Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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In the Deadlands, Mike must fight against gangs lead by Muscle and Boombox and confront bandit handlers that live in sandstorms that use cannibals as pets in order to survive and protect the innocents

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Chapter 1

The black V8 DeLorean DMC-12 Special sat on the side of the road, in the desert, with Mike’s booted feet propped up on his window edge as he slept. He then opened his eyes as he heard the sound of a motorcycle in the distance and is growing louder and louder. He sat up in his car and pulled out his helmet and goggles before putting them on and fastened his safety belt and is locked and ready when suddenly he heard a maddening laughing sound, coming from the direction of the motorcycle. A motorcycle with a carriage sped right past him and continued down the road as the driver waved his aluminum bat in the air. Mike clocked his speed and read the posted, rusted, speed sign and noticed the biker is going 20 mph over the speed limit and the V8 roared to life as Mike sped down the road to catch up to the biker.

When he was able to see the crazy biker, and his female passenger, Mike turned on the siren and the biker and his girl looked back and the biker laughed again before squeezing the accelerator and the bike sped faster. Mike floored it and as he was approaching the biker, the biker’s female passenger pulled out a single-gage shotgun, turned and fired at Mike, blowing the siren box on the front hood of the DeLorean and the siren sound suddenly ceased, leaving the girl and biker laughing hysterically. The motorcycle pulled ahead, again, and Mike increased speed and turned to the right and when the girl hollered and pulled out the shotgun again, Mike drew his shotgun faster and aimed it directly at the girl’s face before pulling the trigger and in a flash, the older girl’s face and head exploded and covered the biker and the driver side door of Mike’s DeLorean with her own blood and brains. Mike then rammed the motorcycle and the biker screamed as he flew off the road, slammed into a ditch, flew off his bike and tumbled on the dirt ground (losing his bat) and the tires of the DeLorean squealed as the car came to a sudden stop. Mike turned around and rode up to the side of the road, before opening his door and walking out with “Punk Killer” in his hands. The biker’s chin and mouth are covered in his own blood (as he spat) and looked up to see Mike and yelled angrily, “You son of a bitch! You fucking son of a bitch!” Mike stood over the biker and the biker’s face transformed from pure anger to sheer terror as Mike lightly smacked the end of his sharp, bladed, bat on his left glove as Mike stared down at the biker (with the mouth guard of his helmet and goggles covering up his facial expression) and the biker pleaded, “Oh god. Mad Mike. Wait, please!” And Mike brought the “Punk Killer” down and in one stroke he smashed the biker’s head in. He then checked the dead biker’s pockets and found a switchblade, a couple of shotgun shells that ended up breaking apart and he tossed aside, and a handful of metal bracelets.

Mike heard the sound of something leaking and looked back and saw the gas of the motorcycle leaking out. He quickly rushed to the passenger side of his car, opened up the door and pulled out a metal bucket from the floor, closed the door down and rushed to the bike and put the bucket underneath it as the gas leaked down the metal frame. He then pulled out a rag from his pocket and dabbed where the gas leaked and ringed it over the bucket before he suddenly stopped as he heard a what sounded like a motorbike. Mike ducked his head down just as three arrows shot over him and he whipped out his shotgun and fired, hitting the driver in the dune buggy in the chest and sent the dune buggy racing into the ditch on the right hand side before spinning 180 and came to rest at a 45 degree angle in the ditch. Mike then heard the startup engine noises of two other vehicles, back where the dune buggy came from, and Mike immediately grabbed the bucket and ran with whatever gas he got to the side of his car, opened the gas cap and dumped it all in so he can drive at night. There was a crack sound and a bullet bounced off the side of Mike’s helmet and he looked back, at the direction the dune buggy came from, and saw a lone biker with a scoped rifle pointing at Mike and a muscle car with a twin V8 engine pulling up at the biker’s side and Mike spoke to himself, “Damn.” When he heard the last drops of the gas he immediately threw away the bucket, got back into his car, started the engine, floored it and the DeLorean raced down the road with the muscle car and biker (waving his rifle in the air and yelled with excitement) chasing after him.

Mike pulled the red button and the V8 roared to life and the DeLorean flew down the road further from the bandits as he looked through the rear view mirror. The masked driver of the twin V8 muscle car turned a small wheel next to a nitro tank, as well as the biker and they both pressed a button on the wheel/handlebars and there was a rocket sound as their bodies were forced back as their vehicles sped forward, catching up to Mike. Before Mike knew it they sped up to each side of him and pulled out their crossbows. Mike quickly looked each side and immediately slammed the brakes, as the bandits both fired, and the arrows from the muscle car driver hit the right forearm of the biker and he yelped in pain and swerved off the road. Mike floored it and turned on his V8 and as he sped up, he saw there was a burning pile of wreckage ahead. As both Mike and twin V8 muscle car raced over a hill and the car bandit saw the wreckage right before them, Mike immediately slammed on the brakes, got behind the car bandit, sped up and slammed into the bandit’s rear bumper, smashing the bandit’s taillights. The bandit swerved out of control as Mike moved to the left and the bandit smashed through the debris (head on), shattering his windshield and made a sharp right turn and the car flipped multiple times along the road till it came to rest upside down.

The DeLorean came around and Mike pulled to the side of the road before opening his door, pulled out the bucket and his shotgun, crossed the street with caution with his shotgun pulled out and aiming at the driver side when he walked up. He grabbed the handle slowly and yanked the door open to see the driver was hanging upside down and not moving. Mike checked his pulse and felt it very faint and decided to rummage through his pockets to find only half a deck of cards and five .45 rounds. He then closed the door and looked over the gas tank and saw the tank was torn open, leaving only small puddles inside. Mike frowned and shook his head before he put the bucket at one side of the tank and pulled out his rag when he heard the sound of a motorcycle and looked up to see a biker coming over the hill and stopped. Mike propped the bucket and went in front of the car, with his shotgun in hand, and waited for the biker. After a few moments, the biker raised a fist in the air and screamed with rage as Mike looked on. The biker then reeved the engine of his bike, turned and drove away, disappearing below the crest of the hill. Mike holstered his shotgun and went back to the other side of the wrecked car and drained the small puddles of gas. When Mike finished, he went back over to his car and drained the gas into the reserve tank (so he can drive at night if he needs to). He put the bucket away and pulled out a socket wrench and some tools and went to the front of his car and measured the size of his headlights and wiring before going over to the upturned car and inspected the lights (which not to his surprise were not the right size) before removing the lights and inspected the bulbs inside. He pulled out the bulbs (as they are the right wattage) and removed the wiring connecting the lights to the car and took those as well.

Mike looked at his bumper and noticed it is dented and bent downwards, he pulled out a crowbar and a pair of pliers and went to work on fixing it and finished just as the sun was setting. He decided to bunker down for the night and pushed the car off the side of the road and behind a faded, damaged billboard with a large hole in the middle. He then pulled out a tarp (that is the color of the dirt surrounding him) and draped it over the DeLorean before sitting inside, closing the door and pulled the tarp over completely. He then pulled out a battery powered lamp and turned it on before pulling out a bottle of water and a couple of cans of tuna and had dinner, silently. Mike put the cans in a sack and put the bottle and fork in the glove box before turning off the battery powered light and going to sleep.

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