The Assassin's Killer

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Chapter 4

“YOU SURE about carrying it yourself?” Zack asks after they successfully put the box inside the trunk. Cyron is a six footer man, but Zack towers his height.

“There are bellboys in the hotel. They can carry it for me.” Cyron replies as he saunters towards the passenger seat. He opens the door and for the last time, he says, “Dude, stop worrying about me. I’m not your kid.”

Zack is actually four years older than Cyron. In most of their cases together, Zack is always the one who orders Cyron around. Even though Cyron annoys him most of the time, he sees him as his younger brother. Sometimes Zack feels like watching over Cyron is his obligation. But Zack isn’t really vocal about it.

“Who says I’m worried? Get in already, you punky head.”

Cyron smirks as he goes in. He’s about to lock the door when Zack catches up, he grabs the door open, and says, “Dude, what about my compensation money?”

And, one more thing, he sees Cyron as one of his money sources.

It’s still a mystery to Zack how Cyron gets a lot of money when he’s just a normal police officer. But he knows, however, that Cyron Black has a filthy rich sponsor ever since he was young. Cyron’s an orphan who got adopted by a rich family. But right after he became an officer, Cyron cut off his ties with them.

“I’ll give it tomorrow.”

“Make it cash, alright?”

“Okay, okay.” Then Cyron closes back the door. “To Ritz-Carlton, please.”

CYRON opens the box using his laser device. It’s one of his favourite weapons because it comes very handy, aside from his silencer of course. Zack has been nagging him to give it to him, but it never happens. He tosses the cover aside and the contents of the box have been openly revealed.

A black note with silver ink catches his attention first. And then a black phone and a black rose are settled next to it. He takes the note as well as the phone. On the note, it reads: I will call you in this number. Good luck.

Cyron switches the phone on and the opening screen displays a black rose. Then he sets it aside into his pocket. He starts checking the box for its contents and he finds a new set of black suit, a red tie, a pair of shining leather shoes, and a silver Rolex watch. He sets them aside and continues to search the box.

Next, he finds a plastic material, covering the middle contents. He tosses it aside and finds himself chuckling at the sight of black boxes piling up. Cyron takes the first box and opens it, revealing a SIG550 assault rifle and several bullets. He opens another and it reveals a 50 cal sniper’s rifle. Another box contains a set of silencer guns. And another set for different types of daggers. The last box however contains money, an estimated amount enough to buy a house, or an apartment, but Cyron never did. He prefers not to have a permanent address. Sometimes even, he would just sleep on a street bench.

Cyron finally reaches the bottom of the package, revealing to him a brown envelope. It says Killerblood. With quickened pace, Cyron opens the envelope and pulls out the printed documents. Finally, Cyron gets to see what Killerblood looks like.

There you are.

She has a short black hair with Irish eyes. Slim and petite, and has a very small face. A short lady, but her muscles are quite visible, emphasizing that she has been through a lot of training as well. Under her clothes must carry the same scars, too. She looks so innocent at the first glimpse, but looking deeply into her eyes, there is death unseen by an ordinary person.

Looking intensely at her picture, Cyron feels like she has seen her before. But where? And when?

BR Name: Killerblood

Birth Name: Yadira Blues

Current Name: Yadira Reed

Address: Anywhere, but mostly seen in the Reed mansion

Age: 24

Normal Profession: Psychiatrist

Skills: Perfect vision, psycho analysis, uses swords and daggers, martial artist of different kinds, poisoning, and beauty trapped

Most Used Skill: Shippalgi (thrust, strike, slice)

Hostility Rate: 80%

Do not engaged in: Close combat

Weak Points: Long range

Obsession: Red blood

He puts the paper back into the envelope. And he is suddenly in deep thoughts. Cyron really feels like he has seen the woman before. Her face suddenly becomes familiar. Birth name…Yadira Blues…Yadira…Dirah?


Quickly, Cyron pulls out the paper again and rechecks her face on the picture. He zooms in to look closer and he notices the little mole on her right brow.

Why is there dirt on your brow?

It’s not dirt. It’s a mole.

Cyron crumples the paper in one hand, his eyes flicker into something indescribable. It can’t be, he thinks to himself. His target can’t be that child…she cannot be Killerblood. He refuses to accept. Not until he sees it with his own naked eyes.

He tosses the envelope back to the box as he gets up on his feet. And without further ado he changes his clothes into a black suit that Mr. Black has given to him. He wears the pair of shoes with elegant speed. Then he grabs the other garments and faces the human-sized mirror to fix the red tie around his neck. Lastly, he assembles his new Rolex watch on his left wrist.

He combs his ruffled hair to the left side of his head, and with a poker face he checks his reflection in the mirror. Satisfied with his look, he turns around to grab the black rose from the couch.

The real Cyron Black drifts towards his kitchenette, and takes a glass from there. After filling it with water, Cyron deposits the black rose in the glass. He needs it for his assignment.

A Black Rose assassin…there is no way that that child will be one of them.

But it’s not impossible either.

Finally, Cyron goes back to his room and searches for his new phone. Then he sets it aside into his suit pocket. He also takes out his black shades from his leather jacket, and wears it to cover his desperate stares. His black shade isn’t just for a cover, but he uses them for his night vision. He goes to his glass windows, standing still while observing the busy street below. He is waiting.

Checking his time, it’s finally 12 in the midnight.

The hunt is on.

CYTUS Code is known for his black suits and red ties, especially when he’s on a human hunt. Everyone in the police department knows about it, but only few citizens have talks about him. To some people Cytus Code is just a myth, a fictional assassin that LAPD created just to stir up the human race.

He would leave a black rose in the crime scene every time someone prominent dies. But until now they haven’t proven anything on how it is related to Cytus Code. Even though his existence hasn’t been totally proven of, Cytus Code does actually exist. And in fact, an even greater group circulates around. The Black Rose.

Due to his popularity in criminal cases, Cytus Code does not use the entrance and exit door whenever he’s on the hunt. And so, using the technology that’s been sponsored to him, Cytus Code climbs down the Ritz-Carlton hotel through the building walls. He’s done it many times and he’s really good at it. Often than not, Mr. Black calls him the “human Spiderman.”

He passes over many windows and glasses using the high-tech wall climbing equipment. Though it’s an easy job for him, sometimes he regrets that he checks in to a higher floor.

Minutes later that seem like hours, Cytus Code finally made it to the ground. He unlocks his rope and jumps smoothly to the ground, rolling like some professional thief. He removes whatever traces, including the rope.

He proceeds to the wide parking space, carrying a large black case in his right hand. He doesn’t buy cars. Because he can easily hack them for his own use. He looks around to check the environment. Then he pulls out a small device from his case and attaches it on the Lamborghini’s door sensor. The device hacks the automated system of the car, and finalizing everything, it finally clicks. And soon it opens.


With ease and clean moves, Cytus Code enters the car, bringing in his black case with him.

1:00 AM.

He starts the car and heads out to the Reed mansion.


He must confirm the assassin’s identity. But Cytus Code already knows. That even if he finds out that she’s the same person, the same Yadira he once knew, nothing will change. Whether she is Killerblood or not, she is just nothing but a Black Rose target.

And a target has only one fate.


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