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Chapter 7 - Cade

Cade flew through the woods on the tail of a rogue wolf, his pack brothers right behind him. It was pouring, but it didn’t slow him down any. The rogue was a strong one, and wasn’t tiring at all. Cade nodded to Shane, and immediately he broke off to the left. Then he nodded to Lucas, and the wolf broke to the right. Both Zach and him stayed where they were, but pushed harder, increasing their speed.

The rogue looked both left and right, panicking as the he saw the wolves close in. By this time, Cade had come up right behind him. Cade pushed forward and nipped the rogue’s back leg. Startled, the rogue stumbled a step in the mud, and it was all they needed. Shane leaped on his back, as Lucas jumped in front of him, cutting off his escape.

The rogue twisted around and his eyes went big, realizing he was surrounded. He started to hump and jerk, trying to throw Shane off him, but he was no match for him. They all watched, as Shane latched his teeth into the rogue’s throat and shook his head. Skin tore and blood flew as he tore the wolf’s throat out. The rogue collapsed, instantly dead.

Shane jumped off the body, and rubbed his snout along the wet ground, trying to wipe the blood off in the puddles. Cade went to speak, but was stopped by a pain shooting through his leg. He dropped to the ground and whimpered. Then his head hurt, and he swatted at the spot with his paw.

He couldn’t see any physical wounds, so he couldn’t figure out what was happening. His packs brothers surrounded him, and pawed at the ground in agitation. Suddenly, Tansi’s face flashed in his mind, and he realized it was her pain he was feeling.

He roared, and forced the pain to the back of his mind. Not even taking the time to explain what was happening to his pack brothers, he tore through the woods. He ran as fast as his wolf could take him, and heard his friends behind him. They had his back, even if they didn’t know what was going on.

He ran for almost two hours in the pouting rain, letting his wolf guide him. He slowed when he hit a road. He looked left and right along the road, and saw a fallen tree across the road a ways down. His wolf whined, so he headed that way.

As soon as he got close, he saw the crushed truck beneath it. His heart stopped, he knew instantly it was his mate’s truck. He circled it, and saw Tansi. His mate was slumped over in the drivers seat, and was bleeding from a head wound. The roof was caved in around her, and it looked like the dash was pushed down onto her legs.

He turned to see his pack mates had shifted, and were already lifting the tree off the truck. Even in human form, Enforcers were stronger than normal wolves. The tree was huge, but it was no match for the wolves, as they pulled it off, then threw it towards the forest. Cade transformed and pulled on the door, pissed when it wouldn’t budge.

Shane came over, and muscles strained as the two men ripped the bent door off altogether. Then Tansi was falling sideways, right into his arms. He heard metal crunch and looked up to see the other door go flying, Lucas and Zack had taken care of that one.

He held his mate, and pleaded with her to wake up. She blinked a couple times, then slowly she opened her eyes. She looked up at him in confusion, but she whispered his name, which was a really good sign. Cade leaned against the side of the truck and supported her, as Zack bent down and climbed in the crushed passenger side.

They would have to try to push the dash back out, in order to free her legs. Zack started working on his side, and Cade moved so Shane could get room to start on their side. Tansi clung to him, but was quiet as she watched the wolves work.

It took almost five minutes before it was pushed and bent enough to free her. Zack had found a blanket on the seat, tossing it to Cade so he could hold it to the wound on her head. Finally, Cade pulled his mate free and slid to the ground to hold her tight. Lucas found spare clothes in the back, and passed them out.

Cade looked his mate over, and realized her leg was probably broken. Other than that and the head wound, she only had a few small cuts, but she’d have a lot of bruises.

“Change,” he told her. “You need to heal sweetheart.”

Tansi looked up at him with sad eyes, “I can’t,” she whispered. “My wolf’s dormant, I can’t change.”

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