Fight For Survival

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They are three, they are young and they are fearless for the human race matters; not skin color or religion. The age of Robots is here, what everyone feared and anticipated dreadfully has befallen the world and nothing could be done about it. Tyler is a college student on scholarship, hardworking and intelligent he grew up knowing just two things; to work for everything he wants and to make sure he does it the right way. But his future is about to take another turn if his mother dies. With his mother sick and suffering from a chronic illness, Tyler relied on his father's earnings. Bills were paid, medications were bought and the fridge was restocked, though not easily but they lived and survived. But what happens when your only source of life, only means of survival is threatened and challenged by a stranger. Science and technology had advanced affecting daily living and standards, positively and negatively. Tyler Tucker had no choice but to call on his best, trusted and loyal friends to help him in the quest to salvage what is left of the world. Three friends defied all odds and went on a daunting adventure, molting race, class, and beliefs to fight for survival. The survival of the human race and the restoration of the serene atmosphere that once reigned,

Action / Scifi
Tony Okey
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The Lurking Enemy

Deep coughs emanating from the house could be heard from a room upstairs, Mrs. Tucker’s illness is becoming chronic and each time she contracts her lungs, she coughs strenuously. Her beloved, loving and caring husband this time could not help his beautiful and innocent wife. She has suffered horribly from the ailment for a long time, and the absence of the required funds to get her the required treatment has prolonged her suffering, which is how he sees it.

The sun is merciful to the busy beetles of New York City. The hot breeze continued moving the curtains of the windows where there was one, heads absorbed the heat of the sun and the skins felt its harshness. Citizens had beckoned for more use of renewable energy and more hands put on deck to achieve the goal of global warming, but their placards, change mantra, and petitions seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps, the decision makers don’t want to cut out the source from which their campaign funding pours in.

Cheers, chants, and boos filled the room; overshadowing the discomforting sound of pain, and the torturing situation which its positive end was far from sight. In the living room were happiness and joy, sadness and disappointments, glory and shame. The passion for the game caused roars each time the sport’s faithful were impressed. It is the replay of the FA Cup Final Match in the great stadium of Wembley. The home of England’s National Football Team and it hosted two great London clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Mr. Tucker had spent some of his time in the United Kingdom, in England and is a fan of the most popular sport in the world, and his family followed suit. The chants and boos for Arsenal and Chelsea respectively.

The continuous cough of Mrs. Tucker had made young Tyler visibly uncomfortable; he no longer enjoyed the game, and the current scores of the game made matters worse. His body language all but confirmed the unrest written all over his face.

“You know I blame myself for everything, if I was able to raise the initial deposit required, she will not be going through this pain”.

Mr. Tucker said with guilt all over his face, a confession many might be too proud to make. Young Tucker’s mood had swung, and unhesitatingly he replied his father

“You should not spend the little time left regretting what you could not do, but use them to make up for what you could not do.”

He stood up, picked up his phone

“And you thought me that, I expect you should know better” Tyler added before leaving for his room.

Tyler left the room angry at himself for not being fair to his father; it was not his fault but Dr. McCoy’s he thought. The man whose science has cost hundreds of people their jobs and the depreciating rate of employment is envisaged to double within a short interval according to analysts and experts.

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