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Shifting Shapes

"My, my, my, failed yet again." Sirah, an albino girl in green with pupiless glowing eyes, a pair of angel and devil wings, two black horns on her head, and a halo hovering above it. The sorceress also wielded a yellow staff crowned with a blue crystal orb. Before her were a pile of stone bricks, a small blue rocket, and the bodies of a three-headed yellow bird, a blue Komodo dragon-like lizard, and a large 6-legged dinosaur-like monster with the head of a dragon and the tail of a scorpion. Sirah waved her staff, causing the stone bricks to levitate and form an eel made out of them, and the rocket and animals turn into balls of light that merged together to create a more bizarre monster. It had a floating fireball-shaped head, a blue square body, blue bird-like wings, two red spikes near its long blue reptilian tail, legs and arms covered in blue fur with yellow talons and claws, and blue rocket exhaust sputtering from the back of its body.
"S-Sirah!" the eel, known as Eel, said fearfully. The other monster, Screech, cowered a little.
"Silence. I gave you two weaklings not one, but TWO chances to kill Bill's little friends and all the others, and you failed BOTH TIMES!"
Craylin, a girl in white with multicolored crayon-like hair with a giant pencil on her beck, was strolling through the forest near the town of Kelex when she spotted this confrontation. She hid behind a tree nearby, spying on the evil sorceress and her two minions.
"Sirah, they are far stronger than we expected! I had no idea that girl had one of the Shards in her possession!" Eel explained. Screech grunted a few times, explaining his demise at the hands of Monique.
"Excuses! I am going to take matters into my own hands now. I created you both...and I can POSSESS you both!"
"Sirah! Please! We-"
"Enough! You and your pathetic quest for morality with those Spell Balls of yours! Its high time you have a conscience that lacks morality!" With a wave of her staff, Eel and Screeches' eyes turned white and pupiless, just like Sirah's. "Now with the two of you under my command, I need a victim to test you on...Hmm, and it looks like one is right around here!"
Craylin gasped and froze up, she had been spotted, and there was no way she could take on Sirah, Eel, AND Screech at once.
"What an unusual foe." Sirah said to herself, which confused Craylin. She was just a human, how was she unusual? "A tank with a face that can fly like a rocket? I think we can dispose of it quickly."
Craylin peeked out from behind her hiding place, circling Sirah from above was exactly what she described: An army tank with a face whose treads were extended out to its sides like wings, a small barrel sticking out of its face like a nose, and four tubes behind it that blew rocket exhaust.
Sirah swung her staff forward, and stone bricks spun around Eel while Screech began rolling in mid-air, preparing to use Block Shot and Drill respectively. Flying Tank swooped down, firing shells at Sirah and her minions. Screech drilled forward, slicing right through the shells, but Drill didn't give him enough agility to hit Flying Tank. As Flying Tank U-turned, Eel used Block Shot, hitting Flying Tank in the exhaust tubes and causing it to lose altitude and speed. Screech ceased using Drill, flew right in front of Flying Tank, and shot a beam of fire from his mouth, torching the vehicles vulnerable insides. Flying Tank crashed to the ground, then morphed into a more traditional tank shape.
"Hahaha, you think thats going to protect you?!" Sirah taunted, swinging her staff a second time. Screech burrowed underground using Drill, and Eel followed behind him through the passage. Flying Tank knew they were going to strike him from below, so it morphed into its flying form, but it couldn't take off.
"Right into my hands!"
Screech drilled right through Flying Tank from below, sending sparks everywhere. Then, Eel slithered inside the tank and used Block Shot, blowing out holes through Flying Tank at all sides, scattering parts all around in an explosion and hurling its charred and ruined base into the air, which landed in the nearby trees.
Craylin was horrified. That wasn't defeating an opponent, that was just monstrous overkill.
"Now to send you on your real mission, because I have to take care of a little spy..." Sirah waved her staff a couple times, sending Eel slithering into the forest and Screech flying through the skies.
Craylin gasped, Sirah knew she was here the whole time.
"Come on out from behind that tree and face your demise!" Sirah ordered, facing away from Craylin's hiding place.
The girl slowly stepped out to battle Sirah, trying her hardest to show no fear.
Sirah wasn't buying it. "Heh heh, drop the act, you aren't fooling anyone! Now tell me something, what made you think that was a good idea? You could have survived if you didn't stick your nose where it doesn't belong!" she taunted, pretending to show sympathy for the girl.
Craylin inhaled deeply; she had to focus. "I had to see what you were up to! I know about your destined rivalry with Bill, so I-" Sirah's laughter cut the girl off.
"You KNEW about that, yet you STILL decided to risk it all?! You must certainly have a death wish! Or do you not know that Bill is the only one who can lay even a scratch on me?"
"I know about that, and I also know about Eel! Bill and his friends killed him, and waaaay before you were released!"
"So you became suspicious when you saw me with them. Hmm, I suppose that is a justifiable reason." Sirah said, suspiciously calm. "Well, I can tell you what they are to me, a little something you can take to your grave. I created them both using my staff hundreds of years ago. Up until now, I had no idea they survived all those years, because I found them dead in the desert after I was released. Too bad that did them no good, since they failed to accomplish anything."
"How could you say that about your own comrades?!"
Sirah scoffed. "Comrades?! Don't kid yourself! They aren't even my minions! They were just monsters I made that just happened to be stronger than usual. Nothing more, and I would add 'nothing less', but you can't be less than what you already are!"
"You're twisted, Sirah!"
"Why don't you try giving me a compliment that I haven't already received from Bill thousands of times?" the sorceress said with a smirk, resembling Craylin's remark.
The girl gritted her teeth and took out the giant pencil on her back, holding it toward Sirah.
"You read my mind!" she exclaimed with twisted glee and held out her staff, ready to fight. Sirah swung her staff downward, sending a large blue orb of electricity at the grounded Vexian. Craylin, in one swift motion, 'drew' in the air with her pencil, quickly creating the outline of a circle in front of her. The moment the points connected, the area of the circle turned white and she grabbed a handle on the backside of the two-dimensional creation. She held this object in front of her, which blocked Sirah's attack, suffering only a little recoil.
"So whatever you draw comes to life? Expected, but VERY fun for me!" Sirah said with an evil smile.
"And why is that? If this shield can block your only attack, that only leaves you with your power to create monsters out of objects, which I can find a counter to!" Craylin said with confidence.
"Oh, does someone not know about my third power?" Sirah said condescendingly. "Allow me to demonstrate!" Glowing white, the sorceress quickly became a black floating lance.
"Correct." she replied, still able to talk despite lacking a mouth or any other features. She sped forward, but right before she was about to pierce Craylin, she drew a brick wall, which Sirah crashed right into.
"You are quite quick." Sirah said, then transformed into a wrecking ball.
"Its all thanks to my mentor." Craylin stated, then drew a giant bolt-cutter that clipped the ball right off the chain. The girl followed up with a cannon that sucked the ball inside and fired it at Sirah as she transformed, forcing her back into her base form.
"You can't lay a scratch on me, remember that!" she said.
"And neither you to me!" Craylin drew up a large box that quickly morphed into a large humanoid robot.
"Ha ha ha! One way or another!" Sirah also morphed into an exact copy of Craylin's robot, only black instead of white.
"You're gonna try and copy me?"
"Heh, if I was trying to copy YOU, I would just suicide!" Sirah threw a left hook at Craylin's robot, who grabbed her fist and snapped it right off.
"Tell me something, if I can't hurt you, then why can I do THIS?!" Craylin pressed a button on a remote control she drew up and her robots chest opened up and blasted Sirah with a volley of missiles.
"Because inorganic things, like your robot, can't be hurt!" In the smoke, Sirah morphed into a mine with 4 spidery claws that latched onto the robots head and detonated, turning it into eraser shavings.
"Good to know!" Craylin drew up a miniature fighter jet that quickly grew life-size. She then hopped into it and took off.
"Taking this to the skies? You must want to die." Sirah went after her, able to gain on her fairly easily due to having two pairs of wings. The sorceress swung her staff, firing orbs of electricity, but a transparent bubble shield appeared around Craylin's creation, blocking the balls of bolts.
"Clever girl..." Sirah thought to herself, narrowing her eyes. She transformed into a stealth jet and fired a couple of missiles, which were strong enough to burst Craylin's bubble. The artist Vexian expected this and performed a vertical U-Turn, traveling backwards and upside-down right above Sirah and fired a quartet of missiles, sending her spiraling to the ground.
Sirah reverted to her original form mid-fall, rolled a couple times while slowing her fall, and stabilized herself by flapping her wings.
"Never did I expect you would put up such a fight. This is getting fun!" Sirah said and transformed into an anti-air missile, which rocketed toward Craylin's jet and turned it into eraser shavings in a large explosion.
Craylin tumbled toward the ground, but unbeknownst to Sirah, she had drawn a backpack with a zip cord on it while Sirah was recovering from her missile strike. The girl pulled the cord, releasing a parachute.
"You really don't think such a simple means of escape will save your life, do you?" Sirah said with a smirk, then transformed into a military helicopter, only with large knives as ammunition rather than missiles.
"NOW you're getting creative." Craylin said, looking at Sirah and showing no fear. Sirah fired a flurry of knives at her parachute, but they were reflected right back, damaging the helicopter's frame and propellers enough to cause Sirah to revert.
By this time, Craylin landed and her parachute turned into eraser shavings. "You're too cocky, Sirah. I made that parachute special to reflect your attacks back at you! Take every opponent you face seriously."
"HAHAHA! There is only one person in this world that I need to take seriously! Did you forget that there is NOTHING you can do to even lay a scratch on me?!"
"No, I didn't forget. But YOU seem to have forgotten that you can't lay a scratch on ME. Anything you turn into, I can stop better."
"HA! I can stop any drawings better than you!" Sirah transformed into a rocket launcher with a rocket pack attached to it and fired a blast.
"No you can't!" Craylin drew the face of a bunker in front of her, which instantly became a full-fledged one that surrounded her. The rocket only managed to puncture a small hole in the structure.
"Yes I can!" Sirah hovered above the bunker, transformed into a bomb, and blew it to a flurry of shavings.
"No you can't!" Craylin said as the smoke cleared, revealing she had drawn a thick wall that was strong enough to shield her from the explosion.
"Yes I can!" Sirah transformed into a drill tank that bore right through the wall.
"No you can't!" Craylin revealed she had drawn up a tank in the meantime, then destroyed Sirah's tank, reverting her back to her normal form.
"Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can!" Sirah transformed into a mechanical serpent with a drill for a face. The drill had engravings that resembled Screeches' head while the serpent body looked similar to Eel's.
"You-!" Craylin was shocked at how truly twisted Sirah is. She was willing to transform into a mish-mash of her two minions, as if she was mocking their very existence. The girl gasped when she finally realized just why Sirah turned into that particular form: She was going to perform the same maneuver she used against Flying Tank; she was going to KILL her!
It was too late for her to react, however. Sirah shot right through the floor of the tank and burrowed into her chest.
"No! I can't die here!" Craylin thought to herself as the grabbed her pencil and performed one last sketch: a small tesla coil that fired an electric blast that shorted out and shut down Sirah's serpentine strike. She then quickly sketched a roll of gauze and wrapped it around her upper body where the wound was.
"Hahahahaha!" Sirah laughed with evil amusement as she turned back to normal.
"Whats so funny?" Craylin growled, breathing heavily with one hand on her chest and the other hand holding her pencil straight forward, ready to counter whatever Sirah was up to.
"The fact that I've decided to let you live."
"What do you mean?!"
Sirah grinned sadistically, "For someone other than Bill, you put up quite an enjoyable battle. I wouldn't want to have just a single match with an individual like that. I sure hope we cross paths again!"
"Wait-!" Sirah rocketed straight upwards before Craylin could even speak, and she knew it wouldn't be the wisest choice to pursue her.
She then looked to the sky, smiled, and thought to herself, "Were you watching, Bryce? It was because of you that I was able to survive this battle. Thank you."

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