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Chapter 3 - Cade

Cade stared at the stunning woman standing on her porch with the shotgun. She was a tiny thing, and he would be surprised if she came up to his chest. Her hair was a dark colour, but she had it pulled up somehow, so he couldn’t tell how long it would be. She had on a t-shirt, but the rest of her body was hidden by a giant pair of coveralls. Her tiny bare feet peeking out from under them. What he wouldn’t do to get her out of those clothes, and see what was under them.

She had guts, that was for sure. She stood her ground as she stared him down. Her wolf would be no match for his, and he was a stranger to boot. Why she would leave the protection of the house unnerved him. She should have stayed inside and yelled from a window. He would make her understand how important this was later, he thought.

He gazed at her in wonder. He found he was just as drawn to her as he had been to her painting! He held up his hands in surrender and moved slowly closer. He kept a really close eye on her trigger finger, because with his enhanced eyesight, he could see she had the safety off. He really didn’t feel like digging a bullet out of his chest today.

“I’m sorry to bother you sweetheart,” he said soothingly. “I’m trying to find the artist who paints the beautiful landscapes they sell in town.” He knew damn well it was her, but he had to say something.

She glanced down at her paint covered coveralls and looked back at him. She tilted her head in a sarcastic gesture and told him, “don’t know anyone who paints.”

He smirked, then moved closer, making sure to keep eye contact. “I bought one of your paintings. It was in the window of the shop. I was so taken by it, I just really wanted to meet you,” he told her.

She relaxed her grip on the gun slightly, so he lowered his hands. “Is there a chance you might show me some more of your work,” he asked. He had kept walking towards her the whole time, and he now stood just shy of the porch.

He could smell her now, and her smell was intoxicating. He lifted his head towards her and took a deeper pull. Mate, him and his wolf realized at once.

“Are you smelling me?” She asked him. “I don’t know you, but I take it you’re a wolf,” she alleged.

He raised his brows slightly and studied her. He could smell her wolf, and his sense of smell was immensely better than most, but she still should have been able to smell him.

He moved slowly up the steps and she hesitantly lowered the gun. “You can’t smell my wolf,” he questioned.

She looked away and said, “paint fumes, my sense of smell is off because of them.” Immediately Cade smelt the scent of her lie, but she was moving towards the door. She opened it, then blocked him from entering. “You promise not to hurt me if I let you in,” she whispered.

He moved closer and leaned down so his neck was near her nose. “Use your nose Little Wolf,” he beseeched her. He stayed still as she stood on her tiptoes and placed her nose in the crock of his neck. He could feel her breath on his skin and it aroused him like nothing he had experienced before. Then she drew in a deep breath and gasped, dropping back to her feet.

She went to place her tiny hand on his chest, then stopped, second guessing herself. “Mate,” she whispered in awe.

He nodded and reached for her hand, placing it where she had almost placed it, right on his heart. He smiled down at her reassuringly. Then he placed the palm of his hand on her cheek. “Mate,” he agreed.

She looked at her hand, resting on his chest, then moved it away. “Come in,” she requested, then she moved to the side and held open the door. His smiled as he walked inside his mates home for the very first time. The cabin smelled just like her, and he loved it.

She stepped inside herself and shut the door. Then she moved away from him and placed the gun overtop of the fireplace. He relaxed, knowing she immediately trusted him, otherwise she would have held on to the gun.

“I’m Cade,” he told her.

She looked over at him, then quietly said, “Tansi.”

He grinned at her. His beautiful mate was named Tansi.

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