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Chapter 14 - Cade

Cade hated leaving Tansi, especially with her leg still in a cast, she was vulnerable. If anything happened, she couldn’t run. He told her to make sure she always had the shotgun on her, but she said she couldn’t carry it with the crutches. So, before he left, he made a sling for the shotgun, which she promised to use.

They had been chasing the rogues in this area for a week. They were scattering, but there was still a big pack somewhere not too far away. He was worried about his mate. Even though she was still on pack land, she was pretty isolated. Brandon was a pretty good guy, and he was a strong wolf, but he was only one person.

Zach was driving, so Cade told him to head deeper into pack land. He had a stop to make. Cade pulled a hoodie out of his bag and slipped it on. Zach found a secluded spot to park the SUV, so it wouldn’t be seen. Cade slipped out, and got nods when he told the wolves to wait for him. If he had any trouble, they would know.

He snuck through the forest behind the houses, until he reached the one he was looking for. He jumped the fence, and made his way across the yard. When he came to the back door, he was happy to see it was unlocked. He quietly opened it and walked inside. The wolf he was looking for sat right in front of him at a table, eating breakfast.

The wolf looked up, and immediately growled, jumping out of his chair and sending it flying to crash against the wall. Cade growled too, as the wolf stared at him.

“Emmett,” Cade snarled. “I hear you’ve been bothering my mate, and I don’t like that.”

“I thought Brandon was just saying that to get rid of me,” Emmett snarled back.

Cade instantly rushed the wolf and pushed him back against the wall. His forearm forced the wolf’s throat tight against the drywall. Emmett gasped for breath and pulled at Cade’s arm, but the wolf was no match for him. Cade pushed a bit harder, to make his point, then let up slightly. Emmett gulped in air.

Cade leaned in close and snapped. “You stay away from my mate. I’m not your average wolf, and you don’t want to mess with me. I hear from Tansi or anyone else, that you even sniffed in her direction, and I will end you. Have you ever heard of the Enforcers,” Cade growled. When the man nodded, Cade continued. “Well, now you’ve met one.”

The wolf turned white as a ghost, and Cade could smell his fear. He moved quickly, and slammed the wolf’s head into the wall. Plaster fell, along with the unconscious wolf. Satisfied, Cade left the house.

He made his way back across the yard and headed for another house. This time, the door was locked, and he was forced to knock and wait. A minute later it was answered, and he was happy to see Tansi’s father standing there. The wolf didn’t say a word, just followed him back into the woods behind the house.

“You saw my girl,” Alpha Matthews asked.

Cade nodded, then told him why he was there.

“She’s well, and appears to be healing quickly. But I’m not hear to discuss that,” he said impatiently. “I had to visit one of your wolves, and it got a bit nasty. He’s fine, and will no doubt wake soon, but a want eyes on him.”

“Who,” the alpha asked in agitation.

“Emmett, apparently he’s been sniffing around my mate. I just let him know who I was. I don’t expect any blowback, as the wolf was pretty terrified, but I thought you should know,” he explained.

Alpha Matthews sighed. “I’ll follow up with him when we’re done here. You won’t have any trouble,” he promised.

“Good, now the rogues appear to be sticking close to this area. Tansi needs to either be brought in, or you need to get wolves out scouting around her place. She needs more protection, and it angers me that I can’t provide it. If anything happens to her, my wolf will take over, and it will destroy everything in its path. You need to do everything in your power, to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Cade studied the wolf, and when he saw the compliance in his eyes he went on. “I will be back, but not until I end this. Things are going to get extremely bloody, then I’m coming for Tansi. I’m mating her, whether you approve or not. She’s mine,” he growled.

The alpha nodded. “I wouldn’t expect anything else,” he said. “You have my full approval.”

Cade nodded once, then turned and disappeared into the trees.

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