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Chapter 5 -Cade

Cade was completely taken with his little mate. She was a bit shy and unsure, but she was completely adorable. She fed him lunch, she showed him her paintings, and now they were outside walking around her property. Everything he had seen only cemented his decision to complete this job and then come stay here with her.

He was holding her tiny hand in his big one as they walked. The sky was gloomy, but it wasn’t raining, so they were taking advantage while they could. Cade sat down in the grass beside the lake, pulling Tansi down beside him. She leaned against his shoulder, and sighed in content.

“What do you do for work,” she asked him.

He smiled, liking the idea of her wanting to know more about him. “I’m an Enforcer for the council,” he answered.

She sat up straight and stared at him. “I thought that was a myth.”

“No sweetheart, we definitely aren’t a myth, but we like people to think that, it means we can do our job easier. Imagine the attention we would draw if everyone knew who we were. We prefer to get things taken care of quickly and quietly.” He pulled her close again, and she relaxed once more.

“How long do you plan on doing your job,” she asked him quietly.

“I’m planning on stopping as soon as this one is finished. Now that I’ve met you, I want to be with you. Would you be okay with me coming back soon. We could stay right here, I’d never make you leave your home. I’d be a good mate to you. I’m strong and I’m very protective of what’s mine. You’d be loved and you’d never have to fear a thing.”

She smiled up at him and nodded. He was glad she quickly agreed, but he sensed something was wrong. He didn’t want to push her, as they had only just met, so he brushed his worry away. The clouds were rolling in, and the air was starting to get damp.

“It looks like the rain’s getting closer,” he told her. “I can only stay a little while longer, but I don’t want you to get wet. How about if we head inside for a bit.”

She nodded reluctantly and took his hand as he helped her rise. They walked all the way to the cabin, and had barely reached the porch when the rain started. It was light, but it looked like it was going to last awhile. Cade opened the door for Tansi, then followed her inside.

Cade was again surprised at how cozy the cabin was. He saw a fireplace, and instantly headed for it to start a small fire. Wolves didn’t usually get cold, but he was still worried about his mate. He remembered seeing a stack of wood outside.

“Who helps you chop all the wood,” he asked.

“My dad comes by and helps when he can, but usually it’s my cousin, Brandon. If they’re busy, my dad sends one of his pack mates. There’s always someone to help if I need it.”

Cade didn’t like any other wolves helping her. “Do you get a lot of visitors out here,” he asked.

“Actually quite a few,” she told him. “I’m not as far from the pack as you think.” She looked down then and didn’t meet his eyes. “My dad’s alpha, so he makes sure I’m always looked after.”

“Wow,” he said surprised. “I didn’t realize my pretty little mate was an alpha’s daughter. I don’t like other males coming to help you out though,” he told her.

She looked at him curiously. “But they’re like brothers to me to,” she said.

He smiled at her innocence. “Okay,” he said. “But once I’m here, you won’t need their help anymore. It will be my job to take care of you, and I’ll be proud to do it,” he told her.

Suddenly, there was a howl outside. Tansi jumped and grabbed her gun, running for the door. He hurried to block her way. “It’s okay,” he told her. “That’s my second, Shane.”

Cade headed to the door and threw it open. Shane was in human form now, and shutting the door on his SUV. Cade kept a couple changes of clothes in the back, for exactly this reason. He watched as Shane strode towards them, eyeing Tansi curiously.

“Shane,” he said, getting the man’s attention. “I’d like you to meet my mate Tansi.” Then he turned to her and made the same introduction.

Shane sputtered for a minute and looked shocked. “Mate,” he said. “I’m sure I just heard you say mate.”

Cade nodded in agreement. “You’re interrupting, what do you want,” he practically growled.

“We just got word, the rogues were spotted two hours away. We need to leave now, before they have a chance to get too far away.”

Cade nodded sadly. He didn’t want to leave his newly found mate, but the faster he finished this last job, the faster he could come back to her.

Tansi looked like she was about to cry, indicating the bound between them was already strong.

“Hey sweetheart,” he said as he pulled her to him. “I have to leave, but while we stay close by I’ll try to visit. Hopefully, this job won’t take long and I’ll be back for good. It’s killing me to leave you.”

He kissed her deeply and thoroughly, trying to imprint himself on her. Finally, he broke away, brushing the tears from her eyes. He walked to the truck and got in. Driving away was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but he would be back. And nothing would stop him from mating with her then, he vowed. He would come back to his pretty girl.

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