Continued Deviation

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Chapter 6

Elizabeth woke up at dusk. Her eyes moved over to the couch where her husband slept. Light snores left his chest as he continued to sleep. Elizabeth knew that he must have exhausted himself in his search for her. She didn’t have any control of what was happening to her, and so, she left the room and began to wander the house, taking in every detail.

A light voice enter her head, “This adjustment to our plan will work out perfectly. You can keep a watch for a weakness and take out Dracula. After that, your husband will take over the throne, and we can continue from there. Looks like, your mistake will benefit us after all.”

Elizabeth remained silent to the voice in her head, that was the only way she could really talk back to him, her real voice wouldn’t work for her. She turned a corner and came to the familiar door of the study where she first met Vlad Dracula.

Raising her hand, she lightly knocked on the door. A soft voice called her to enter, and she opened the door. Dracula sat in his chair and looked up from his book.

“Elizabeth,” he greeted. “I’m surprised to see you. I expected you to stay in your room with Victor.”

She looked down at her hands. “He’s still asleep, I wanted to get to know the place I was staying in temporarily. Thank you for your kindness.”

When she looked up, he was standing over her, causing her to jump back. Dracula’s eyes showed little emotion, but she could tell he didn’t believe her story. Him seeing her earlier was messing up the whole plan dealing with amnesia.

“You don’t need to lie to me dear,” he explained to her. “Whatever reason you are hiding what is going on in your life doesn’t matter to me. If Victor needs to be kept in the dark, you don’t have to worry about me telling him. Just tell me why you are here.”

“I don’t...” she started. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” She backed up, feigning the fright she had for him.

Vlad cocked an eyebrow. Looking down at her, he noticed something different. He walked towards her, causing her to back into a wall. Bending down, he stopped right next to her ear.

He whispered. “Whoever is the mind behind this plan, know that it will never succeed. You may as well give up now.”

With that, he stood up straight and walked back to his chair. Elizabeth didn’t stay long. Leaving her father-in-law, she ran down the corridor to her room. She was suddenly forced to stop as she bumped into Victor.

Victor caught her before she could fall. “Woah, Elizabeth, it’s me. Calm down. What’s wrong?”

She let her breaths come out in in hard puffs. “This is absolutely terrifying.”

She didn’t say any more as she pushed passed him and entered the room she was staying in. She found her way to a corner and crouched down to calm herself. It was silent while the voice came back.

“Dracula is too smart for his own good. This may speed up the process a bit.” He tormented her.

‘Why must you target those I love. Leave Victor out of this, I beg you.’ Elizabeth thought back to her manipulator.

“No,” he countered. “He is too big a part in my plan. You have no say in what happens. This plan benefits the world. You will come to understand that soon.”

A hand softly touched her shoulder, causing her to be pulled out of her thoughts and jump. Victor jumped back and held up his hands, showing he wasn’t going to harm her. Elizabeth’s scared eyes stayed on him as he slowly moved and sat down next to her.

With careful touch, he placed his hand on her cheek. Elizabeth leaned her head into his hand for a brief moment. Taking this as a sign of trust, he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a comforting hug. His hand stroked her hair as his voice became soft.

“Don’t worry, Elizabeth. We will figure this out.” His voice was a reassurance to her. She needed all the comfort she could get.

He pulled away and looked into her eyes. For one second, his eyes widened. His father was right. There was a small ring of red surrounding her green iris. Why hadn’t he seen that earlier? He needed to figure out what was happening to his wife. Things weren’t adding up.

“Victor?” Her voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

He gave her a small smile before pecking her forehead. “Everything’s alright. You are safe. I’m going to talk to my father for a bit. You can stay here, if you desire, but please don’t leave the house.”

He stood up and left her alone in the room. She felt more at ease after that, but in her mind, she still wished she could tell him what was going on.

‘Are you going to have me take more innocent lives today?’ She asked the voice in an angered tone.

“That won’t be necessary.” He replied. “With our new circumstances, we must adapt our plan. Killing both humans and vampires won’t help us in any way now. Just stay with Victor and Dracula, when the opportunity comes, strike and take out his majesty.”

Elizabeth didn’t reply. She couldn’t fight him, she had tried. All she could do was wait.

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