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Chapter 2 - Tansi

Tansi backed up slowly and tilted her head, studying the new painting she was currently working on. She was trying to paint a stream, but the flow of the water was wrong. She moved around the room, looking at it from different angles. Then she moved back to it, making a few subtle changes. Stepping away again, she decided the changes worked. Happy now, she got back to work.

She loved her little studio. Her cabin was small, being only a one bedroom, so the loft wasn’t overly large, but with all the windows, the view from it was stunning. She had surrounded her cabin with flower beds, and the grounds surrounding it burst with colour. Some days she just parked it outside with her easel, painting for hours on end.

Today however, it was just slightly overcast, so she decided to stick indoors. She didn’t think it would rain, but she didn’t like the gloomy sky. Now, if it came to thunder she’d be all over that. Some of the stormy paintings she had done were her absolute favourite.

Her stomach growled, reminding her she had forgotten to stop for lunch again. She placed her brushes in a jar of water to soak, then tidied up her paints. Wiping her hands on her coveralls, she pushed the tendrils of hair that had fallen out of her messy pony behind her ears. She didn’t bother to turn out the lights in the loft, knowing as soon as she had eaten a sandwich, she would end up right back up here.

She was almost to the stairs when she heard an engine in the distance. Not having any neighbours, meant the only people that traveled on the road were headed to see her. She rarely got any visitors, as she wasn’t an active member of the pack.

Being a werewolf, she was accepted by the pack, but being a werewolf unable to shift, found her pitied by the other wolves. Some werewolves were born not being able to shift, only it was extremely rare.

She didn’t mind not being able to shift, but some of the wolves treated her differently. Not many males wanted a mate that couldn’t shift, it meant they couldn’t protect themselves and therefore, there was a higher chance of something happening to them. Werewolves mated for life, so if a mate died, the werewolf never loved again. They could form a close bond with another wolf, but it would never be a strong one.

Tansi headed to the window and looked out towards the small lane leading to her cabin. She could just make out a truck moving down the road towards her. She didn’t recognize it, and that made her slightly uneasy. She moved to the stairs and made her way down.

The first thing she did was shut and latch the windows. She knew if someone wanted in, the windows wouldn’t stop them, but it made her feel somewhat more secure. She then moved to the back door. She locked the screen, then shut and locked the storm door as well.

As she made her way to the front door, she grabbed her fathers old rifle. Many of the males acted as self appointed big brothers, and they all made sure she knew how to shoot. Without the shift, she needed some form of protection, and the rifle was the best thing she could come up with.

She opened the front door, making sure to only shut the screen on her way out. If she needed to get back in the cabin quickly, she wanted only the one door between her and safety. Stepping on the porch she spread her legs slightly and raised the gun in the direction of the approaching truck. As it got closer, she still had no idea who it could be.

She watched as the truck stopped a bit from the cabin. The door opened and a massive man got out. He was tall, well over six four and his shirt was pulled tight over a heavily muscled body. He wore jeans, belted at the waist, and heavy looking military boots. His hair was thick and a light brown colour, curling just around his ears. He was gorgeous, but he was also scary looking, especially with size of him. Her poor five two frame would get lost next to him.

She tightened her grip on her gun and yelled, “far enough mister.” Then froze in surprise as he smirked at her and winked. Oh, no, she thought as something inside of her shifted. She had a feeling that this man was going to change the course of her life.

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