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Chapter 9 - Cade

Cade held tight to his pretty little mate, as he walked quickly to her pack healer. She had fallen asleep, or simply passed out, he wasn’t sure which. He had asked for directions when they had started out, so he knew where he was going. He was glad she was out, maybe now she wouldn’t hurt as much.

Cade was surprised that Tansi’s wolf was dormant, that was unusual, considering she was an alpha’s daughter. She should have been incredibly strong and more powerful than any of the other female wolves.

Regardless, that didn’t bother him. She was his mate, and he was falling in love with her. He was thrilled she felt the same way. Their bond was a strong one, he could feel it. He pulled her closer and tried to protect her from the rain as much as he could. She had a broken leg for sure, and he was worried about her head, as it was still bleeding.

When they got close to her pack land, he told his pack brothers to keep an eye open. He didn’t want them seen, at least not until he and Tansi were mated. And, he didn’t want to mate her until this last job was over. There was always a chance he could die, and he refused to leave a broken hearted mate behind. Wolves mate for life, so the only chance Tansi would have at happiness if he died, would be to mate someone else.

That thought killed him, so right then and there he vowed to finish this job alive, and come back to her. She needed him, especially with a dormant wolf. He refused to let her down.

They crossed her pack land and made their way to the healer. Her father had been right, the wolves were staying out of the rain, there was no one about. They reached the back door and his brothers flanked him. Shane gave a quick rap, then stepped back as a man stuck his head out. He looked at Tansi in concern, then threw the door wide allowing them entrance.

Cade carried his mate inside and glanced around. The room was empty, and appeared to be just a mud room. The man moved forward, and they all followed him. He led them into a large exam room and motioned to the table.

“You can lay her down there,” he said. Cade shook his head at the man.

“I don’t know you,” he told him. He assumed he was her father, from the concerned glances and from the power radiating from him, but he wasn’t taking any chances.

“She’s my daughter,” the man confirmed. “My name is Alpha Matthews,” he told them. “Please lie her down so I can see how badly hurt she is,” he requested.

Cade nodded his head and moved to the table. He sat down himself then, placing her on his lap.

“Aww, I see you are mates,” he said. “I believed my daughter when she told me, but I needed to see for myself. The way you are with her certainly confirms it.”

Just then a short, older man came bustling into the room. He introduced himself as Connor, the pack healer. “Why is her wolf dormant,” Cade asked both men instantly.

Her father responded. “When Tansi was small, she witnessed her mother get shot by some hunters. My wife heard the hunters coming and hid her. Tansi spent the night in the woods with her dead body. She doesn’t remember seeing it, but since then she hasn’t been able to sense or communicate with her wolf. I’m hopeful that when she mates, the mating bite will draw her wolf out. But, at this point I’m not sure.”

Cade kissed his mates head. That must have been devastating for a young girl to see. He already knew, even at a young age, the bond between mother and daughter would have been strong. The mother probably drew the hunters away from her daughter, and sacrificed herself. That’s what he would do if his mate was in trouble. When he asked, Alpha Matthews figured the same thing.

The healer shoved forward then. “It’s been a while since the accident. I need to set that leg before it starts healing like that, and it looks like she needs stitches to her head.”

The doctor then pushed his pack brothers out of the room, but both him and her father refused to leave.

“Fine,” the doctor sighed, then turned to his Alpha. “I need to take off her pants to get a good look at her leg,” he told the man. Seconds later the door clicked shut as her father left too. “You’re going to have to release her, so I can examine her,” the doctor explained.

“Work around me,” Cade growled at the man. The man grumbled, but he got to work.

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