Sold to the Mafia: Book Two

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After the death of Lucas' parents under the hands of Valentin, he decided to join the Russian Mafia to get revenge. Training with the brutal hands of the Russian mob, will Lucas get his revenge for his parent's death or will he fall in the trap of the Mafia.

Action / Romance
Elle Sugi
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“It’s been a while since I last saw you.” I looked up to see a face that I have only seen once. She gave me a sweet smile while walking towards me. “Does it still hurt?”

I dropped my head low to stop myself from answering her. The chains binding my hands and feet began to hurt but I didn’t care anymore. Feeling the pain on my skin was enough proof that I’m still alive.

That what happened wasn’t a dream.

Everything was real. Everything was fucking real.

“Still not talking, hmm?” She pursed her lips while shrugging her shoulders in defeat. “Honestly, I still don’t know why the boss is still keeping you.”

The coldness on my feet began to rise up to my body. Her voice sounded like a fly buzzing into my ears and it’s irritating me.

She closed the gap between us and I can smell a putrid odor coming out of her clothes. It smelled really bad it made my nose scrunched in disgust.

“But since I owe someone a few favors, I figured I might as well help you get out of this place.”

I tried to focus my sight on her.

“You’re probably thinking why this kind of thing is happening to you, right?” She knelt in front of me while caressing my bare feet. Her fingers touched the wound caused by the chains holding me and it made me smile to feel that it hurts. “You’re asking yourself why your parents died. You’re asking yourself why no one helped you.” She lifted her head to look straight into my eyes and I can see her eyes glimmering in amusement, gratified to see me like this – to see me broken.

My fingers twitched when I heard a loud explosion echoed throughout the hollowed corridor. Screams and gun fires began to fill the air but the woman in front of me just smiled.

“Your parents died because you are weak. In this kind of world, only the strong survives and you’re not one of them.” She smirked at me while tracing her thumb over my chapped lips. “The way you see this fucked up world will only make you suffer, Lucas.” Her hand tightened around my jaw as her amused face began to change expression. “There’s no turning back. You already belong to this kind of world. The same world where Mikhail lives and if you want to protect the only person you have, you’ve got to change.”

Mikhail’s name began to ring in my head.


Saying that name made my throat burned like hell. It was the first word I have said after my parents were killed and God only knew how long that was.

“You have to become one of us so that you can continue living in this world, Lucas.” She pressed his cold lips on my cheek. “Join the Mafia and everything will be alright. Make them regret everything they have done to you and your family. Let them suffer as much as you suffered from losing your parents.”

“That’s enough.”

The woman and I looked at the person who was standing by the door.

“There you are. Your knight in shining armor finally arrived.” She smirked at me. “Aren’t you glad, Lucas? Your daddy came to pick you up.”

Mikhail started walking towards us and I gasped when he punched the woman straight in the face. She fell down on the floor, clutching her now bloody broken nose.

His eyes were seething in anger. “Get the hell out of my sight before I tear you to pieces, bitch,” he taunted.

The woman grinned at him in spite her broken nose. “I understand, boss.” She stumbled out of the prison cell but before leaving, she turned to give me a wink.

Another explosion resonated above the ceiling but Mikhail ignored it. He took his gun out and in an instant he destroyed the chains binding me.

I wanted to move to touch Mikhail but I was too exhausted to even lift a finger. I just stared at him with blank eyes and he did the same.

“You...came...” My throat still hurts but it didn’t matter. Mikhail knelt in front of me while looking directly into my eyes. “They killed my parents, Mikhail.”

His expression remained calm but I saw the corner of his eye twitched. “What do you want to do, Lucas?”

I clenched my fist while biting my lip.

“You have to become one of us so that you can continue living in this world, Lucas.”

I looked at Mikhail, determined to change myself to get my revenge. “I want to join the Mafia.”

He stared at me one last time before closing his eyes and walking away from me.

“Very well.”

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