbed his thumbs into its eyes. The beast staggered back a bit, but it sunk its teeth into Jakes right leg and ripped the appendage clean off. Even though Jake was determined, he was losing blood fast and the monster put its teeth around the boys throat. Jake grabbed the sides of its mouth and pried with all his might, but he was getting weaker and weaker by the second. He looked off to the side and could neither hear nor see his brother, he was relieved that Kyle was at least safe. He let go of the monsters jaws, accepting his fate, blood squirted into the creatures mouth and it dug a claw deeply into his chest, puncturing his heart and intending to rip it right out.
"My brother is safe, so in the lose...and I day....he will find you....and you will get to see first-hand just how strong he has become..." as his skin turned pale and life left his eyes, there Jake died, with a smile on his face.
The monster shoved its mouth into Jakes chest and tore his heart out with its teeth, it thought about going after Kyle, but decided he wasn't worth it and walked away, it had enjoyed the battle as well as the taste, its instincts have fully taken over.
Kyle had been hiding behind the wall surrounding the town for hours, and he decided to go check on his brother, he had been gone far too long. He ran as fast as he could toward his house, and when he got there, he was mortified at what he saw. His brother, his hero, his best friend, was horribly mutilated and murdered.
"No...!" Kyle dropped to his knees, tears streaming down his face. "No...! Brother! Brother PLEASE!" Kyle shook his brother by the shoulder. "This...this isn't funny Jake!!" Kyle wanted to believe that his brother was alright, that he was just playing some cruel joke on him, but he was in denial. "Brother...y-you said you would catch up! You cant be dead!" Kyle buried his face into his eldest brothers arm, pulling Jakes other arm around his back to console him, but the appendage just slid off lifelessly. "You cant leave me Jake! Please! D...don't leave me! Don't leave me all alone brother! DON'T LEAVE ME! BROTHERRRRRRR!!!"

"Oh how much it would have pleased me to see the kids reaction." Killer Monster grinned psychotically just thinking about it.
Koden was horrified and enraged, " could you?! Do you realize what you have DONE to him?! You ruined his life! You-"
"SHUT THE HELL UP!" a voice yelled from behind the trees. Koden and Killer Monster turned around and Kyle stepped out, tears were in his eyes and he was already in his second form.
"STAY OUT OF THIS KODEN!" Koden knew Kyle meant business and he definitely understood why, so he flew to the top of the small cliff, safely out of the way.
"So you must be that boys brother. Hmhm, you have changed quite a lot. Tell me, how did it feel?" Killer Monster eyed the boy analytically.
"What are you talking about?" asked Kyle, his voice low and his blood boiling.
"When you found your precious brother dead on the street, did it hurt? Did you SCREAM?" Killer Monsters eyes widened with sadistic pleasure.
"Let me ask you one thing before I kill you...why did you do it?" Kyle didn't change the tone of his voice nor was he going to feed into Killer Monsters words.
"Hmhmhm, look at me. I'm a MONSTER! I don't NEED to justify why I do anything!"
"Then that’s all I need to know." Kyle spread out his claws, ready to attack.
"But that doesn't mean I wont." Killer Monster added, "Instinct, the natural response. The fact that you want to kill me without a second thought? Instinct. Koden abandoning his fear in order to stay alive? Instinct. My urge to kill and devour? Instinct. Unlike you two though, my instinct consumes me. I was born from an egg in a volcano and when I was young, I hunted small prey like Liznas and such, I also ate things that were already dead, but hunting felt much more rewarding. TOO rewarding. In fact, the more I did it, the more I liked it. As I grew, I moved on to larger prey like Chikows and Ice Lizards, but they eventually became boring to kill. I needed something more, something I could truly get a kick out of tearing apart. That is when I cam across you and your brother. The both of you, so happy and carefree, this was perfect. I decided to go for you Kyle, you looked like a good first start, but your brother wasn't going to let that fly. He fought tooth and nail, I was surprised at how ruthless he was, you must have meant quite a lot to him. I came out on top in the end however, and the experience was so exhilarating that I eventually abandoned my old ways and solely focused on humans from that point. Of course I kill Centizards and the like for sustenance, but humans are always at the top of my list."
"So your intent to kill took over you, well now you're gonna know how that FEELS!" Kyle jumped at Killer Monster and the red beast countered with Fire Breath, but Kyle encased his body in metal, protecting him from the flames.
"Metal armor? Hmhm, I can tell you are going to be a fun one!" Killer Monster spat out a Lava Bomb, Kyle figured his Iron Body would hold, but the bomb broke his armor.
"Lava is far hotter than fire." Koden obviously pointed out.
"Shut UP!" Kyle yelled and fired a grey beam from the orb on his chest, knocking Killer Monster into the side of the cliff.
"Hmhm, I certainly didn't expect a beam of energized metal. What do you say we take this match to the next level then?" Killer Monster licked his lips at the mere thought of what he was going to do next.
"What the hell are you talking about?" Kyle asked.
"Fire Portal!!" Suddenly, the ground underneath Kyle split apart, Killer Monster tackled Kyle, the both of them falling to the fiery realm below.
"What the-?!" Koden dove toward the opening in the earth, but the fissure quickly closed up and the boy just crashed into the ground.
Killer Monster and Kyle were in a world filled with fire, lava, and molten rock.
"What is this place?" Kyle wondered, looking around.
"You're in MY world now." Killer Monster answered with a psychotic grin and the air started to slowly turn red with heat. Kyle quickly put up his Iron Body, but as the air got hotter and hotter, his armor began to melt off faster and faster.
"Hahahaha! I control EVERYTHING in this realm! The magma," the magma near Kyle spewed upward to cover him, but Kyle leapt out of the way, rolled across the molten rock, and quickly got on his feet. "the fire," the fire all around the area grew, turning the realm into a fiery pit, Kyle had to continuously use Iron Body in order to avoid being incinerated. "the land," the molten rock under Kyle sunk into the magma, so Kyle hopped to the nearest patch of land, his legs red and singed with missing skin, but that patch sunk into the magma too, so Kyle leapt onto a wall and dug his claws and tail into it. "even the temperature, as you experienced before!" Killer Monster sadistically enjoyed Kyle’s efforts to survive.
"Mark my words you monster, I WILL kill you." that was a promise, Kyle was going to avenge his brother. The cords detached from his arms and claws, as well as the orb from his chest, and the cords went straight for Killer Monster. He tried breathing a stream of fire at them, but the cords just extended themselves around it, as if they had a mind of their own, and wrapped themselves around the beasts neck. As he felt them squeeze like a boa constrictor, Kyle jumped at him with his claws extended, but Killer Monster wasn't worried at all. A chunk of heated platform rose up from in front of Killer Monster and it smashed Kyle, sandwiching him between it and the wall, Killer Monster then surrounded himself with magma, melting the orb and halting Kyle's Steel Shred attack.
"Oh Kyle, don't you remember? I am in complete control here, and I think its time I boil you alive!" Killer Monster started increasing the temperature, but only around the chunk that was pinning Kyle, the chunk started to slowly turn orange as the heat increased. Killer Monster could see the claws on Kyle start to melt, leaving blisters and blood where they once were. "You know, I've never tried cooked human before!" Killer Monster removed the chunk and licked his lips at the sight of Kyle, bleeding, burned, and barely breathing. Killer Monsters eyes gleamed with delight as Kyle fell face-first into the magma, he was ready to be devoured. He lifted Kyle out of the lava by his neck, he was still conscious, but he was helpless. "Just how I like them....still able to feel it, yet unable to do a thing about it! Too bad, looks like you failed, its quite a pity really. The last thing he told me was how I would have to face you as a much stronger person and that as long as you were safe, he won. Well it looks like he failed after all!" as Killer Monster prepared to sink his teeth into the boys throat, Kyle grabbed him by the face, his claw was still there, but it had mostly melted off into red peeling flesh. He threw the red menace into a stalactite, causing it to fall right on top of him, but Killer Monster just melted it with a spurt of magma.
" FAILURE!!!" Kyle yelled, he was full of adrenaline and pouring with rage.
Killer Monster couldn't help but laugh at this, "Don't kid me kid! Look at yourself! The only reason you are still standing is because I haven’t barbequed you yet! Well, I think I've played with my food for long enough!" Killer Monster surrounded Kyle with a cyclone of fire, and although he couldn't see it, a gray yin-yang symbol glowed on the boys forehead and he jumped out of the flames, encased in metal. "This again?" Killer Monster flung magma at the boy, but he was surprised to see that the top half of the boys body was melted completely off, no blood or anything.
Killer Monster pondered this, "Wait a minute..." he turned around just in time to receive the tail smash of a lifetime right in the face from Kyle, knocking him through a couple stalagmites and into a wall. "But HOW?!"
"Metal Double you freak. I noticed that you can only control one thing at a time in this place, and that gave me an idea. When you surrounded me in flames, I used Metal Double to create a clone of myself and he leapt out. You and I both obviously remembered Koden’s stupid statement that lava, or magma as it is known as in here, is hotter than fire and can't melt my steel armor, so when you turned your attention toward what you thought was just me using my Iron Body and flung magma at it, you had to stop the fiery cyclone, thus giving me the opportunity I needed for an attack." Kyle explained with a smirk.
"I will admit, that was a very impressive strategy, especially for someone who is nearly cooked, but what good will it do in the end? You merely got one good shot at me, and now I know not to underestimate you."
"Because in that cyclone, my Crest activated, meaning our god Kishmoto gave me a new attack, and this one is going to end your life. Metal...Beast...SUMMON!" a huge sheet of metal rose up from behind Kyle, and out of it clambered a gray humanoid monster that looked a lot like Kyle's second form.
"What is this?!" Killer Monster was taken aback by the sight of this thing.
"My summon." Kyle outstretched his arms and, as if it was his shadow, the Metal Beast did the same.
"Its mimicking you?!"
"Precisely." Kyle jumped at Killer Monster, his summon following suit. The smaller monster tried hitting Kyle with a burst of magma, but Kyle put his arms in front of him, causing his summon to do the same and protect him with its much bigger and harder arms. Killer Monster tried heating up the temperature around Kyle, but the boy grabbed the orb on his chest, the summon did the same with him, keeping him cool in the clutches of its arm. Kyle held out his arm, the summon dropped him, and he pinned Killer Monster to the wall using his Steel Drop attack, causing metal rods to impale the beast right through his lower jaw all the way through the top of his head.
"!" Killer Monster was hardly able to talk.
"This is for my BROTHER!" Kyle went through the motions, his summon ripped Killer Monster clean off the wall, turning the metal rods red with blood, and dug one of its claws right through his skull, killing him instantly. Outside, Koden saw a pillar of fire shoot up from the ground and he got into a defensive stance, prepared to face Killer Monster, but it was just Kyle holding Killer Monster up high by the neck like a trophy.
" did it!" Koden was relieved and turned back to his original form.
"Not yet." Kyle threw Killer Monster to the ground on his back and put a claw on his chest.
"What are you..." Koden suddenly realized what the vengeance-filled boy was going to do. "Kyle! Don't! He is dead, isn't that enough!?"
"No, I want him to suffer the same way my brother did." Kyle dug through Killer Monster skin until he found the beasts heart.
"You don't have to do this! Would your brother want you acting like an animal?! are being just like Killer Monster right no-"
"How the hell would you know what my brother would want?!"
"Don't give me that. From what I've heard, from both you and Killer Monster, he was a really swell guy. I can guarantee he would not want to see you like this, I don't even need to visit him to-"
Kyle grabbed Koden by the neck with a blood coated claw. "What the hell did you say?! What do you mean by 'visit'?!"
Koden wasn't quite as intimidated by Kyle as the older boy wanted him to be, "If you let me go and turn back to normal, I'll tell you."
There was a pause, "Fine." Kyle said grudgingly, dropped Koden, and turned back to his more humane form.
"If we go to the Temple of Ziarah, KIshmoto can send us to the afterlife for a little visit. I did it when this girl Amy-"
"You must be joking." Kyle didn't buy it.
"What?! Why would I kid about that? What could I POSSIBLY gain out of lying to you?"
There was another pause, "And you think my brother will be there?" Kyle’s tone was much more calm now.
"I KNOW he will be there, lets go." and so, Koden and Kyle began the trek to the temple in order to pay someone a much needed visit.

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