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Chapter 8 - Tansi

Tansi heard the men surround her truck, but she couldn’t open her eyes. She felt the truck rock when the tree was lifted off, and the doors were torn open. When she started to fall sideways out of the truck, she panicked, but then her mate was there. His strong arms caught her and held her tight. She relaxed, knowing everything would be okay.

When he called her name, she had no choice, but to do as he asked. It took her a while, but finally she blinked and opened her eyes. His face was right there, looking at her in concern. It hurt when they freed her legs, but then her mates body surrounded hers, and she inhaled his smell.

“Shift sweetheart,” he begged. “You need to shift to heal.”

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, and told him about her dormant wolf. He looked down at her, and she panicked as she waited for his rejection. Certainly, a wolf as strong as him, didn’t want a mate that couldn’t protect herself.

She squealed, when suddenly she was crushed against his chest, as he held her tighter. He stayed like that for a while and she let him, hoping this was a good sign. When he pulled back slightly, she looked up at him again. He gently pushed the hair from her eyes and kissed her softly.

“Then we need to get you some help. I’m not going to let my pretty little mate lie here in pain,” he told her. She cried out and clung to him.

“You’re not rejecting me,” she whispered happily.

She felt his breath on her ear. “I would never reject you. You are mine, and I couldn’t care one bit about your wolf. We’ll figure it out together, and if you never change, then so be it. You’re lucky I’m so strong, because nobody will ever question why I’m with you. I’m falling in love with you, and I’m not letting you go,” he declared.

She smiled up at him. “Its too late for me,” she told him. “I think I just fell in love with you.”

He smiled at her then, but was interrupted by Shane.

“So if she can’t transform, how do we help her. Obviously, she needs a hospital, but she’s still part wolf, so that’s probably not a good idea. We could take her to her pack healer, but then we would be seen, and we can’t allow that yet.”

“I can call my dad,” she told them. “You can sneak me in and then leave.”

She reached for her cell. It was still in her pocket, and was surprisingly still in one piece. She placed the call, and was pleased when her dad answered right away. Apparently, Margery had just called to say she hadn’t heard from her, and he was worried.

When she was done with the call, she hung up and turned back to Cade. “My dad will get the pack healer to close the clinic. You can sneak me in the back, with the rain and the clinic closed, we shouldn’t run into anyone. Then you can go. The healer has been sworn to secrecy. Even if he sees you, he won’t betray his alpha and tell anyone.”

Cade nodded and stood up, lifting her easily. She hadn’t told her dad that Cade was her mate, so things could get interesting soon.

Cade took off, and his pack brothers followed. He didn’t run, and she figured he was worried the jarring would hurt her. Her head hurt, but her leg was almost numb. The rain however had soaked her to the bone, and she was cold. She shivered, and curled into Cade’s body more, trying to steal his heat.

She felt Cade bend, and then he was curled slightly over her body. It helped warm her, and blocked her from the cold rain. She was so grateful, she leaned up and kissed his cheek. He smirked in response, but didn’t look down at her, and increased his pace. She clung to him and closed her eyes, hoping he knew where he was going.

She had almost given up on having a mate. She was thrilled that she found him, but he was more than she could have imagined. He was handsome, strong, considerate and caring. She finally fell asleep, comforted by his presence.

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