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Chapter 11 - Tansi

Tansi sat beside Brandon in his car. She had kept on a brave face as she had said goodbye to Cade, for the second time. She hated saying goodbye, it was time for it to stop.

When Cade had left, he had stripped the t-shirt off that he took from the back of her truck, and then stripped off hers. Then, she suddenly found herself in the one he had been wearing. It wasn’t his, but it still smelled like him. She lifted the collar now, and sniffed it again.

“Would you stop doing that,” her cousin complained. “That’s like the fifth time you’ve done that, and we only left twenty minutes ago.”

Brandon didn’t get a chance to meet Cade, as he was long gone before he arrived. Her father had told him a bit, but they had kept the part about him being an Enforcer secret. She was shocked to find out her father knew about them, but apparently all Alpha’s were told. It was a precaution in case they were discovered.

Brandon pulled up close to the cabin. He grabbed his bag, and hurried to unlock the door and throw it inside. Then he was back, and opening her side. He picked her up and carried her inside, setting her down on the couch. Then he went back out for the crutches the healer had given her.

When he returned, he built a fire to get the dampness out of the cabin, and made her some soup. She didn’t have a spare bedroom, but she had a pull out couch. Brandon always used it when he stayed over, so that was fine.

Before she went to bed that night, Brandon gave her a couple pain killers. She left on the shirt Cade had worn, and fell into a deep sleep.

The next couple days were incredibly boring. Brandon had moved her easel and paints downstairs. She painted a bit, but couldn’t get interested in it. She constantly worried if Cade was okay, and wondered where he was.

She had a few visitors stop by. They had heard about her accident and were checking on her. Margery was the first, and she was happy to see her. They discussed Cade, as Margery had been one of the only ones to meet him. The older woman was thrilled to find out they were mates. Before she left, she gave Tansi a cheque for the paintings she had sold, including the one Cade had purchased.

Emmett had also stopped by. She had been sitting on the porch when he drove up. Brandon was out hunting when the wolf showed, and Tansi wished he had been there. Emmett wanted to mate her, but she wanted no part of him. He was a really nice guy, but just not for her. He was persistent in his pursuit of her, but not violently so. She suspected he was lonely, and tired of looking for his mate.

Emmett took one look at the state she was in, and started in on her. He told her this wouldn’t have happened if he was her mate. Then, that they could mate now, and he could take care of her. Of course, she’d have to move in with him, and leave her cabin, which she had no intention of doing. He was strong, he told her, and would be a good mate.

She really liked Emmett, but his persistence was driving her up the wall. She hadn’t told Cade about him, and maybe she should have, but she had a feeling Cade wouldn’t have taken to kindly to that.

Finally, Brandon returned from hunting, dragging a huge deer behind him. She got up and grabbed her crutches, heading down to him. He immediately noticed Emmett behind her and stiffened.

“She has a mate now,” Brandon growled. She instantly stiffened, at his comment.

“No she doesn’t,” Emmett denied. “There’s no mate mark, and I’m here a lot, I would have met the wolf.”

Brandon dropped the deer and glared at Emmett.

“He’s only been here a couple times, but he’s working a couple towns over. Who do you think got her out of her truck, when she had the accident. It wasn’t me, nor was it Alpha Matthews, her mate did. He will be back, and he’ll give her the mating bite,” Brandon growled. “It’s time for you to give up, and find your own mate.”

When Emmett turned to her, she nodded in agreement. The wolf hung his head and walked back to his truck without a word. Tansi smiled. Cade wasn’t even here, and he was protecting her.

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