The Assassin's Killer

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Chapter 3

“CYTUS Code. At your service.”

“We've got a problem. Killerblood wants herself out,” the voice says. The owner is male but he uses a voice changer to redefine his tone. No one really knows his true identity, except Cyron Black. It is unknown by all that Cyron is an assassin by the name of Cytus Code or CC who hides in the persona of a dumb police officer.

“That can't be possible. She's a Black Rose asset.” CC replies.

“I knew that she will do this someday. I overlooked her.”

“What do you want me to do with her?” CC asks, now getting off his bed. He leaves the gallon of ice cream to his bed and proceeds to his wardrobe. He quickly takes out his travel bag while his free hand holds the phone to his right ear. He opens the bag to look for his black laptop. Then he takes it out with him as he goes to sit on the couch.

“Silence her,” the voice says. “Killerblood is now a threat to the Black Rose.”

CC stops for a moment. Although he knows that Mr. Black will say that, hearing it is a different thing. His face become even more serious, when he asks, “You will lose a great spy assassin. You okay with that?”

“I have you, CC.”

“Well, if you put it that way.” CC opens his laptop in one hand, a blackletter text of 'Black Rose' is printed on the laptop screen. He starts accessing the files which seemed to be top secrets of Black Rose—an assassin group built by Mr. Black.

Black Rose is a group of three skilled assassins. One of them is Cytus Code. He's not the leader of the group, but he is best among the rest. The three of them are directly working under Mr. Black, but they have not meet each other yet, not even once. They don't even know what the other looks like.

“Send me the files of Killerblood.” CC says, irking his brows when he notices the message of Killerblood in their group's database. It says: I'm leaving.

'How inconvenient.' CC thinks.

“I have it delivered to your home address.”

“Oh.” He gasps.

“You still haven't left that department?”

“It's a good disguise.”

“And what about your friend?” the voice says, the pressure on his tone suggest a warning.

“I don't have a friend.” CC corrects.

“I can see you, CC. Wherever you go, I'm always there. Even if you hide, my eyes will keep watching you. Of all people, you know it well. Killerblood might betray me, but you can't.”

“Perhaps you want me to kill Zack, too?” CC coldly says. “I can do it after Killerblood.”

An evil laugh echoes from the other line. “Oh, no. My dear child. Unless it becomes necessary. I grew fond of delivering items to his home address, anyway.”

“Is there more?”

“That's all for tonight. You only have three days to hunt Killerblood.” After that, the voice ends the line. CC cracks his phone open and takes out the micro-sim, and without hesitation he breaks it. He stands up only to throw the phone and the sim into the trash bin. Then he goes to change his clothes again, while the Black Rose text is still visible on his laptop screen.

ZACK’S apartment doesn't have a second floor. His house has one guest room and a master bedroom. He uses the guest room, thinking that it is safer that way. In case of burglary, the immediate target of a thief is the owner's room, and so Zack doesn't sleep there. He puts all his unnecessary things to the master's bedrooom. But the important ones are kept inside the guest room.

The only burglar who knows this trick is Cyron.

In quick, stealthy moves, Cyron easily unlocks the main door using a pin. He's wearing a black cap, a night vision shades, and a black leather jacket matched to his leather pants. His hiking shoes are quite glossy under the shades of moonlight. Once he enters the house, his steps have become more discreet.

He proceeds immediately to the guest room. He already seems familiar with the place. Using the same pin earlier, he unlocks the door. This time, it didn't work as it often did. Zack added a chain from the inside.

Equipped as always, he takes off his backpack and pulls out a handy laser device. He switches it on with his elegant fingers, and without making a sound he starts cutting in a circular manner around the knob. Succeeding in his task, Cyron pushes a hand inside the hole and searches for the chain lock. Finally, he opens the door.

Cyron steps in but he is stopped when an arm strangled his neck. It must be Zack. But he thought Zack has fallen asleep at this hour, just like the usual. So he didn't see it coming. He kicks the strangler but a gun has been pointed to his temple already, stopping him from his counterattacks.

“Hey, hey, easy Zack!” Cyron starts, finally revealing himself. “It's me, Cyron!”

“You punk!” Zack exclaims in between his breathes, then he releases Cyron the moment he acknowledged his friend's voice. Zack switches the lights on, narrowing his eyes at Cyron. “I almost killed you!”

“I'm sorry. I should have knocked.” Cyron comically smiles. He takes off his night vision shades.

Zack glances at his gun, shaking his head. Then he turns to see Cyron, checking his unusual outfit. “Why are you here? What's with your outfit?”

“Oh, this? I bought it after I watched an action movie. You should put that gun down.” Cyron replies as he goes to search the small room, then he claps when he finally see the package, just next to Zack's table. He goes there to confirm his name. Cyron Black. There you are.

“You burglarized my house.”

“I didn't take any.” He replies.

“But you entered illegally. You made a hole to my door! That cost me some dollars.”

“I'll repay you.” Cyron assures as he tries to lift up the big box, but it looks heavy. He failed to lift it up using his strenght. Zack shakes his head at the desperate sight. He goes to help Cyron from pulling it up, until they manage to take it to the living room.

“Seriously, what is this?” Zack complains.

“I don't know.”

“You should open it.”

“Uh-oh. It's not intended for your eyes. You should help me get this thing into a car.” Cyron says, now dialing a taxi cab service.

“You look suspiscious tonight, seriously.” Zack tries to open the box but Cyron slaps his hand away.

“I'm a burglar tonight, of course I'm suspicious.” Cyron extends his arms wide on top of the package, trying to protect it from Zack.

“You're hiding something from me.”

Cyron sighs. Then he removes his arms from the package, and admittedly, he says, “It's actually a female robot machine. I ordered it from Japan. I heard it's in BETA, but I want to try it, anyway.”

“What? Are you serious? So you mean there's a human-like creature inside this box? That's why it's really heavy this time.”

Cyron shrugs his shoulders.

Zack taps Cyron's left shoulder. “Cyron, I really pity you. You're not just disliking women—real humans—but now you're comforting yourself with a machine. Dude, I think you need to see a psychiatrist. I have a friend who can help you, you should start the counselling before it's too late.”

Cyron smacks him on the head. “I'm not crazy.”

“Insane? I'm starting to wonder if you're fit with your profession. How did you pass the test? Don't worry, I won't tell Chief Arnold about this matter. In one condition, you'll give that machine to me when you're tired of it.”

“You're the crazy one.” Cyron shakes his head before he stands up, just in time the cab honks outside the house. “Well, the cab is here. You should help me with this.”

“Alright. I'm serious though. You should meet my friend.”

“I don't need counselling.”

“Girlfriend perhaps?”

“Shut up.”

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