Secrets and Lies

By mjmiller0527 All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Mystery


When life is already at an down spiral. Can you imagine it getting more complicated by the minute... When these two sisters and friend discover the inner layers of things will they stand in fear. Or will they keep moving till they find what's been hiding for to long. Can the "Phenomenal Three" help what's coming or hinder it...

the discovery

Secrets and Lies

The day was with melancholy and the winds smelled of sweet honey dew. I began to feel remorse, because our father had died. My sister Jupiter and I had an argument on the day of our father’s departure. I felt really guilty, because our father wouldn’t want his two daughters to be screamin, and yellin at each other. On the day he passes away.

The next day, we had our father’s funeral, Jupiter was devastated. I began to comfort her, and whispered to her, and told her, “Everything is going to be ok little sister I promise.” I said.

Then as I began to comfort her, I gazed up and seen a woman with light brown hair like mine, blue eyes like Jupiter’s, and a caramel complexion. I gazed at the beautiful woman who seemed to look vaguely familiar.

All of a sudden, she walked up to us, and announced, “ A threat is coming for you my beautiful daughters.” Then she dissipated without warning. Jupiter, and I were looking for her all night. Pondering over what threat was coming for us ? Thoughts raced through my mind, who was this mysterious woman?

Moments after the funeral Jupiter and I gave our father one last goodbye and the gravediggers had begun to bury him. We said, our farewells to our father and we begun to go back to the little church on the top of Harvest Hill in the small town of Yellow Stone Harbor. As we walking I thought of all the possibilities

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