Continued Deviation

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Chapter 10

Night had fallen again in London, and Elizabeth’s eyes opened to see she was facing a wall. But she felt warm. A slight adjustment of her position had her realize that an arm was resting around her waist, and Victor was resting against her back. She smiled, something she had a choice over. But before she could do anything else, her body silently moved away from him.

She walked out of the room and towards the front door. When her hand gripped the handle, she fought against the control, causing her hand to hesitate in opening the home to the world outside. Her hand trembled as the fight continued, but the manipulator was stronger and caused her to step outside.

She walked to the end of the road, where she met one of her puppeteer’s agents. They stayed silent as he handed her a bag. It was heavy, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Her head nodded and she went back to the house. Once she was in there, she found a secluded area in the basement and opened the satchel. Inside were the weapons she would need to attack Dracula.

Taking a belt from the bag, she placed it around her hips and began to place everything where she needed. Several silver throwing daggers went into sheaths. A few small bottles of holy water and a crucifix went into some side holders. Last was a hand held crossbow that had a round of Van Helsing arrows. An additional round was in the bottom of the bag.

Grabbing the bow and the additional round, she placed the backup arrows on the back of her belt. She stood up and took a step towards the door. Her foot stopped, and she couldn’t move for a moment. She was still trying to fight the control, but she wasn’t strong enough. Her body kept moving.

Up the stairs, she kept an eye out for her father-in-law. She looked in his study, and found him missing. She kept searching around the house. Finally, she found his room. It was a massive grand design of a room. The colors were dark, mainly black and blood red. Instead of a bed, a large coffin was in the center of the room. It was open, Dracula was not in it.

Elizabeth held up her crossbow and looked around. The massive room had many hiding spots that Vlad could attack from. She needed to be careful.

“Silly girl,” a deep voice came from above, “You think we didn’t know this would happen?”

Elizabeth looked up and saw Dracula standing above her on the ceiling. She took aim and sent an arrow towards him. He easily evaded it and dropped down in front of her.

“You forget, Van Helsing.” His voice was live poison. “I was a conqueror. When I ruled, my empire was as large as several countries. I was known as the Impaler for a reason.” He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her off the ground. “I am still considered a hero in my homeland. I was a strategist long before Victor was born. Do you really think that I wouldn’t notice your true intentions?”

Thinking fast, she grabbed one of the daggers and sliced it across his arm. He let out a cry of pain and dropped her as his skin burned. She landed and dashed away, lifting her weapon to fire again. He glared at her while holding his injured arm. He lunged at her. Ducking out of the way, she grabbed a small bottle of the holy water and opened it with a pop of her thumb. While Dracula was in the air, she threw the water at him, and it splashed over his body.

The drops that touched skin began to burn and caused Dracula to cry out again in pain. He fell to the ground and groaned in pain. Without hesitation, Elizabeth shot an arrow into his shoulder. He cried out again then looked at her with a glare that could frighten any sane person.

“This is for my mother.” Elizabeth’s voice came out. “Bastard.”

He chuckled a little. “You don’t understand anything. The reason I killed your mother, is because your family hunted and killed Mina.”

“What?” A new voice entered the room. It was Victor’s. “So, that time after Mina died, you went and took revenge?”

Vlad smiled at his son. “You act surprised.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Elizabeth’s voice came out in a shout. “A life for a life. You will pay for all the innocent people you have killed over the centuries.”

“Elizabeth!” Victor shouted as he ran over. He was able to grab her hand and force it upward right as she fired, causing the arrow to fly into the ceiling. “Elizabeth! This isn’t like you, talk to me.”

She at first tried to pull her hand away from him, but his grip was stronger. Victor’s free hand went up and touched her cheek, pulling her out of her rage. Her agency had returned for a moment, and during that moment she decided to act.

She successfully pulled away from her husband and ran towards a window. Grabbing a nearby chair she threw it and broke the glass right before she jumped out it and ran away. Victor had followed her, trying to stop her and gain some understanding of what was happening.


Before he had a chance to find anything out, he stopped short in the middle of an alley. Elizabeth had stopped as well, her back to him. He let out a relieved breath. Walking over to her, he reached to touch her shoulder. Just inches away from her, she suddenly turned and held a dagger to his throat, causing him to stop.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Another voice entered the alley, one Victor didn’t recognize. “You see, despite being a Vampire, she still is a Van Helsing to the bone.”

Elizabeth’s head indicated for him to turn around. Once he did, he felt the blade of the dagger press against his shirt, forcing him to move forward. An older man walked into view, holding a cigar to his lips. He smiled as his eyes met Victor’s. It took a moment, but he eventually recognized the man.

“Councilman Seftis.”

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