Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 10

Later, the bedroom door opened and Mike exited and asked, “Is there water in the shower?” The driver replied, “Yes, but make it quick. It takes a while for the water to be recycled.” Mike made his way to the bathroom and proceeded to take a shower. When he finished, he left the bathroom and noticed a crumpled up map out of the corner of his right eye, mixed with a pile of junk, pulled it out and went back to the bedroom and locked the door. He sat on the bed, unfolded the map and saw what appears to be mostly desert and some light green areas in between, along with various roads and two main highways (one running along the middle of the continent and another along the eastern coastline) and pockets of towns and a few medium size cities. Mike studied the map and saw the Forest Region was labeled where the center highway ends. He folded the map back up and tossed it to the right on a chair and removed his boots, opened his jacket and laid back on the bed and went back to sleep.

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