Shadow Under the Sun

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The Peace Department works to guarantee the citizen safety and to maintain peace within the country, at least that's what they say on paper. Kaito, an orphaned son of parents posthumously named heroes, is a young soldier in a perfect country. One day he was suddenly transferred unit under the highly regarded Peace Department, whose job was to maintain the country safety. He was set to work under Allegra, a morally upright leader, a man of ideal in a totalitarian country. In a mission to foil a supposedly planned terrorist attack, the squad was fed with false report that nearly resulted in the annihilation of the entire team. In the wake of this danger, the Peace Department decided to restart project S.U.T.S, a project Kaito's parent was involved to develop a substance that would gave birth to super soldiers. But then there was Firenze who knows the truth behind the original project, Allegra, whose ambition goes beyond the status quo, and the nation. As Kaito's begin to knows the truth, he found out that his life was a mere stage play conducted by these people yet to escape the play means to challenge death face to face.

Felicia Caitlin
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"They found you! Run now!"

The phone was immediately slammed down and the man, looking like in his fifty, quickly gather his things and shoved them into his briefcase. He glanced at the clock. It’s eleven, it’s past curfew. He felt his stomach dropped, there’s no way he could get out of this alive. He shouldn’t have had accepted any job from government official anyway, especially when it’s about something like this.

The man slammed the emergency door open and rushed down the building to his car in the basement. He looked around as he ran down. Nobody in sight. The stairway was dead quiet; there were only his pacing breath, his shadow, and fear looming in the stagnant air.

He took a long breath and walked into the basement carpark, keep on glancing over his shoulder as he made his way to his car. A few meters more and he could probably made his way out.

Or not.

“Good evening, Mr. Jack.”

The man turned and saw a silhouette walking towards him in a calm, calculated step. The voice sounded like they belong to a young man, probably a teenager.

“I’m busy,” The man replied. He sounded angrier than he intended to.

“Busy meddling into affairs you shouldn’t have seen, I presume.”

The man turned and took a step back. The young man walked into light. He was wearing a full face black mask, an all black outfit and was holding a silencer-equipped gun pointed at him. Of all sudden he realized who the guest was. Sweat started trickling down his cheek and jaw as he slowly backed off. His hand wet and cold and his feet started to tremble.

“It—it wasn’t much, I swear, I knew nothing about it I just didn’t—I didn’t intended to—”

“Please, save it for the interrogation later, sir. We do advise you to not remain silent during discussion, it will keep the work simple for both of us.”

Jack turned and started to run but the teen was faster. He released two bullets and Jack fell down groaning, crying. He tried to crawl away, but two other fully grown man, both wearing the same full-faced black mask appeared in front of him. They put on a cover on his face, handcuffed him and dragged him away into a van waiting nearby.

The teenager sleeved his gun back and glanced at one of the security camera watching them before leaving the place.

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