Swords and Slavery

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Two youngsters are dragged from their village by druids and Romans and must the fires of Pompeii and the coliseum before they discover they have even greater enemies to fear. The Romans had invaded Britannia in 43AD and were quickly dismantling the British way of life. Deep in the mountains of modern day North Wales where the Romans had so far not ventured, the locals still clung on to their culture and ancient religion but all that was about to change. One night Drustan is taken and brought to Ynys Mon, the spiritual home of the druids. There he learns dark secrets about his past and discovers how if the Romans ever find out who he is then they would kill him in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile war comes to the mountains and Ceri is forced to join refugees fleeing to Ynys Mon. As soon as Ceri and Drustan find each other again they discover that some of the druids think they discover they must flee once again. Before long they are forced half way across the known world against their will. Just to survive they have to confront cruel masters, the fires of Pompeii and the blood of the Roman Coliseum. But it's not long before each of them discover they have even greater enemies to fear than their Roman masters.

Action / Adventure
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Britannia in 78AD

The Romans began their invasion of what they had named Britannia in AD43. A few months later the Emperor Claudius arrived and declared that the tribes of Britannia had been defeated but nothing could have been further from the truth.

It took the Romans decades to gain any real control over the island they claimed as their own, but following the annihilation of Caratacus’ army in 51AD and the defeat of Queen Boudicca’s rebellion in 61AD the Romans finally began to feel secure across most of Britannia.

However, in 78AD deep in the mountains of modern day Wales the Romans were still only present in a few forts and a new generation of rebels were beginning to resent the foreigners who were slowly taking over their lands.

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