Continued Deviation

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Chapter 8

“Sorry I didn’t call you sooner,” Victor said into his mobile. He and Elizabeth just returned from the park. “But I found your daughter. She’s safe, but she claims to have no memory passed the age of six.”

Speaking to his father-in-law, Kenric, Victor continued to update him on the situation. Elizabeth had returned to the room. Victor on the other hand needed advice from his father-in-law to figure some things out. Kenric Van Helsing knew his daughter better than anyone else, so he had to be the one who could help.

That’s interesting, and she didn’t say how she got to London?” Kenric asked.

Victor shook his head while he talked. “No. All she gave me was that she woke up recently in a hospital. But according to what my father has told me, and what she says, the stories aren’t matching up. My father thinks she’s some how being controlled by someone. But I don’t see how that is possible with her being one of the strongest Vampires.”

There was a pause over the phone. “How did she become one of the strongest Vampires?”

“I bit her three times. Because of how close my DNA is to the Original’s DNA, she is also very close. My father and I are the two strongest vampires that I know of because of that. Elizabeth is just a level below us.” He explained as simply as possible.

Another pause, Kenric was thinking. “What would happen if she was bitten again?”

That was a question that Victor never asked. What would happen if a Vampire was bitten again? The idea had never been explored.

Kenric continued. “You haven’t seen any other vampires being controlled, right? So maybe Elizabeth is the only one being controlled, and they aren’t controlling you or your father, which may mean that this person pulling the strings can’t control anyone a higher level than Elizabeth. Would biting her bring her closer to your level?”

“I don’t know.” Victor admitted. “I should talk to my father about it. He may be able to clarify some things. I’ll bring Elizabeth home as soon as I can. Right now, she won’t go back to Somerset.”

I understand,” Kenric replied. “Keep her safe, and keep me updated.”

“Will do.”

Victor hung up the phone and went to find his father. Vlad wasn’t in his study, so Victor went to the second most common place he was, the basement. He usually went there to have some privacy when drinking blood.

“Still trying to figure things out?” Vlad greeted his son when the door opened.

“I was taking to Kenric.” Victor responded.

“Van Helsing.” The name was practically poison on Dracula’s lips.

Victor rolled his eyes. “He came up with an interesting theory that I want to run by you.” Vlad sat up to show he was listening. “Say Elizabeth was being controlled. Kenric said that we haven’t seen any other Vampires puppeted, and neither of us are being manipulated, so he theorized that if Elizabeth is being controlled, the person in charge can only do so to her because of her strength. Kenric’s theory is that she could become closer to my level if I bit her again.”

Vlad listened intently then thought for a moment. “In theory, it could work. But it would have to be three bites, more likely to succeed there. One bite won’t be enough to expose her to the Vampire venom. You can try it and see if anything happens. But we don’t know fully what’s going on.”

Victor nodded and turned to leave, he needed to talk to Elizabeth. But at the same time he feared bringing up the possibility of her being controlled. If she was, the puppet master would cause her to deny it and blame any action on amnesia.

“One more thing,” Vlad called out to him. “You need to allow time between the bites, her body will need to adapt to the addition of venom.”

Victor nodded to his father and went up the stairs to find Elizabeth. When he got to the room, he found Elizabeth sitting on a chair reading a book she got from the study. She seemed content, but he didn’t know how long it would last with the story he came up with.

When she heard him, her head popped up from her book and she smiled. “Victor, did your call go okay?”

He returned her smile and sat down in the chair next to her. “Yes, it was actually your father I was talking to.”


“Yeah, he’s glad you are safe, but he’s not going to rush you to Somerset.” Victor explained. “He wants you to feel comfortable, and he hopes your memories return soon.”

“I’m glad he’s okay.” Elizabeth stated while she book marked her spot and closed the book. “Maybe I’ll feel safer to go back once I remember everything.”

“Actually,” Victor started his lie. “There is a chance that a vampire bite will return some of your memories. You had several… interesting times when I bit you. Maybe that could bring something back.”

Elizabeth’s eyes just stared at him for a bit. Eventually, she blinked a couple of times and looked down to her hands. “But won’t something weird happen if I’m exposed to the Vampire DNA again?”

Victor shook his head. “No, you’re already a Vampire, nothing else will happen.”

She mouthed an oh and nodded as she thought things through. He waited patiently for her to give her answer. Time seemed to slow down as he waited, and deep in his heart, he hoped that this would work, and she would start to act more herself.

“Alright,” she concluded. “I said I would trust you. So, I will trust you with this, as long as you know what you are doing.”

Victor nodded with a small smile. With that he stood up and offered a hand to his wife. She grabbed it and stood next to him. His chest ached a little as he rested a hand on her cheek. Following his movements, she tilted her head to expose her neck. He bent down and paused just before his lips touched her skin. He planed a small kiss there before exposing his fangs. The sharp teeth broke through skin. Cold liquid flowed into his mouth. It tasted stale, dead. The blood of a Vampire was worse than he expected.

He finished and pulled away. The wound healed quickly. He stepped away, and waited. Elizabeth blinked a bit while she was in thought. Victor pinched his lips together as he watched for any change. It would probably take more time.

His wife looked around the room, and then to him. “You previously bitten me in this room haven’t you?”

Victor nodded.

“You did it to protect me from being bitten by Vlad.”

He nodded again.

“I remember, but everything else is a bit of a blur. Should we try again?” She asked him.

“You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. We can try again later.” He explained. “But I’m glad that it worked a bit. More memories may come later.”

She nodded and reached up to him. Placing a hand on the back of his head, she pulled him down and gave him a small kiss. Once she pulled away, she hugged him in thanks, then returned to her book.

Victor didn’t know if the bite worked, so he would have to wait for a while. Something would provide him with an answer as to if it worked or not.

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