Continued Deviation

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Chapter 5

“That’s not possible. I would never marry a Vampire.” She countered.

“That’s how you originally felt.” Victor explained. “But it was an arranged marriage to end the war between our people.”

“That didn’t work out too well, from what I can see.” She crossed her arms.

“Yes, but it was for a while,” he continued. “There was a group of Hunters that saw you as a traitor and decided to kill you. They almost succeeded before I turned you. The war continued when the youngest of the Vampire Hunter Council died...” he hesitated. “by my hand, but that was another instance where I was protecting you.”

Elizabeth’s eyebrows knit together. “Who?”


“I don’t know an Edward.”

Victor’s eyes widened at the statement. He was told that they were childhood friends, but if she moved after the age of six, and that’s when she met him, it would explain some things. Victor couldn’t help but feel a little victorious in hearing his wife say she didn’t know her ex.

“That doesn’t really matter right now. What matters,” Victor shook himself out of his thoughts. “Is that you are safe and gain back your memories. I need you to trust me. I’ll take you back to your father.”

“I’m not leaving London with you. I don’t trust you.”

He let out a sigh and mumbled under his breath, “Back to square one then.”

“I see you have found her.” A voice from above called down to them. “Faster than I presumed.”

Both Victor and Elizabeth looked up to the ceiling. The sight of Dracula hanging and looking down on them caused Elizabeth to fall to the ground with fearful breath. Victor glared at his father and bent down to help his wife.

“You aren’t helping,” He gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “She doesn’t remember passed her childhood.”

Vlad cocked and eyebrow and walked towards them. His position changed when he hit the wall and was perpendicular to the ground. He soon stood next to them and looked down at them. His focus was more on Elizabeth.

“Apologies, I just feel surprised to see that you found her so quickly.” He stated while looming over them.

“Yes,” Victor continued. “But she doesn’t seem to remember the past several years. So she doesn’t exactly remember me, or anything that has happened recently. She doesn’t trust us.”

Elizabeth seemed to shrink away from both of them, but this didn’t phase the Lord of Vampires. His eyes stayed on her while he listened to his son speak. The noise became background as Vlad gazed into Elizabeth’s, he was searching for something.

“She must be tired then, you must take her up to a room to rest.” Vlad interrupted his son. “Once you show her there, come and speak with me, Victor, we have much to discuss.”

Victor nodded and took Elizabeth by her hand. Guiding her up the stairs, he turned several corners until they were at the room they once stayed at. He opened the door and carefully pushed Elizabeth inside. Though she was reluctant to agree, she entered the room and waited.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Victor reassured her. “Just wait here and I’ll answer any questions you have. Please trust me.”

With that he closed the door and turned to find his father. Vlad was a creature of habit, and thus, Victor found him in his study, already reading a book. His features remained muted as he looked up at him. Vlad closed the book and stood in one fluid motion.

His observation was very blunt. “Elizabeth is lying.”

“Explain.” Victor crossed his arms.

“Remember when I called you?” Vlad continued. “What did I say?”

“You said I needed to keep a better eye on my wife.”

“And after that?”

Victor thought for a bit. “She was just with you and tried to kill you.”

Vlad nodded. “Her story is not matching up to what others have witnessed. There is something more going on. But for what reason would she desire to hide the truth from you?”

“I don’t know.” Victor concluded for the moment.

“She won’t return to Somerset?”


Vlad raised a hand to his chin. “She has a reason to stay in London. So, I suggest that you try to keep her here for now. Gain her trust. Help her. Maybe, just maybe, we will get the answers we seek.”

“Why are you helping us?” Victor asked.

Vlad sat back down. “This war is proving difficult for me. I at first could use it to my advantage. But now, my food is becoming scarce. Maybe ending it will provide for me. It was always easier to catch my pray when people would actually be out and about at night. Besides, she tried to kill me. I can watch her better from within the walls of my home.”

Victor glared again at his father, but didn’t fight him. He tried to convince him to change several times over several centuries, but nothing worked. Vlad Dracula loved the way he was and wasn’t going to change.

“Very well,” Victor stated. “I will do what I can, maybe we can get somewhere.”

Victor left and returned to the room Elizabeth was at. It was passed sun up, and he wanted to be sure that she could get some rest. Once he opened the door, he noticed that one of the curtains was slightly opened. A fear filled his chest as he looked around. Sun light was streaming in from the small crack of the curtain, and he needed to be sure Elizabeth was alright.

Carefully walking over, Victor avoided the sun and carefully closed the thick curtain the rest of the way, providing the shadow needed to live. He looked around some more and eventually found Elizabeth hidden in a corner, holding her hand close to her chest. Fear and realization controlled her features as her eyes lifted to his.

He crouched down and lifted his hand, offering to look over hers. Hesitantly, she placed her hand in his, showing the bright burn that came with the exposure to the sun. Lie or no, she knew she was a vampire and couldn’t fight him now. He carefully looked over the wound. His thumb rubbed over it lightly.

“You should be okay. It will heal quickly. But you should drink some blood.” You’ve been a while without it.” He smiled at her.

“I’m not drinking human blood.” She argued.

‘And here we go again,’ Victor thought. “I’m sorry Elizabeth, but you have to. Nothing else satisfies the thirst, and you’re drinking blood that was specifically donated for Vampires. Believe it or not, some humans are willing to donate so less Vampires will kill for it. And there’s a large number of Vampires, including myself, who prefer this method over the hunting my father does.”

Victor stood up and walked over to a pack he brought with him to London. Opening it up, he pulled out one of the donation bags filled with blood. Her eyes didn’t leave him as he quickly went and got a glass from a nearby room and brought it to her. Holding it out in one hand, he smiled to reassure her she was okay.

After several moments of waiting in that position, Elizabeth took the glass and looked into the scarlet liquid. Building up her courage, she finally lifted it to her lips and drank. It wasn’t as bad as she expected. Victor smiled once again, feeling he made a lot of progress in regaining her trust.

“That should satisfy you for a while.” He looked at the clock by the bed. It was well passed sunrise, and they needed to rest. “Once you are done with that, we need to sleep. We don’t want to stay up too much passed the sun, greater chance of somehow being exposed to it.”

Elizabeth watched has he moved over to the couch on the other side of the room. He laid down and closed his eyes. “You take the bed, I’ll be fine here.”

Though her expression showed some relief mixed with curiosity, her heart screamed to tell Victor everything that was happening. She wanted to tell him she did remember him. She wanted to tell him that she was being controlled and manipulated. She wanted to scream out his name, but she couldn’t. She was stuck.

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