Continued Deviation

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Chapter 9

Three days had passed with little event. Elizabeth could feel that there was a small change to her, despite what Victor had told her. She felt she had more control on her actions. She could hold back on some things a little more. These changes did not go unnoticed by her husband.

Victor had noticed that Elizabeth was quieter. When he asked her questions, often she would hesitate to answer rather than freely give the information. This was a little hope that the bites were working in some way or another. Whether it be her memory or manipulation, something was changing, and Victor had more cause to hope.

He and she were in their room. Victor decided that it was time to give her the second bite. She faced away from him while he drank. He hoped the different position would encourage different memories. The blood was distasteful, same as before, but he continued.

Pulling away, he turned his head from her for a moment. His eyes glanced back at the wound and found it healed already. Another thing caught his eye. With the bite, her shoulder had been exposed. Her shirt sleeve resting on her upper arm. Elizabeth’s eyes remained shut as it seemed she was remembering another part of her past. During this time, Victor took in the nasty scar just below her collarbone. That’s where she was shot.

His hand raised, fingers poised as if to touch a frightened animal. His fingers brushed the scar. Elizabeth’s eyes shot open with a gasp, and her hand went and covered the scar. Her head turned away from in him shame. She hated that scar.

“Elizabeth...” Victor’s voice was soft.

Her hand stayed on her scar. “The second time you bit me was in Somerset. You lost control.”


She was silent for a few minutes. Victor knew certain topics were probably very touchy for her. So, he simply waited for her. Her head turned towards him a small degree.

“I’ve become more self conscious of my scars, seeing that I don’t remember a lot of them.” She said with a sigh. “This one, the one on my hand, and the one on my abdomen. I’m scared that they make it so I’m not...”

Her silence spoke volumes to Victor, and he knew what he needed to do. Gently, he too the hand that hid the scar away from it. He looked at the pigment changes of her palm, finding one line that stood out much paler than the rest of her skin.

He pressed his lips to her palm. “This scar, came from when some Vampire Hunters attacked you shortly after our marriage.” His free hand drifted down and rested on her midsection, and he kissed her jaw. “This one came from an attack on our home in Somerset, just before I bit you the third time to save your life.” Lastly, the hand that gripped hers intertwined fingers as his head rested on her shoulder. “And this one,” he said and then planted a loving kiss on her scar. “Came from the arrow that was fired at me, but you decided to save me.”

Elizabeth’s chest erupted with warmth as he did this action. She couldn’t help but lean into his touch and relish in every moment. Then, she realized something. There was a pull for her to get away from him. A push to leave the room and not allow this to continue. And those feelings to leave were not from her. She was the one who wanted to stay. Her own choice was returning to her, and her puppeteer was not happy.

“I don’t care about these scars.” Victor continued. “You are beautiful to me, no matter what happens.”

With what little time she had left in control, she had to tell him what was going on. Standing up, she turned to him, her expression more serious. His eyes stayed on her, ready for anything.

“Victor, I need to tell you...” The feeling of agency that she had vanished as the manipulator push harder for control. Her voice wouldn’t come out like she wished.

Victor stood up his hands grabbing hers. “Tell me what?”

She tried to get the words out as she wanted, but her lips refused to follow. Instead, her controller answered for her. “I remember Edward.”

Victor blinked, but he didn’t respond.

“I remember what happened with him, and I remember growing up with him. But I also remember how cruel he became and how he treated you. I’m not mad. But you have helped me so much that I knew you would want to know about this.”

He smiled at her. He released her right hand and reached into his pocket. “I noticed that the makeshift yarn ring was missing from your finger. I remember how you were heartsick when you lost your wedding band during our escape.” He pulled out a gold ring that held three red stones in it. There was a design of leaves in the gold, making the red stones seem like flowers in bloom. “If you would like it. If you don’t feel that you can wear such a ring, that’s okay.”

Elizabeth let out a happy sigh and smiled. She flexed her left hand in his, indicating that she would wear it. He smiled as well and slid the ring on her finger. His thumb brushed over it before he freed her hand. Elizabeth lifted it up and gazed at the ring for a few moments before her eyes turned to Victor.

“It’s a family heirloom,” he explained. “That’s probably the best way to describe it. It was Mina’s.”

Her eyes went back down to the ring. “I’ll treasure it.”

Victor’s warm smile agreed with her before he looked at a nearby clock. “It’s nearly sunrise, we should rest.”

Elizabeth nodded. “I need to get ready.”

She turned and went to the bathroom, but before she entered she paused, and then turned to look at her husband. “That couch must be terribly uncomfortable.”

“It’s fine.” He reassured her. “You don’t need to worry about me.”

Her hand rested on the door frame as she thought. “Victor, I don’t want you to sleep on the couch, there’s always a possibility of the sun some how getting to you.”

“But I can’t have you sleep on the couch.” Victor said and then continued with mock seriousness. “I was raised better than that.”

Elizabeth’s hand slid off the door, and she walked over to her husband to look up at him. “You can sleep on the bed with me.”

“I don’t want you to be too uncomfortable.”

“I’m not,” she admitted a little too quickly, catching him off guard. She slowed down for a moment. “I’m not uncomfortable with you Victor. You have proven several times over that I can trust you. And…” she paused for a moment and took a step closer to him. “Though I don’t remember everything, I have come to care for you again.”

Victor’s eyes widened. He didn’t know when he would hear those words from her lips once more, but he never realized how much he missed her words of affection. Before he could truly comprehend anything happening, her arms went around him. He blinked at the action and looked down at her. Was this real? Or was it a trick? He didn’t know.

“Don’t sleep on the couch anymore,” he heard her whisper.

He cleared his throat. “Alright, we better prepare for morning.”

She pulled away and looked up at him. Elizabeth could tell something wasn’t fully right, but she hid it best she could. Nodding, she entered the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

‘We will have to up our time factor.’ The voice called to her. ‘Tomorrow, attack and kill Vlad Dracula at any cost.’

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