Continued Deviation

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Chapter 12

“You were right.” Victor said once he entered his father’s room. Erick was treating his wounds, which were now healing quickly. “She was being controlled by someone. Specifically, the leader of the Vampire Hunter Council.”

“So this is Seftis’s doing?” Vlad echoed.

Victor nodded. “Yes, I don’t know how, but he controls Elizabeth much like Vampires are able to compel humans. He tried to trick me into believing Elizabeth was willingly helping him. She broke control long enough to disprove that story.”

“Something tells me there is more to his plan.” Vlad said while standing up. “What else happened?”

Victor rubbed his chin and walked over to look out a window. The colors of night welcomed him as he thought back to his encounter with his wife. “He also told me how she was the one who caused all of the murders around here. He’s controlling both sides of the war. I don’t know the full details, but it was part of his plan to have Elizabeth take you out.”

“With me dead, that would leave you as the ‘Lord of all Vampires.’” Vlad thought aloud as he put the pieces of the puzzle together. “She would technically be Queen, being married to you. You would have eventually become the target so Seftis would control both Vampires and Hunters. He could easily gain world domination from there.”

“So you two have more in common than we thought, huh?” Victor said without thinking.

His comment only gained an understanding look from his father. “There was a time I wanted to conquer the world. That was during my rule over Transylvania. My fall made it so I only desired life. I don’t regret becoming a Vampire. And I have my empire of Vampires now. I am happy with my life. I don’t need world domination to feel accomplished. I have already achieved so much.”

Victor’s eyes lingered on his father. This was the first time he had ever heard such passion from his father on any subject. It didn’t change who his father was, he still acted as though he was higher than humans. But, this did bring some insight to the man who was a big part of Victor’s life.

“Well, we must find your wife and stop this plan from succeeding.” Vlad broke his son out of his thoughts. “She is still after my life, and from what you have told me, the bites are working. She will need one more and a bit more time to fully break free from his control. I’ll call together some of my most trusted scouts and have them begin a search for her.”

“You’re helping me?” Victor said with shock.

Vlad cocked an eyebrow. “She’s after my life.”

There’s the reason. Victor thought. “She has some control, but Seftis still has a strong hold. Hopefully this third bite will do the trick.”

“I will say, Kendrick had a brilliant theory that may just save us from this man.” Vlad admitted.

With that, Vlad left the room to contact his scouts and begin the search. From there all they could do was wait until something turned up. Another time where Victor had to search for his wife. Though he had more of an idea of what was happening, it still didn’t help that she was missing once again. Once again, he must wait.

After several days, Victor found that Elizabeth would be harder to find now. He didn’t know if she was being held captive by Seftis, or if she was hiding herself. He stared out the window, thinking of possible outcomes to the situation. No further attempts on Vlad’s life had happened since the day she left. Victor was becoming desperate to end the battle and save Elizabeth. He wanted a life of peace. But what they needed to do first was break the control Seftis had on her, and then find a way to stop Seftis’s plan.

He wanted control over the world. Controlling both sides of a non ending war. He said he gained ‘everything.’ Victor didn’t know why he wanted everything when he had leadership over the Vampire Hunters. Was it simple greed, or something else?

Victor also didn’t know if Seftis saw himself as evil. He probably saw himself as putting the world under one controlling power, himself. He needed to talk to Kendrick about the Councilman. He needed to start to piece things together.

“Victor?” One of Vlad’s scouts caught his attention.

Victor turned to look at the Vampire.

“We found Elizabeth.” He reported.


“She’s under the Vampire Hunter Council main building.” He said. “She’s being held there right now. And by the looks of it, no one can get in. We can’t move to save her until we have a way in.”

“Do you know how they are holding her?” Victor asked.

He shook his head. “I can only give a hypothesis. If they’re holding a Vampire, they are probably using silver. Do you think her father could get in?”

“They wouldn’t take him to where she is. They know he is not involved with the war, and wouldn’t trust him.” Victor responded. “Keep me informed.”

The scout left the room, causing Victor to look out the window again, thinking. At least she’s safe for now.

Victor was getting good at being patient, though he was getting tired of waiting. He knew he had to plan to make sure things would go how they wanted. Letting out a sigh, he looked out over the city as he contemplated the days to come.

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