Finding Myself Again

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“Do any of you understand the fact that my grandfather, the previous head of this family, was the one that chose me and taught me to be the new head of this family."

Action / Thriller
Night Shadow
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Chapter 1

It’s April 1st 2025, and my friends and I have just got to the ground. You see we live up in the sky with flying cars and floating houses and we are not supposed to be on the real ground, but I have a secret that no one knows about yet. The adults say that there are still people that live down here on the ground and are just like outlaws, because everyone is supposed to live in the air. My friends and I were always very interested in the things that were on the ground. They look so old and so, for some reason, stable. So we all, my friends and myself, decided that we were going to get to the ground and explore some of the buildings. What we found out and what they experienced was so deadly they never got the chance to live, oops, I mean leave. So here is my side of the story of our experience on the ground.

“Is there a reason why we are disobeying our parents for this.” this person would be my short, brown haired, blue eyed, skinny, goody-two-shoe friend Alex. He was all about what we were planning on doing before we did it. As soon as we touched the real ground he started saying what he just said. “Yes! For the last time Alex will you please get the flash lights out for us all.” This would be Bette. She is a skinny, blond haired, green eyed girl. She just recently became my friend. “Oh leave Alex alone Betty. You know he doesn’t like disobeying his parents for stupid reasons. Oh, and Alex everything’s going to be okay.” This would be the last of my friends. Isabella, or Izzy for short. Izzy has black hair and green eyes. She has a small frame but she is very strong. “Okay you guys, we need to get moving before someone sees us down here and are plans are ruined.” This would be me, Jace, you could say I am the group leader. I have dark brown hair, and my eyes are two different colors, they are green and blue. and I have a small frame. This is my group of friends that came to the worst place with me.

“This place is so scary Jace. Did we really have to come here?” “Yes Alex. This is the best place to go if we want to see the buildings around here on the ground. So let’s keep up the pace.” I was the first person to the woods, and let me tell you, the woods were so cold, the trees were all dead, and there was a fog all over the place. It was downright creepy, but so familiar to me for some reason. “Hey Izzy, keep close to me and don’t try to scare the others.” Izzy looked at Jace with a mad look in her eyes and said, “Hey, I’m not that mean Jace! I would never try to scare them on purpose and you know that.” Jace smiled and laughed at how flustered Izzy had gotten over that one comment he had made. “Still, just stay close to me, okay.”

When we reached the old house, we were a little scared to go in. It was Alex who stepped up this time. “Come on people, we have got things to do, let’s move!” We were all surprised at how much Alex had changed in the past two hours. Alex took on the role of leader just for a little bit. After a couple of minutes I took over again. “Okay, let’s get into the house.”

“We should set up our things so we can sleep in this building tonight.” Everyone did as Alex had suggested them to do including myself. “Hey Alex, thank you for your help back there man! That was so cool. You hardly ever speak up. You have finally stepped up your game.” But Alex looked terrified. “Alex what’s the matter? I’ve never seen you this scared befo-” I never did get the chance to say much more because right then and there Alex just dropped to the floor. “Alex!? Alex!? Alex what’s the matter! Why won’t you answer me! IZZY! I need help over here!” Izzy came running over to see what the problem was. “What’s wrong? What happened to Ale-” I cut Izzy off before she could say his name. “Izzy, Alex just collapsed. Is this what the grown ups were talking about Izzy!? I think we need to get out of here.” We both had agreed to go get Betty and head back. By the time we had gotten back it was too late to save her from what was happening. Jace started thinking about his childhood, “So you have finally decided to give me a little bit of hope, thank you for that Corry.” Izzy looked at Jace in surprise and confusion. “Who is Corry?” Jace put his worried look on just for show though and said. “Izzy, we have to get back up to the sky. There is something down here that is killing us all off. We have to go.” Izzy started crying, no, balling her eyes out while saying this. “I will not leave my friends behind like you do every day Jace! Don’t you understand it yet!? You weren’t our friend! Our parents made us befriend the new kid. Well see if I care now. You just got all my friends killed because you wanted to see something that you have already seen, you just can’t remember it can you!? YOU ARE A TRAITOR JACE! You lived down here before. We had a hell of a time getting you up with us. You would try to kill us along with the monsters down here right now! They want you back now Jace, are you going to just run away from them like a cowardly dog!? Are you going to try to come back with me!? HUH!?” I still to this day remember what I did next and how happy I was after words.

“Ha! So you finally acknowledge that I’m not one of you. Good. Oh, and Izabell, I do remember everything about when I lived down here. That’s why I said Corry’s name. He is the one that’s coming for me. He is my father. So yes, I am a traitor. So just go back without me Izzy. I’m staying down here from where I came. Maybe i’ll get to see my father again soon.” I ran off in the opposite direction, slinging mud at Izzy’s face. “Wait! I didn’t mean that. Please Jace come back. You don’t belong down here anymore.” But by the time Izzy finished what she was trying to say, I was already way too far away to hear her.

“Hey Corry! Come and get me!” I screamed this out so he could hear me. Then all of a sudden I was surrounded by humans dressed in furs and old clothes from up above. “ You need your memories back before you do anything Jace.” I looked at them all with a smile on my face and said, “So where’s my old man. Is he hiding so I won’t be tempted to stay. I still have all my memories Bobby, I just needed to be back here to show that. I never forgot. Now, let’s go get the girl who took me away in the first place.”

“Izzy’s in the woods still. If we hurry we can make it to her before she wakes up. Then we will have to find a new hiding place after I get this tracker out of my arm.” The head, my father Corry, of this group of so called monsters came out and spoke. “First Jace we must get that tracker out of you. But not here. We must go straight to that girl. That is where you will become free again my son. But now we must go.”

Izzy was just about to fall asleep when we attacked her. She tried to run but couldn’t get very far because I was in the way. “Jace! We must get out of here before these animals kill us!” Jace smiled wickedly and said. “Well there is just one problem with that plan Izzy, I’m not with you anymore. I am back with my people, and we are here to kill you. You see there can’t be any, oh what do you call them, witnesses. So prepare to die Izzy.” Izzy couldn’t say anything. She was so scared now because to her I had finally remembered everything. I remembered how she was the one who chained me up and played with my head while whipping me on the back. How she’s the one who took me away from my family and tried to kill them all off. How she’s the one who tried to take my memory from me.

So I went after her with my katana. Izzy had nothing to protect herself with so she took the blade head on. Of course she died that night. The worst thing about all this, is the fact that I was happy to kill her. In my book she deserved to die in the same place she tried to kill the real me, mentally of course but still tried to kill me. So in the end Izzy died like a lowly mongrel, just like all the people up top would soon do too.

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