Continued Deviation

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Chapter 2

It was dark when her eyes opened. Though her mind screamed at her situation, she remained forcibly silent. Stiffly standing up, she left her empty room and followed the corridor to an open room where the dark figure waited for her. Her desire to be free of his grasp was great, but her will to fight was weak. After what had happened a month ago, she didn’t even know if her husband was still alive.

“You need to do some surveillance on Vlad Dracula.” The voice called to her. “Do not engage. We just need some intel on what his actions are dealing with the war.”

She bowed her head and backed out of the room silently. As she entered the cold night air, the little bit of freedom she had invigorated her. She took off, running through the London area. Towards the terrifying home of her father-in-law.

The dark buildings were lifeless. Many people had abandoned the city over fear of the fighting sides. What needed to happen for the war to officially end was both sides coming to the agreement of peace. But with was this villain was with her, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

She has had no choice the past month. She didn’t know what was happening, but she had no control over her actions. Everything she did was not her own. Something had a hold on her since she first woke up after being shot. And she couldn’t fight against it.

Once she arrived at the home of the Vampire King, she glanced over the building. The windows were dark, but knowing him, he liked it like that. Though she didn’t spend a lot of time with Vlad Dracula, she had researched him well enough since her mother’s death to know him well. She leaped over to the rooftop and peeked into one of the widows. Nothing was happening in that room. So, she moved to the next.

“I do not often get visitors.” The voice startled her as she jumped up to investigate the lifeless eyes of the Vampire. “But when I do, they usually use the front door. To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing my dear daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth didn’t answer, she couldn’t. If she could she would have told him to contact her husband, Victor. Her face remained stone as she looked over the large looming man. She waited. She wasn’t supposed to have him know she was there. Yet, he had found her before she had found him.

“I figured that something happened to you to cause this commotion.” He walked around her. “Now I know for certain it is because you have been turned. But knowing my son, he would not have done this for no reason. Tell me, what happened?”

How she wished she had a voice right then, but all efforts to even speak were dashed by the power over her. Once all hope was lost, her voice returned to her, but the words that came were not the ones she wanted to say.

“You do nothing to help the situation, you only seek your own desires. I have come to end this.” She didn’t even sound like herself.

He cocked his head to the side, and she could tell that he knew something was off. “I see. Well, you can try.”

Elizabeth pulled out her crossbow and fired a shot at him. He slid to the side and dodged the arrow. He repeated the process until he was looming over her, a glare plastered on his brow. Before she could lift her bow up to his chin, his hand swatted it out of hers.

“Listen here, daughter-in-law, if you think I am letting you live because I have sympathy for you, you are wrong. Your death simply does not benefit me currently. I suggest you know your place and keep it.”

The Vampire master disappeared into the mist before Elizabeth could blink. She was left alone, and she knew the person who had control of her would not be happy. She was in for a verbal beating for something she had no control over. She had dealt with it for the past month, she could survive a bit longer.

With a failed mission, she made her way back to her base. She didn’t see the dark shadow standing where she was. Vlad pulled out his phone and pressed a few buttons. Waiting for the dial tone to connect he glared at the sky.

An aggravated voice came through the cellular devise. “What do you want? I’m busy with—”

“You should keep a better eye on your wife, son.” Vlad interrupted him. “She was just here and tried to take my life.”

Silence was the response. “How was she?”

“She was in good health, but something was off about her.” He paused. “She hardly spoke, and her actions and words did not match what I have seen. I feel she may be under an influence of another.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Victor asked.

“I gain more of a benefit with you and her being in good situations than in bad. You have your job to do. I have mine. I won’t interfere with yours if you don’t interfere with mine.” With that, he hung up and watched the small shadow of the young hunter disappear into the night.

If this continued, Vlad had a lot to lose, he needed to find a way to keep his benefits out of this war. He would not let the affairs of humans and vampires end his choice of life.

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