Continued Deviation

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Chapter 3

Elizabeth was in London. The news brought Victor relief. London was a big place, but it was smaller than all of England. The first chance he had, he left the Somerset area and made the four hour travel to the large city. He didn’t know how he was going to find her, but he knew he where he could start. His father.

Life in London had settled down with the evening hours. The full moon lit up most the darker areas of the town, and the life of London rested away from the Dracula house. Victor had no difficulties getting to his former residence. Though this place was home, he didn’t care to visit that often. This house held too many memories of an uncaring father figure who only saw him as continuing the Dracula name.

But Victor knew that if he wanted to find his wife, he needed to talk to the Lord of all Vampires. The house was dark, as usual. He opened the door and was quickly welcomed by the family butler. Giving a quick greeting, Victor made his way to where his father spend most his time, Vlad’s private study. He didn’t knock on the door when he arrived, but the scene shocked him.

His father had his teeth sunk into the neck of a young woman, who had long since passed out from blood loss. Vlad looked up from his meal and licked his lips, savoring every drop of blood. The young woman was pale. Victor already knew that Vlad satisfied himself with most of her blood.

“I didn’t expect you to be coming here Victor.” He had a small smirk on his lips. Offering the girl he continued, “Care to have some? Her life is gone anyway.”

Victor glared at him and took the girl from his arms. “What family lost this girl this time?”

Vlad laughed. “She was merely a prostitute. No one will miss her.”

“You don’t know that!” Victor’s voice rose. “You have no regard for human life, and this is not the first time you have killed for your gluttony.”

The Count wasn’t phased by his son’s outburst. “Humans are lower than us, Victor. Time will come that you understand your place in this world.”

“Erick,” Victor called to the butler. “Please take care of this girl, give her a proper burial.”

Erick nodded and walked off with the body in his arms.

Victor didn’t turn to look at his father for some time. He was angered that his father never changed since before he was around. Finally, Victor looked Vlad dead in the eyes. He came for information and he was going to get it.

“You said you saw Elizabeth.” His voice was stern.

Vlad cocked an eyebrow. “Yes, is that why you came to visit?” Victor didn’t need to answer. His father sighed a disappointed breath. “You never come to visit just to visit me. I thought I raised you better.”

“You didn’t raise me. Mina did.” Victor growled, “You aren’t worth visiting. Just answer my questions.”

“Very well,” Vlad reclined in a nearby chair. “She appeared suddenly on the roof. I found her looking in one of the windows, trying to spy on me. I was out hunting at the time and came home to her peeking in this room.”

“Do you know why she came?” Victor asked, sitting opposite of his father.

“No, but she was unusually quiet.” He stroked the hair on his chin. “When I first met her she was very out spoken and so I knew something was different. And when she did speak, it was not her normal speech pattern.”

Resting his elbows on his knees, Victor thought it over the information. Something wasn’t adding up. Elizabeth wouldn’t act like this unless she had reason to. What was happening to his wife?

“One other thing,” Vlad interrupted his thoughts. “She smelled of human blood, and she had weapons to kill a Vampire. She didn’t come here to kill me, but she was ready to defend herself.”

Victor thought for a few more moments before standing up again. “I’m going out to look for her. I’ll stay here until I find her, but don’t expect to see me that often. I’ll be back before sunrise.”

Victor left his father in the study and walked out the door. Where should he start? A thought came up in his mind. Effortlessly he got up to the roof and went over to the window that Elizabeth was reported to have looked in. Scanning the area, he hoped to find something that would give a clue to her whereabouts. As he looked, a thought came to his head.

Elizabeth is a Vampire. With her abilities now it would be difficult for someone to have control over her. He stroked his chin. What could someone possibly have on Elizabeth that she would act like this? If she is being controlled.

But if she wasn’t being controlled than she would have come home. Something happened that night when we tried to leave Somerset. Maybe she was wounded and lost her memory and is just acting on who is helping her or instinct. If only I knew what happened that night.

He continued to scan the roof, finding nothing there that could help him. He let out a frustrated sigh. A message came to his phone. Glancing at the name he saw it was a link from Marie. Opening the message he read what she wrote to him.

‘I found this on the internet and knew you would want to see it.’

He tapped on the link and it pulled up armature videoing of the battle a month ago that someone posted on the internet. It was a distance away from the battle, meaning a human from one of the nearby buildings had taken it. He halfheartedly watched the video until he noticed two people slowly making their way across the battlefield. It was himself and Elizabeth. Watching closer he saw how he was preoccupied with defending himself that he didn’t notice a Hunter taking aim at him. He watched in horror as his wife ran between him and the wood arrow hitting her instead. She fell to the ground, and as the video continued, he lost track of where she was.

He now had a slight understanding of what happened that night. She had been wounded, but something else happened between then and now that she went missing. If he had seen that video before confirming she was living, to say, he would have thought she was killed, and he would have accepted it.

New desire to find his wife filled his chest and he leaped off the building to the next one, his search had only begun. But as he left, he didn’t notice a figure watching him from afar. She, having seen him, knew deep in her heart that he was now in more danger than before. The one controlling her knew he was in London, and looking for her.

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