Continued Deviation

By Diana Hart All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


The sequel to Changing the Story. After one of the fiercest battles, Victor found his wife Elizabeth missing from the area. But as time continued, and she was still nowhere to be found, strange killings of both Vampires and Humans started to surface. Both Vampires and Humans are not safe. And when time comes, strings are pulled and a person with no choice fights for freedom.

Chapter 1

Instead of going to the planned safe haven, Victor stayed in the Somerset area with his father-in-law, Kenric, as he searched for his wife. It had been a month since that day. He still held onto the hope of his beloved being alive. He just wished he knew where to look.

“Reports of killings of both Vampires and Humans continue to surface.” The news blared in the back ground. “These innocent people, who have been identified to having no connection with the conflict of the past, are being targeted by their opposing foes. Humans are drained of blood, with the only open wound being bite marks on the neck. Vampires are left in the streets turning to dust by a wooden stake or silver arrows. More on the story to come…”

The television turned off. Kenric looked over to the vampire hiding in the shadows of his house. Ever since Elizabeth’s disappearance, he had not been the same. Kenric had accepted the fact that his daughter might be dead, but he didn’t know what to do to help this suffering man.

“Victor,” he tried to speak. “It’s been a month. Maybe it’s time to give the search up and accept she’s gone.”

“She’s not dead.” He countered, his gray eyes never meeting the old hunter. “I would have found her body.”

Kenric walked over to him. “She would have been dust by now.”

“She’s not old enough in Vampire years to turn to dust. She was under a year. Elizabeth is not dead. I can feel it.”

This same argument has played over and over between the two for the past month. Kenric felt that Victor was still processing through the stages of grief. He was still in denial. Kenric just wanted to help, but he didn’t know how.

Victor glanced outside and saw the sun had passed setting. Night had come. “I’m going out to search again.”

“Victor,” his father-in-law started. “You won’t find her. You will gain the same result as you have the past month. This is going to verge on insanity.”

Victor’s face remained stone. “I’m going to talk to a friend. She will give me the information I need.”

He didn’t wait for Kenric to object. Walking out the front door, he made his way into the city. He needed to talk to Maria. The streets remained devoid of life at night. The fear of Vampires made humans scares, and Vampires dared not to leave their sanctuaries in fear of the Hunters.

He paused outside the Donation-V building and gazed at the sign. Hesitation made him wait. Victor feared the same information he gained every night, nothing on Elizabeth. He just hoped that some information would be available to help him.

The wood door opened with a creek, and the welcoming voice of his friend called to him. “Welcome to Donation-V, how can I help you?”

“It’s just me Maria.”

“Oh, Victor.” She said with a smile. “Here to pick up this month’s supplies?”

He let out a breath. “Honestly, no. I came to see if you had any information.”

Maria looked over him with worry. He was paler than normal, and he looked ready to collapse. She connected the dots. He wasn’t drinking blood like he should be. The worry in her eyes grew.

“Wait here.” She said to him and left the room for a bit. She came back a short while later with a cup filled with blood. “You need to drink. Elizabeth would be disappointed to see you in the state you are.”

He took the cup and placed it to his lips. “She was always one to look after those she cared for.”

“The fighting has died down quite a bit, but these killings are keeping everyone riled up.” Maria stated as she began to fill a black cooling bag with containers of blood. “According to the reports it seems like it’s the same people making the attacks. The Vampires killed are always left with the same arrow, and the humans killed have the attack marks of the same Vampire.”

“Intriguing.” Victor stated. “What does the Vampire Hunter Council have to say about this?”

She rubbed her chin. “Ever since the Van Helsing’s pulled out of the war, they have been surprisingly calm, as if they know who is causing the deaths.”

“Maybe I should have Kenric speak with Councilman Seftis. They have been close for a long period of time.” Victor thought aloud.

“So, what are you going to do about your father?” She asked, averting her eyes from him. “He hasn’t made a statement about the war.”

“My father won’t do anything.” Victor knew his father well. “He doesn’t think it necessary to make a statement about the war because it benefits him. You know how he likes to gain his blood.”

“Have you tried to talk to him about it?” She asked gingerly.

“Yes,” he was honest. “But he sees me as only someone to ‘take the throne’ if he were to ever die. Which, he doesn’t plan to let that happen any time soon. He never really cared for me or loved me like a real father would. The only feeling of parental love I had while growing was my adoptive mother, Mina.”

Maria placed her hand on his. “Life was dark after her death, huh?”

He nodded. “I didn’t feel loved until I met you, and you became my friend. Elizabeth helped me as well. For most of my centuries as a Vampire, I never thought I would have a family like I do now.”

She sighed. “Things will work out, I promise. You know Elizabeth is alive, so I encourage you to keep searching for her. I know you will find her.”

He nodded to his friend. “I just need some more clues.”

“You know I’ll keep an ear open for anything.” Her words a reminder for relief.

He nodded once again and grabbed the bag she prepared for him. Thanking her with a nod, he left the building and made his way back home. He knew something was up with the information of who was behind the killings. Something wasn’t natural about these deaths. He needed to investigate these cases to see if they were further connected than what was presented in the media. It would have to wait until later though.

Maybe Elizabeth was connected to these in some way. He didn’t know for certain, but he would look at every possibility until she was found. Though his patience was running thin, he could wait a little longer.

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