Don't Fight Me

By vaultoffiction All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Humor


I've been on the wrong side of the tracks for a while, and I have no intention of ever turning back. I don't regret it. It's just, there will always be some people who you thought would be better off kept in the dark, but now you just to see the look on their faces when you show up on their doorstep wearing leather instead of wool, stilettos instead of sneakers and sunglasses instead of my old frames. Oh, how I would love to shock the hell out of them.

Chapter 1

"Good fight, V!" Bryan clamped his ring covered hand on my shoulder and escorted me out of the fighting ring, pushing my body underneath the blue velvet ropes.

"When is it not?" I added playfully.

Then I coughed awkwardly and push down the blush that rose to my cheeks that comes with years of practice.

"Sorry, did that sound narcissistic?" I creased my forehead with worry.

"V, it's perfectly fine. In our business, how many times do I have to tell you, cockiness is basically part of the description. Loosen up!" He let go of my shoulder and walked over to the row of rusted red lockers behind the service counter.

On the counter sat a name plate that read, 'Mark Keller'.

Obviously a fake name, and Bryan's work name at that.

Being favored by the man who ran the fight ground you, well, fought at, did come with it's advantages.

"Thanks, Br-Mark," I quickly caught my mistake, although I'm sure everybody knows 'Mark Keller' was an alias.

"No probs. Now, did he get you anywhere? I need to hunt down the ointment."

Now that Bryan mentioned it, my opponent did get me in my rib cage really good.

"Um, just my rib cage," I lift up my shirt slightly to reveal the purple-ish patch forming right underneath my sports bra. "It's bruising."

"Well, you got him way better, I mean, it's kind of obvious, since you know, you won," he disappeared behind the counter, and moments later, rustling noises emanated from his location.

"I'll just go shower, toss me my bag?"

His head popped up, almost hitting the ridge of the counter, then he absentmindedly tossed the duffel bag that was previously resting on a hook beside him.

"Now go! You'll never get a boyfriend if you smell, and you do," he chuckled.

"Who said I wanted a boyfriend, or even liked guys for that matter? Don't discriminate," I fake glared at him then walked backwards towards the showers, glad I knew the place well enough not to hit the walls.

That would ruin the badass aura I was trying to give off.

If I even had one, that is.

"Okay, but just saying, waffle fries are better than potato wedges," I gave him a pointed look.

"Yeah, that's correct, but normal fries are great too."

'Whatever floats your boat man, those are like the last option for me, apart from chips. I prefer fries over chips."


I pushed open the back door that lead to an alleyway, then all of a sudden, a beer bottle flew towards my head.

I ducked, but unfortunately, it narrowly missed Bryan and hit the brick wall a few inches away from his left ear.

"Watch it, man!" he shouted and try to act all macho whilst simultaneously shuffling to hide behind me.

"Hey, don't assume my gender, I'm a girl!" A figure with brunette hair just flipped us off and stumbled away in her wedges.

Clearly wasted.

I laughed, that girl had guts.

"See? Even she thinks you discriminate," I manages to choke out between my giggles.

"Just shut up!"
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