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Chapter 6 - Tansi

The next couple days were busy for Tansi, as well as being extremely depressing. She had no idea, that once she found her mate, it would be this hard to be without him. She missed him terribly, and it had only been a couple days.

She kept busy, but her mind kept wandering back to him. She loved how he worried about her eating habits, she loved how he listened to her and how he always wanted to hold her hand. But most of all, she loved his kisses.

She had completed two paintings since he had left. She had also power cleaned the house and brought in more wood for the fireplace. Then, she had made her way outside and pulled all the weeds from her flower bed. She was exhausted every night, but she had a really hard time falling asleep.

Today it looked like rain, but she wanted to deliver the two painting to the store in town, and pick up a few groceries. She carefully wrapped her paintings in blankets and laid them down on the passenger seat of her truck. Going back to the cabin, she grabbed a granola bar out of her pantry and locked up. She ate it as she started up the truck.

The clouds were rolling in heavier now, but she made it to town in twenty minutes, without any trouble. She headed to the shop first, as she didn’t want to get stuck in the rain with her paintings. Margaret, the shop owner and almost mother figure to her, was thrilled to see her.

When her own mother had been shot by a hunter while in wolf form, Margaret had been there for her. She knew about the pack, and even though she was human, she kept their secret. Tansi also found that because Margaret was human, it was easier to talk to her.

Most females in the pack didn’t understand why she couldn’t shift, or why her wolf was dormant. They found her weak and not worth their time. This hurt Tansi, but the males didn’t feel that way, and were always looking out for her. Although, sometimes that made the females angrier.

That was part of the reason why Tansi lived in the cabin, slightly away from the pack. She was close enough to get help if she needed it, but far enough to hardly ever see the females. She did head back for pack meetings and gatherings, but preferred being on her own.

Her father had tried to get her to move into the pack house with him. But after seeing the way some of the females treated her, he understood. He had tried to stop it, but he wasn’t always available, and once he saw how happy she was at the cabin he gave up.

She smiled happily, as Margaret gushed over the paintings. She had a cup of tea with her and caught up, but then the rain started. She knew if she wanted to make it home, she would have to leave now, leaving the groceries for another day. Margaret hugged her tight and made her promise to call when she got home.

Tansi hurried to her truck in the rain, and climbed in, throwing the blankets back on the seat. She started it up, and pulled out, heading home.

The drive was terrible, and she probably should have stayed at Margaret’s, but it was too late now. The skies had really opened up, and the rain was making it difficult to see. Tansi slowed the truck down to a crawl, and turned the wipers on high. She considered pulling over and waiting the storm out, but it didn’t look light it was going to slow down anytime soon.

Tansi carefully maneuvered the truck through the winding back roads. The wind was picking up, and lightning continuously lit up the sky. Leaves and small branches flew across the road in front of her. She gripped the steering wheel tighter. Five more minutes and she would be home.

Suddenly, there was a large streak of lightning that hit the tree right in front of her. She didn’t even have a second to react, as the tree crashed down on the roof of her truck. It buckled under the weight and caved in, causing her to be crushed under it.

She was stunned for a minute, then tried to move. The roof was caved on so badly, that she was pinned between it and the door. The steering wheel had bent, and was now digging into her leg and pinning it to the seat. She could feel the blood running down the side of her face, and knew she was in trouble.

Tansi let a tear slip from her eye, as she thought of her mate. His face was the last thing she pictured before she passed out.

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