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Bug Off!

Terese, a girl with leaf-like hair, a leaf-like dress, with vines wrapped all around her chest, and Monique, a girl wearing all purple with long brown hair, red bugeyes, green jagged butterfly wings with red spots, and antenna, were face-to-face with a monster known as Screech
"Looks like a relaxing walk in nature is too much to ask." Terese grumbled.
"That thing can't be TOO strong, right?" Monique was a tad afraid of the beast, but not nearly enough to run away from it.
"I dunno Moni, it looks like an experiment gone wrong." Terese pointed out. The monster, known as Screech, had enough idle chatter, and torched the nearest tree with a beam of fire.
"Oh no!" Monique exclaimed.
"That’s are GOING DOWN!" Terese slammed her fingers straight down into the dirt, causing large thorns to sprout out of the ground, homing toward Screech, but the monster just flew up high to avoid them.
"You should have seen that coming." Monique said and Terese shot a glare at her. Monique took to the skies as well, folded her wings together, and spread them out quickly, flinging purple powder in Screeches direction. Screech began spinning horizontally in place, blowing the powder away and a transparent drill coming to form in front of him, and he flew at Monique.
"Beetle Separate!" Just in time, Monique turned into 5 beetles that fell to the ground, they scuttled together quickly, and formed back into the insectoid Vexian.
"Try luring him down here, I want to show him not to mess with nature." Terese said.
"Um, I'll try Reesee." Monique said and flew up high. Screech, who was still spinning in his Drill move, made a long arc after spotting the girl, and Monique dove down. "Got 'em."
"Great." Terese watched as Screech got closer and closer, and then tried wrapping him up with vines using Vine Rope, but he was spinning too fast for the vines to slow him down, and he dug right through the earth like a mole. Terese grabbed Monique and, with a flurry of pink flowers, they were on the top of a large tree. "Now we don't have to worry about a surprise attAHH!" the duo jumped off, Monique catching Terese, just in time when Screech drilled through the tree right from the bottom up.
"This guy is really making me mad!" Terese grumbled as the duo landed.
"Well what do we do?"
Screech stopped spinning and flew to the ground, "I dunno, but we better think of something before-" Monique grabbed Terese and flew up, barely dodging the monsters fast dash. Screech began using his Fire Beam, but Terese, who was still with Monique, teleported to safety using Flower Warp.
"We can't just keep playing hide-and-g-seek with this thing!" Monique protested.
"I know that!" Terese was really ticked off, because Screech thought the same thing as Monique as he was torching every tree in sight with Fire Beam.
"R-Reesee?" Monique was afraid her friend was going to do something crazy.
"Just stay here Moni." and before the other girl could protest, Terese teleported to Screeches location. "Hey freak!" Screech stopped the arson and turned his head all the way around to face Terese. "You wanna knock that off? Its me you're looking for, ain't it?!" Screech grinned evilly, hissed, turned the rest of his body the other direction, and dashed at Terese. The nature-loving Vexian used Flower Warp again and appeared right behind Screech, following right up with a twister of leaves. "You aren't the only one who can spin right round." Terese kept the Leaf Storm going, but Screech got out of it by spinning the opposite direction of the cyclone using Drill. He flew straight up to the sky, made an arc, and began his descent. Monique spotted him and now knew were they were and started flying toward them. "Oh Terese, please be careful!"
Terese teleported again as Screech burrowed underground, but she didn't expect him to be covered in a spinning cyclone of fire when he emerged.
"You must've used your fire move while you were drilling, becoming a fiery, nature-hating, twister of pyroness!" Terese guessed. "Damn, and none of my moves can get through that fire!" Screech had found the perfect foil for her.
"Reesee!" Monique was relieved that her friend was safe.
"I told you to stay there Moni!"
"Not when a drilling, fiery, nature-hating, twister of pyroness is on the loose." Monique said half-jokingly.
"So now we're REALLY in a pickle."
"Yeah...hey, where did he go?" the duo could not hear nor see Screech, which was peculiar because they could even hear him when he burrowed underground.
"Maybe h- MONI!" Terese shrieked as the earth appeared to swallow her up.
"Oh my goodness! Reesee!" Monique exclaimed, but before she could react, Screech flew out of the ground with Terese in his clutches. "He must have softened the ground enough when he was digging to grab and pull Terese under for a surprise assault." she figured, then pursued Screech.
"Let me go you freak of nature!" Terese struggled to use Flower Warp, or any other move, but she was too stuck to do so.
"Yeah, let GO!" Monique flew in front of Screech and scattered scorpions all over him. The stings of the bugs didn't seem to bother him though, even the ones on his face and arms. "Uhhh...umm..." Monique knew hornets wouldn't work either, so Poisonpowder was her only option. Terese knew what she was going to do, so she held her breath and closed her eyes. Screech wasn't going to let her finish and he dropped Terese. Monique stopped in the middle of closing her wings, and swooped down to rescue her dear friend, but Screech was much faster and torched her from behind. Monique started to tumble, but still tried her hardest, Screech decided to go for a direct approach and grabbed the girl by the neck and slammed her into a large tree. The mindless monster landed and turned his head toward Terese, who looked more-or-less dead, and then to Monique, but she was gone. Screech then felt something on his back, make that more than one something, they turned out to be Monique using Beetle Separate. The girl formed back and blasted Screech with a burst of poison, but this didn't bother him either. Monique quickly surrounded herself in a barrier of honeycombs, expecting an immediate counterattack, but one never came. One honeycomb fell out and she saw Screech pick up Terese by the face, as if he was checking to see if the was truly dead. Monique didn't notice her friend in this condition at first, she had used Beetle Separate the moment Screech threw her at the tree, and she was devastated, not just devastated, but angry.
"!" she yelled, the Honeycomb Shield crumbled and Screech merely turned his head toward her, surprised at her change in attitude, but still not seeing her as a threat. "I SAID HANDS O-" Monique felt a sharp pain and clutched her chest, she knew what this meant. She screamed in agony as jagged green shards of a cocoon-like armor started growing out of her. These shards then began to stretch and stick together, then finally break from the girl completely, until she was encased in an impenetrable green cocoon.
Inside the cocoon, Monique was struggling to remain dominant over her horrific XZ form. "No! Its...its happening again! wont let it! I can resist you! I am stronger than YOU! That jerk Dave did-" Monique then heard Screech clawing and attacking the cocoon, yowling in anger. "This guy....he...he couldn't have killed my best friend! She is still-" she then heard sickening thumps on the cocoon, and that was the final straw. "HE'S USING TERESE AS A-" Monique completely lost it and the cocoon shattered, throwing Screech and Terese back. She had turned into a gigantic, humanoid, horrific, moth-like creature with traits of bees for good measure. Her XZ form easily dwarfed Screech and he knew it was definitely time to retreat. He flew up in the air a little, spun around, and drilled through the ground and away as fast as he could. Monique let out a terrible shriek and started flapping her wings, the gust uprooting trees and scattering spores everywhere. Her antenna twitched when she heard Terese stirring, snatched her up, and put her between her pinchers, planning to crush her.
"Nnnnggggghmmmm....num...num...num...Huh? Eeep!" Terese had quite a wake-up call. "M-Moni?! What did you-?! Oh Kishmoto no..." the plant-using Vexian knew exactly what was going on and felt herself turn into her second form. Her hair grew longer and changed style, as did her dress, pink flowers with blue centers were around her chest, and a small tree was on her back. "Sorry Moni, can't have you killing me. Redwood Pedestal!" Terese reached around and dropped the tree on her back, after a couple moments of waiting for it to hit the ground, it grew quickly into said tree with enough force to free her from Monique's grasp.
"Whew! Now then, I've never had to deal with you like this before, but you tell me all about it so I know what to expect." Terese said, standing proudly on her Redwood Pedestal. Monique shrieked and flapped her wings rapidly, scattering spores and blowing Terese's tree down. "Powerful gusts? Deadly spores? Check. Ombu Shield!" the instant Terese touched the ground, she slammed her tree in front of her. It grew into a big, thick, tree around her, providing a nigh-impenetrable defense. Monique flew forward a little and thrust her stinger right through Terese's shield. "Big scary stinger? Check. Sugaro Cactus!" yellow cacti began to grow around the stinger at many angles, holding it in place. Monique shrieked in rage, grabbed the tree with her four huge arms, ripped it right out of the ground, and tossed it like it was just some rubbish. "Super strength? Check. Window Plant!" Monique tried to free her stinger, leaving herself wide-open while doing so. A bunch of leaves appeared right above her. vines then shot straight down from them, tying her arms around one another as well as skewering them. Monique was more furious than ever now and plucked Terese off the ground with her pinchers with surprising speed and accuracy. "And powerful precision pinchers? Check. Bamboo Stab!" up from the ground below, a bamboo sprout shot all the way up, through the bottom of Monique’s head, and out the top at an angle. As the monstrous insect screeched in pain and dropped Terese, the girl caught herself using Redwood Pedestal.
"Sorry about that, Moni. Its for your own good though." Terese said, feeling a tad sorry that she had just stabbed her friend right through the cranium, even if she was a monster right now. She thought she had this won and was about ready to revert to her first form when Monique broke the Sugaro Cacti, tore through the Window Plants, and slowly pulled the bamboo sprout out of her head, popping and squirting could be heard as she did so. The gaping hole didn't even seem to bother her and she clipped the top of Terese's tree with her pinchers, causing the girl to fall. Monique swatted Terese to the ground with one of her arms and then pinned her to the ground by her belly with her stinger. She was prepared to finish her off with her spores when a white yin-yang symbol glowed on Terese's forehead. Monique paused for a second, but ignored it and started flapping her wings, scattering her destructive spores. As they fluttered to the ground, Terese smiled and said "Natures Wraith!" In an instant, bunches and bunches of thorns, branches, and vines shot out of the ground, destroying the spores and wrapped around Monique at all angles. Many of the plants wrapped themselves around Monique’s stinger and grew in such a way that Terese was able to wriggle free. Monique was unable to move, she couldn't even screech as the plants grew through the hole in her head.
"See Moni? This is what happens when you try to kill your buddies." Terese said to the insectoids face, rising up on a Redwood Pedestal. "I don't want to have to impale you with this move, but I don't think I have much of a choice in the matter." Terese's tone then changed from cocky to quiet, "I figured we'd be able to take on a monster without...without...without you becoming one yourself..."
These words echoed through Monique's head.
"I figured we'd be able to take on a monster without you becoming one yourself."
Deep within her subconscious, Monique was trying to regain control, trapped in a red cocoon of turmoil. "Reesee is right! I did become a monster! I let my anger get the better of me, I was weak for letting that happen! Well monster, its time I show you who is boss around here!" Outside, Terese was in awe as she saw red jagged shards sprout out of Monique XZ.
"Moni!!" Terese was speechless, Monique was trying gain dominance over this monstrous form. "You can do it Moni!" Terese's encouraging words caused the shards to grow faster and faster, Monique XZ shrieked in agony as she felt her consciousness being overwhelmed. Terese knew Monique had this in the bag and turned back to her first form, the Redwood Pedestal and Natures Wraith plants growing backward. Just a few moments after the girls attacks disappeared, Monique XZ was encased in a large red cocoon.
"Come on Moni! You get this!" Terese cheered, the cocoon slowly started to shrink, steadily turning from red to green as it did so. Then, after a moment of silence, Monique burst out of the cocoon in her second form. Her wings changed style as well as having an extra pair, her eyes and antenna changed style as well, she had another pair of arms just to drive the insect point home too.
"So, where is that fiery, drilley, nature hater?" she asked. Terese just looked at her for a moment and began laughing. "What? What’s so funny?! Reesee!"

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