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Chapter 15 - Tansi

Tansi was inside the wolf community with Brandon. It had been two weeks since she had seen Cade. He called everyday, even if all he had time for was a quick hello.

He was further away now, as that was the direction the rogues were heading. They still caught lone rogues, but the bigger pack was eluding them, and Cade was frustrated. Tansi just wanted to complete the mating, and she knew he felt the same way.

Today she was having lunch with her dad, and then getting her cast off. Brandon was with her, as both Cade and her father insisted he continue to live with her. If this kept up, she was going to have to buy a bed for him, and put it in the loft.

Tansi and Brandon sat in the small community diner, as they waited for her father. He was late, but that wasn’t unusual, seeing as he was alpha. Tansi cringed as the door opened and Carmen walked in.

The female wolf, was one of the worst trouble makers in the pack. She liked to instigate arguments and cause fights. The only reason she was still there, was because her mate was the pack computer geek. He could do amazing things with a computer, and was a huge asset. Of course, Tansi figured Carmen was pissed her mate wasn’t someone stronger, and higher up in the anarchy. Carmen was selfish, and didn’t appreciate what she had.

When Carmen reached her table, she stopped. Tansi sighed and looked up at the wolf. “What is it today Carmen? I guess I’m the the one you’re targeting.”

Carmen scowled at her and put her hands on her hips. Then the scowl turned into a smirk, and Tansi knew it was going to be bad.

“I heard Emmett wanted to mate you, and you turned him down. Emmett’s a strong wolf and would be a good mate, but I guess he wasn’t good enough for you. I also heard a stranger came around and sought you out, wanting to mate. You turned him down too, and he left town,” the wolf said.

Brandon went to stand up, but Tansi shook her head. He was pissed, but he stayed where he was.

“Lets see,” Carmen continued. “You have a dormant wolf, you can’t change, you’re weak, and you’d probably make a shitty mate. But, here you are turning down two potential wolves that are willing to put up with you. I think it’s time to knock you off your high horse,” she sneered.

Tansi stood then, and moved in front of Carmen.

“Emmett isn’t my true mate, so yes, I turned him down. Hopefully, he’ll find her one day, and experience some happiness of his own. As for the stranger, his name’s Cade. He’s finishing up some business, and then he’ll be back to complete the mating,” she angrily told the wolf.

Carmen just snickered. “Yeah, he’ll be back. That means he took one look at you, and got the hell out of there. You’re a disgrace to this pack, and need to either be exiled or put down.”

A throat clearing behind them got their attention, and they both turned their heads in the alpha’s direction. He pushed off the wall he had been leaning against, and approached. His face was red, he was so angry. He stopped directly in front of Carmen.

“Im usually busy, and miss when this shit happens to my daughter,” he sneered. “But not today. You’re a piece of work, saying things you know nothing about. Cade’s a strong wolf, probably even stronger than me, and Tansi’s an alpha’s daughter. When those two get together, watch out, because it will be the strongest mating you’ve ever seen. Cade calls me every couple days to check in, and you better believe he’s coming back,” he smiled at Tansi as he said that.

“Now you get your pathetic ass out of here. If I see you in the next month, it will be too soon. If I catch you anywhere near Tansi again, I’ll use those suggestions you came up with. I’ll exile you, and your mate can either go with you, or tell you to fuck off and stay here. But I’m warning you, your time of causing shit is over.”

In a flash, her father raised his hand and released his claws. Then, he slashed one across Carmen’s cheek as a warning. The wolf paled, then fled out the door. Her dad smiled and declared, “now what’s for lunch, I’m starving,” and Brandon fell off his chair, he was laughing so hard.

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