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Ila Frizz - Monsters

By kellyi All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action

Chapter 1

Snap. The tree branch fell from high up in the tree and crashed onto the undergrowth below. Ila nodded to herself a job well done. No one could get up or down the tree now, except for her that is. Ila Frizz leaped off her branch and into her hidden tree house that her Dad had made for her 2 years after she was born, and 5 years before he had died. The tree house was small but could fit in everything that was needed. It was made of old wooden logs and had a straw roof. It descended high above the ground where no one could see it. In the far left corner she had a window and a bean bag next to that she kept a cupboard full of food and other essential supplies. On the other side of the room was her sword. Sure she was only 13, but it was hers, and she never knew when she would need it. She had found it deep within the woods where her tree house was tucked away.

She leaped down off the tree landing perfectly on the ground. She swept her long light brown hair out of her eyes. It's wavy but also curly strands blowing in the wind. She had murky green eyes that shone like emeralds. She was tall and strong, and her smile was one that you would never forget.

Ila sneaked into her house expecting to scare her Mother. Her Mum was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. Ila sneaked up to the doorway and… “Hello Ila.” Said her Mum. Ila sighed she could never scare her Mother.

“How on earth do you always know I am here? I'm super silent.”

“Mother instincts. All mothers have them. Sit up, your just in time for tea.” Ila sat down at the table and her Mother dished out the meal.

They talked and talked. They talked about what they got up to that day; they talked about what they would do the next day. Ila wanted to bring up her Father but her Mother would not allow it. Soon they had finished their meal and were swapping jokes. Ila was about to tell a really good one when her Mother heard a strange noise. “Shh.” She said. Ila frowned, her mother never told her to be quiet. She was about to say something when her Mother said it again. “Shh. Do you hear that?” Ila listened closely. She could hear it. A low growling coming from North of the house… It was coming from the woods. “What – What, is that?” Ila asked.

“I’m not sure. Wait here a moment.” Her Mother left the room. When she came back again she was holding a shotgun. Her Mother strode to the door and went outside, Ila slowly followed behind her. They ventured towards the wood when they heard that sound again. Grrrrraaawwww! Ila froze to the spot, but her Mother kept going. “Mum,” she said, “come back.”

“Now hold on. I just want to see what it is and kill it. Go call the police.” Ila reluctantly did as she was told and went back inside to get the phone. Before she could hit the call button she heard her Mother scream.

Ila ran faster than she ever thought she was capable. She ran toward the sound of the scream. When she reached her mother, she saw her lying in a crumpled heap, her blood spilled all over the dry leaves. Ila looked up and froze. Standing over her Mum was a large monster. It had large tree trunk legs that were so tall it made the rest of it hunch over. It’s arms were thin and dangled, like it couldn’t hold the weight of it’s ginormous hands. It had no neck, and its head was the size of a small car. Ila could count fifteen eyes. It had two mouths, one was gaping open on the bottom head, it’s other was on top and closed. The creature was a sickly shade of green mixed with brown. “Oh my God,” she breathed. The thing must have heard her, because it turned its giant head toward her. There was a long pause, and then Ila ran…the monster close behind.

She ran around trees and over logs never forgetting that the giant, gross beast thing was behind her. She heard a thump and then a loud roar. It sounded like the beast had fallen over. Ila quickly hid behind a tree, to see what the beast was doing. She stood there, hands on her knees, trying to get back her breath. Suddenly she looked up. Where was it? Ila slowly came out from her hiding place and looked around. It wasn’t anywhere. She heard another low growl far away, but she wasn’t going to take any chances. She ran to the tree house.

Ila had nightmares. She woke up sweating numerous times during the night. What was that thing? It had killed her Mother. Anger washed over her face. Then she wondered if the same thing had killed her Dad. Sadness washed away the anger. Ila no longer had a Dad or a Mum. She cried and cried. Eventually sleep took her, and she was no longer crying.

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