Mech Warriors

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a group of kids are hand picked after testing high on the leaderboards of video games to fight a war with Mech Robots.

Action / Adventure
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Mission Debrief

Four pods plummeted down to earth, each had its own insignia correlating with it. What was held inside of each was a modern day soldier, completely mechanized with weapons not abnormal human could carry. Each one standing just about seven feet, they where the soldiers of the twenty-fourth century.

Soldiers are still being used, however, the army recruited kids to a safe base a couple miles away from where the pods where dropping. These kids manned the machines. Each one specific to the teens ability and reaction times. They sat in a chair in a circular formation with VR goggles seeing what their mechs could see. On their chest and arms was electromagnetic impulses allowing them to feel what their robots could feel. Every bullet, every scrape of metal.

In their hands remained a controller allowing them to operate the machine how they see fit.

The pods now just seconds from arrival, the thrusters at the bottom of the pods engaged making the pod come to a slow stop and gently landing on the desert ground.

Their mission, eight US soldiers were taken by an Iraqi leader who they still have yet to get a lead on. A reliable source said the soldiers were being tied up in a base not that far from a village called Bugi. All they need to do is get the soldiers, clear a safe zone, and bring everyone back in one piece.

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