EJFS Episode 2: The Shadow State

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The story continues for Abhu and Singh as a new threat challenging the EJFS in their goal of cleansing terrorism, corruption, and tyranny known as The Shadow State has formed to wreak havoc worldwide. In the second installment of the EJFS Series, Abhu and Singh are called back into action to handle a top-priority case against a developing new threat of global corruption, terrorism, and tyranny rearing its ugly head and casting a dark shadow over the 2024 Presidential Election. The story begins in New York City, a buyer for inside information on the whereabouts of Vritra's remnants are kept while an escalating threat of terrorism grows in the coming days before the US decides the outcome of the next Presidential Election. However, the Shadow State wishes to disrupt and distract from the corruption in Washington, D.C., during the final days of the campaign trail. The EJFS is forced to tackle a dark version of themselves, rivaling the EJFS technologies in a way that forces the superagency to think on their feet. A returning player from the end of Episode One returns to cause mayhem under the evil influence of the Shadow State, doing their bidding until a potentially catastrophic attack on the eve of the election takes place. The EJFS is once again in a wild race against the clock to prevent world destruction in the Elite Justice Force Squad Series, Episode 2: The Shadow State.

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Fourteen months after the events of Vritra’s Rebirth, a new global threat has taken shape.

Vritra’s remnants have been unaccounted for, after being passed down by Anastasia Zima, a biotech engineer from Russia. Anastasia used to work for the now-defunct Final Wave Terrorist Organization that disbanded late in 2023 after the death of their leader, Ravan Kanda Ganesh, at the hands of the EJFS; Elite Justice Force Squad.

Some say the necklace may have been stored in a secured facility in Washington, D.C., while others say it had vanished mysteriously.

Nevertheless, much uncertainty enshrouds the lost remnants of Vritra that has changed hands through the Russian Government and US Government in their newfound partnership in the vast network known as The Shadow State, which rivals the Elite Justice Force Squad’s hierarchy, and threatened their ability to manage and retain order, justice, and prosperity for the nations of the world.

The time of the story is set in early November of 2024; the US Presidential Election is imminent, and a hard-fought campaign has been waged against both nominees of POTUS Kenneth Hill and Republican challenger, Mississippi Senator Wes Grisham. The incumbent POTUS Kenneth Hill has led the polls throughout much of the campaign trail with support from many wealthy donations to Kenneth’s campaign that along with FLOTUS Lacey Hill teaming up to make the final push for the weeks leading up to the general election.

After the previous events of Episode One, Caleb Porter, a.k.a. EJFS Agent Abhu Dhuval Sandeep and his friendship with fellow EJFS Agent Singh Puneet Sherpa blossomed as they formed love interests with two women in the agency: Agents Durga Deshmukh and Gangi Bhanuni. Both couples have been dating since November of 2023, 14 months following the events of Episode One.

The Shadow State at large was an underground, evil, elusive, and secret network of world leaders who have banded together to form a New World Order to satisfy their lust for power and control.

The leader of the network has no name other than being given a numbered alias. Each member of the vast network was assigned a number in their country within the range of 12 countries. Subordinate operatives in the dark network were given a number as well as cryptic military alphabet style names as their entry codes to report to the inner 12 representing the Shadow State.

A technological genius named Jagmohan Gyan, ran his enterprise to help the Shadow State become a significant entity of evil in the twenty-first century as a government sponsor of corruption and terrorism. Gyan provided the technology to the Shadow State, wreaking havoc on the world with chaotic weather phenomena.

The Shadow State sought to increase its power in the technology magnified by Vritra’s remnants to try to harness the remains of Vritra back to some form of energy to establish control and world domination.

Meanwhile, the EJFS has expanded its influence over the world as a public agency aimed to mitigate terrorism, corruption, and tyranny extensively all across the globe.

Khali remained at the helm of the Atlanta Branch while many new faces and old-timers joined the super-agency and returned to action.

With the upcoming election less than a week away, the EJFS worked to maintain election integrity to ensure an honest election. They made sure that the electorate understood the nominees, and any evil agendas either nominees’ had may be harmful to the country are brought to light and expose whatever ill-will the nominees have to the voters to distinguish the truth.

In the beginning, the story starts in the final days before the election on the first of November, and the EJFS was about to be called back into action as terrorist acts had increased dramatically in the weeks leading up to the elections and cast fear into the hearts of Americans and the world population.

Alas, another active and turbulent time has descended upon the world, and the EJFS was about to thrust itself into an epic showdown with the Shadow State. It could be the most significant case they ever undertook in their nine-year existence.

The story begins in New York City, during the late-night hours, as a shadowy figure tries to sell inside information to an interested buyer who sought out information on the whereabouts of Vritra’s remnants to acquire the ancient heirloom vessel necklace it was sealed in and to research its terrible power.

However, things were about to take a turn for the worse, bringing Abhu and Singh back into action after a long break from the intense work.

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