The Enforcers Revenge - Enforcer Series Book 2

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


James worshipped his little human mate. That is, until she put herself in the path of a bullet meant for him, and ended her life. Miserable and with little options, he joins The Enforcers, a deadly group of wolves tasked with protecting all the packs. After taking a bullet for her beloved mate, and having his bite burned off, Piper finds herself in hell. She's kidnapped by Victor, a deadly hunter who makes it his life's work to rid the world of wolves. When his sister is killed, he needs a replacement, and he decides Piper is the perfect choice. When James discovers the mate he thought had died, is actually alive, he vows to get her back. With the help of The Enforcers, he'll risk everything to get his revenge!

Chapter 1 - James

James stood at the front of the funeral. He absolutely hated funerals, and refused to attend any. The last funeral he attended was his mates, three years ago. She had been a stunning girl, and he had been lost the moment he laid eyes on her. She had been a tiny girl, and she barely reached his shoulders. She had a mass of dark brown hair, that fell in waves, almost to her waist. Her eyes were hazel, a stunning brown colour with millions of flecks of green spattered throughout.

She had been eighteen at the time, and he had noticed her in a grocery store of all places. She had been buying milk and eggs for her mother, and he had been stocking up for a camping trip he and some of his pack were going on. He had known right away, that she was his mate, and he had approached her. Needless to say, they both abandoned their shopping and went to the coffee shop next door to get to know one another.

They had talked for hours, and the sky had grown dark. He had walked her home, and skipped the camping trip to spend as much time with her as he could. After two months of dating, he finally admitted that he was a shifter. She was a human, and had no idea they even existed.

She had been shocked, so he gave her a week to think about things. Surprisingly, she found him the next day. He was thrilled to find out that she still wanted to be with him. No matter what he was, to her, he was still the man that she was falling for. Six months later they had mated.

As they made love, he gave her the mating bite, and told her to do the same. As she was human, she didn’t have the sharp teeth of a wolf, but he had encouraged her to bite as hard as she could. She had succeeded in puncturing the skin, and it had thrilled him. Of course, it didn’t look like a mating bite, as it had healed quickly, and only left a tiny scar. But, it held the same properties of a mating bite, in that it completed their bond, and connected them entirely.

They had been happy for two and a half years after that. He had built them a house in his pack, and everyone had fully accepted her. Her parents had also accepted him, even after he told them what he was, and swore them to secrecy. They lived close, and visited often. He fell in love with them, and it made things extremely easy.

Almost three years to the day he had met her, she was killed. She loved making fresh pies, so he had taken her to a blueberry patch that he knew of. It had been a warm and sunny day, and he had shifted to enjoy it, while she filled the basket she had brought.

He had sensed the danger, but not fast enough. Three hunters had stepped out of the trees, and had aimed their guns at him. When one of them fired, his mate had stepped in front of him, shielding his body with her own. The bullet had torn through her chest. He had howled in rage, and turned to the hunters, to see they were gone.

He had then shifted quickly, and threw on the jeans and shoes that she had carried for him. He scooped her up, and ran for the hospital in town. Her father was a surgeon, and he instantly whisked her away for surgery. But, his mate had died. Apparently, the bullet had nicked her heart, there had been no way to save her.

He knew the moment she died, as the bond had severed. His mating bite had burned for a few minutes, and then he had felt nothing. He had broken that day, and he had never recovered. He was next in line for alpha, but he didn’t want it anymore.

One day, he was approached by a member of the council, and told of the Enforcers. Like all other wolves, he had thought it only a myth. When asked to join, he immediately agreed. There was nothing left there for him any more, so there really wasn’t any choice.

He had been an Enforcer now for just over two short years, but he was exceptionally good at it. He rose in the ranks quickly, and became one of the best. He now led a pack of his own, consisting of three other wolves. He wasn’t happy, and he never would be, but he was content.

Now, all the feelings from his mates death were resurfacing, as he watched the pallbearer’s lower his mates mother into the ground. His heart ached, and he wished with everything he had, that he was somewhere else.

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