Continued Deviation

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Chapter 4

A loud smack echoed through the area. A new stinging sensation enveloped her cheek. Her head remained turned to the side as her manipulator’s voice shouted at her for the situation.

“If you had remained hidden and did as I had instructed, this would not have happened.” His bellowing voice rumbled through the room. “Having the Son of Dracula here messes up our plans. He was suppose to remain in Somerset.”

‘It’s technically not my fault,’ Elizabeth thought, ‘You are the one in control of my body.’

The large man stepped away from her and placed a hand on his chin. He needed to think of something to counteract this predicament. He paced back and forth for a minute before coming up with an idea.

“As much as I would prefer for you to stay in the shadows, Victor is here because he is looking for you. He won’t interfere too much if he finds you. But we need a reason for you to stay in London,” he thought aloud. He turned once more in his pace. “Amnesia would be believable. But we may need to play with that pretense so it’s more real than simply having no memory whatsoever.”

He snapped his fingers, causing Elizabeth to straighten her back. “Here’s what you will do. One night, go out to London and walk the streets, Victor will find you eventually. When he finds you, act as though you don’t recognize him. Act as though you don’t have any memory of the past several years, before your father moved his family to Somerset. Act as if you don’t know you are a Vampire. He will stay around until you pretend to remember, but that won’t be for a while. But it will keep him busy while you continue our plans. Go.”

His command sent her out the door and running though the area until she was hidden in the alleys of Central London. The Darkness covered her being and she began to walk around. The streets were sparse of life due to the fear of the murders. Elizabeth’s act began. She walked around, pulling her coat closer to her as the colder season set in. Her mind tried and fought to stop following the command, but with no avail.

She walked around for several hours, her feet begging for relief, but she continued. She couldn’t stay out for too much longer for the sun would be rising. But she still had some time. Her breaths came out in puffs as she glanced around the area. It seemed as though Victor wouldn’t find her that night.

“Elizabeth?” a small whisper came from her side.

She stopped, and expression of confusion came to her features. And she looked around. Her eyes glanced over a dark alley. When her eyes passed, she saw someone walk out to the light, causing her to look back. It was Victor.

His relief was easily expressed by his small smile. It didn’t take him long to run over and hug her. Elizabeth enjoyed the hug, in her head, but her body went ridged and pushed him away.

“What are you doing?!” She shouted. “Get away from me.”

It hurt that she was forcing him away, and tried as she might, she couldn’t prevent herself from doing it. He had a concerned confused look on his face as he stepped back from her. He bent down a bit to look her in the eyes. She inched away from him, ready to run.

“Elizabeth,” he said softly. “It’s me, Victor.”

She stepped away from him, allowing fear to show in her eyes. Her hands were clasped close to her chest and she remained silent. This brought a deeper concern to Victor’s face.

“Elizabeth,” he slowly reached for her. “I’ve come to take you home.”

“No!” Her volume was sudden. “Stay away from me. It’s monsters like you who killed my mother. If my father was here, he would turn you to dust in an instant.”

Victor’s eyes widened, but Elizabeth didn’t stay there long. She turned and ran away. Victor easily caught up to her and grabbed her wrist. He jerked her to a stop and turned her towards him. His grip was firm enough to hold her in place, but not so hard to cause her harm.

“Please listen to me. We don’t have a lot of time. We need to get to safety before sunrise.” He was begging her.

Elizabeth tried to pull away. “You need to get to safety, I’m going home.”

“Elizabeth!” His call caused her to stop. He looked her in the eyes, and found that they were filled with a gaze that said she didn’t recognize him.

He released one hand and gently touched her cheek. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’ve been looking for you for over a month now. I’m going to take you home to your father, in Somerset. Then we will--”

“Wait,” she cut him off. “Somerset? My father doesn’t live in Somerset. He lives here in London. You’re just trying to trick me into a false sense of security.”

This brought new questions to Victor’s mind. But one stood out more than the rest. “Elizabeth, how much do you remember?”

She acted hesitant to tell. Eventually, she opened her mouth. “I remember Vlad Dracula attacking and killing my mother, after that, everything’s a blur. I only woke up very recently in a hospital and have been trying to find my way home.”

Victor’s eyes widened once more. She didn’t remember him, or anything else that happened in her life after the age of six. Did that arrow cause so much damage that she lost the majority of her memory? His grip loosened as he looked at the ground, a lot of emotions went through him. Though he was happy he found her, he was also distraught that she had no memory of him.

As he thought, he noticed that the area had gotten visibly lighter. He looked up at the sky and saw that sunrise was near. Without hesitation, he picked up Elizabeth, who protested and fought against him, and ran towards his father’s house. With luck and his speed, they made it to the home with little time to spare and closed themselves in.

“I demand that you release me.” Elizabeth said in the darkness of the room.

“I can’t do that.”

She crossed her arms in anger. “You will, or I will call the police.”

“Elizabeth,” he turned to her and indicated outside. “You will die if you go out there. You don’t remember this because of how recent it was, but I had to turn you to a Vampire to save your life once.”

“I wouldn’t go near you, let alone depend on a Vampire to save me.” She argued.

He placed his hands on her shoulders. “I know, but please believe me when I say this. Several Vampire Hunters tried to kill you. You contacted me, but I was almost too late, so I bit you to turn you. I couldn’t let you die.”


It broke his heart to hear her constantly question him. He just hoped something would return her memory to her. “Because, I love you. And I’m your Husband.”

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