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Chapter 4 - Tansi

Tansi had allowed Cade to come into her cabin. He was her mate, and that astounded her. With her wolf dormant it was really difficult for her to scent him, but she knew when he got close that he was her mate. She was hoping that finding him would stir her wolf, but she wasn’t that lucky. She still felt nothing, and it broke her heart. She didn’t even know if her wolf was even still there.

She turned to find Cade watching her. “I was just about to make a sandwich, would you like one,” she asked him timidly.

“It’s mid afternoon, a bit late for lunch,” he admonished.

She dropped her head and admitted, “I get carried away when I paint, and I tend to forget about eating. I just seem to loose track of time. Is there not a time where you get involved in something and forget to eat,” she questioned.

“Sweetheart, my wolf would be howling if I didn’t feed him. Besides, I would get incredibly run down if I didn’t eat, and there is no way I would allow that to happen. Besides, you’re just a slip of a girl, you really need to make sure you eat properly.” He tilted his head and watched her, but when she looked into his eyes she only saw concern.

“If it will make you happy, I’ll try to keep better track of the time,” she promised him. When he smiled at her in relief, she couldn’t help but smile back.

“I’m always hungry sweetheart, I’ll take that sandwich,” he requested. She immediately moved to the fridge and got out everything she needed to assemble the quick meal. In no time she had a huge one in front of him and a much smaller one in front of herself.

He glanced at his plate and then looked over to hers. She immediately stopped his words before he could utter them. “Don’t ever expect me to eat as much as you, I’m half your size,” she pleaded.

He watched her for a minute, roaming his eyes up and down her small frame before nodding and picking up his meal. Sighing in relief, she wasn’t sure how to feel. He was protective already, and that was just over her eating habits. She had people who cared for her, but not quite to this extent.

They finished their meal in silence, then she quickly rinsed both their plates and placed them in the sink to wash later.

“Can I see you’re paintings now,” he asked.

She wiped her hands then nodded, leading him to the stairs. She stopped at the bottom and motioned for him to go first. He smiled and did so, but as he walked past her he grabbed her hand, and she had no choice but to follow closely behind him.

She watched him as he climbed ahead of her. His body was massive and he almost touched the rail on each side. He would be a strong mate, but would he accept her as she was, she wasn’t sure. Most wolves wanted strong female mates that could look after themselves, and she only had her gun.

He stopped at the top, and she had to wiggle around him to get up. She glanced at his face and the expression he had was one of sheer pleasure. She watched at it spun from side to side taking everything in.

She motioned to the windows. “I get a perfect view of everything from up here, and the windows let in tons of light. I keep my painting pretty much everywhere, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit of a mess. I also tend to move my easel a lot, depending on what scene I’m painting, so things get shuffled around.” She stopped talking then and bowed her head, a bit embarrassed.

His hand on her chin surprised her, and she immediately lifted her head and leaned back to look at him.

“My mate is incredibly talented,” he stated proudly. “As long as you have me, you will always be able to paint. I could build you a couple more easels, then you wouldn’t have to move things as much. Would that make it easier on you sweetheart,” he asked quietly.

She stared at him flabbergasted. Her cousin had made her the easel, and it was hard to cart up and down the stairs. “Could you make a smaller one that I could leave downstairs,” she asked hesitantly.

“I’ll make you hundreds if it makes you happy,” he promised.

It took her only a minute to realize he was serious, then she threw herself into his arms and held on tight. “Thank you,” she whispered in complete happiness. His answer was to pull her in closer to his body, and she relaxed in his embrace.

Her mate, she thought in awe.

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