Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 11

He woke with a start as he felt the RV stop, sat up and looked out the window to see they are in a sandstorm. He put his boots and jacket on and took the map and opened the door to cause the driver standing right behind it to jump back in shock and sighed as he calmed himself and said, “Jesus! You scared the crap out of me! We’re stopping because of the sandstorm. We will continue first thing in the morning.” Mike held up the map and asked, “Where did you find this?” And the driver looked with a start before he replied, “Oh that! I actually found it a long time ago, when I was working at waste disposal in a town at the far southwest.” Mike asked, “Do you know where the Mayor is?” The driver replied, “He’s the first RV behind us to the right, but I would wait till the sandstorm leaves.” Mike ignored him, “I wish to see him now.” The driver nodded and went to the front of the RV, called the Mayor and the driver said, “The Force Protection officer wants to speak to you. Yes, I’ll tell him.” He hung up, looked at Mike as he wrapped a scarf around his face and said, “He said you can come.” Mike nodded Cindy and the driver are right behind him as he opened the door and the sand blew around outside, making a whistling and bustling noise along with the wind and Mike stepped outside and helped close the door behind him and walked away.

Cindy and the driver watched as Mike held the scarf and walked steadily towards where the Mayor’s RV is and disappeared in the sandstorm. Mike slugged his way through the sandstorm and is barely able to see the Mayor’s RV with all the sand when he saw movement to his left. Mike looked in that direction (thinking he saw someone) but did not see anyone or thing and continued on towards the RV, pounds on the door and it flew open and Mike stepped inside and helped him close it and the Mayor asked, “What is so urgent that you were willing to risk your life through this storm?” Mike removed the sandy scarf, dusted it and his hair in the sink before he replied, “I saw the map the driver has. Why don’t we stick to the highway? It’s a direct route to the Forest Region and there are some towns we can stop to replenish.” The Mayor sighed, sat down and replied, “Before we started gathering on the other side of the bridge we heard stories about the highway’s and towns.” Mike asked, “What stories?” The Mayor replied, “That they are still clogged up with vehicles and dead bodies from the people trying to escape The Fallout.” Mike spoke as if answering his query, “Then we’ll either drive around them or move them out of the way.” The Mayor added, “Not if there are still pockets of those soldiers around, thinking they are still enforcing the quarantine. Plus it would take longer to get there than the way we’re taking.” Mike said, “Mayor, the first town we’ll run into is three days away. If we turn towards the highway, at a turn a few miles ahead, then we’ll reach the first town in a day. Some of your people need food, water and medical supplies after what they’ve been through.” The Mayor stared at Mike in silence and Mike asked, “What do you know you can eat or live off of in the Forest Region? None of you have been there before and what makes you think there is no one else there as well? There could be bandits there as well or worse.” The Mayor tried to answer his questions, “That’s why we were gathering as many people as we could at the bridge. So we may have the advantage with shear numbers, till this happened. I will make my decision tomorrow. Now, if you don’t mind, I like to get some sleep.” Mike wrapped the scarf around his head again and made his way to the door when he heard the someone on the radio say, “Mayor we lost contact with Sand truck 2.” The Mayor called back, “Must be the sandstorm.” The same voice replied, puzzled, “I also contacted RV4 and I was in full contact till the line went dead and the rest of the convoy I can hear perfectly.” Mike looked puzzled but the Mayor still seemed confident on what he believes and said, “It always happens with these sandstorms. Some lines work perfectly fine while others do not.” Mike turned away and opened the door and went out as the Mayor closed it behind him.

Mike made his way through the sand as the wind blew fiercely when he heard someone called out (muffled due to the wind), “Help!” Mike looked to his right and saw a man with a scarf or anything to protect him from the sand that is beating against his body and stumbled as he tried to run and yelled again with shear terror on his face, “FOR GOD’S SAKES! HE...” Suddenly there was a loud screech sound (like a parrot) and a skinny male figure jumped out of nowhere and landed on the guy’s chest, as he knocked him back down, and Mike hustled closer and saw something that made him stop cold. He watched as the skinny man barred his razor sharp, pointed, teeth into the man’s throat and when he pulled his head back, Mike heard a tearing sound and blood gushed out from the victim’s neck and made a loud, gasping sound. The skinny man then dug his sharp finger nails in the man’s chest as he continued to bite down on the victim’s neck and face with blood and exposed tissue oozing from his mouth and staining the sand till the skinny man stopped, looked up and moved his head side to side, as if watching for someone or something else appearing from the sand to claim his meal, till he looked straight at Mike with his bloodshot eyes and bloody, dripping, torn flesh hanging out the corners of his mouth. Mike stood perfectly still, as if paralyzed, and looked on as the skinny man made a loud caw sound and leapt at Mike with his arms stretched forward and baring vampire like teeth like he is a wild four legged animal, but Mike quickly pulled out his combat knife and in one swing he chopped off the skinny man’s head and right arm in one stroke.

Mike looked down at the twitching remains and noticed the man’s mouth snapped, as if trying to reach out and bite one of Mike’s booted feet, with his bloodshot eyes still looked on widely and Mike spoke to himself, aloud, “My God.” He sheathed his knife and tried running towards the other RV when Mike sensed someone rushing at him from behind and immediately ducted as another cannibal jumped at him and missed. Mike quickly pulled out his .44 and aimed at the cannibal’s face, as it bared his teeth at him and made a dog snarling sound, and pulled the trigger as the cannibal’s head exploded. He then whipped around and blew out a cannibal female’s right lower leg and she fell forward, but got up and dragged herself onward, snarling and clawing her way at Mike and he fired and blew the top of her head to bloody pieces and she fell forward, spilling blood and brains onto the sand. A male cannibal knocked him down, forcing Mike to lose his gun and Mike threw him off his back as he turned and the cannibal jumped at him again, but Mike punched him hard in the face, as he jumped, and he flew back. Another came from behind but Mike grabbed one of his arms and flipped him over onto his back before planting his right foot on the cannibal’s, snarling, face and crushed it as he twisted the heel of his boot while at the same time snapping his left arm. The previous cannibal jumped at him again (like a four legged animal) but Mike made a roundhouse kick in its face, pulled out his combat knife, stabbed it through the chest and he punched the cannibal’s face so hard that he beat it to a pulp and sent blood flying all over Mike’s face. More cannibals jumped or ran after him and Mike kicked and punched at vital areas in their bodies that only a doctor or an experience killer would know till a large one clawed his chest and jumped back before Mike could grab hold and Mike stifled a painful cry and that’s when he saw his .44 to his left, snatched it from the ground and fired three shots at the heads of two female cannibals and the large one that clawed him and Mike heard a muffled thump as the large creature fell flat on its face.

The cannibals suddenly scattered and Mike quickly took the time to reload as he kneeled and looked at his surroundings as he discharged the empty shells and reloaded. He cocked his .44 Magnum and resumed his heading to the RV where the driver and Cindy are when he hears a girl screaming and he ran as hard and as fast as he could. He saw the door was already open and he jumped inside and saw two cannibals, one gnawing at the driver and another biting down at Cindy as she tries to fight it off and hears her dying screams while a bandit held leashes on both the cannibals, like they are his pets. Mike screams in a furious rage as he pistol whipped the bandit handler at the back of his head, sending drops of blood flying in the RV as he fell sideways and Mike thrusts his right hand through the spine and exited the cannibal’s chest with dark blood covering his hand and forearm as Mike clutched its hair and pulled it out. He then grabs the corpse and throws it back and immediately smashes his fist through the other’s chest as it turned and snarled at Mike, through its bloody covered teeth. Inside the former human’s body, Mike grabbed its spine (making cracking and snapping sounds) and tore the former person’s spine out, sending large pools of blood around him and more to his already bloody arm as its body fell limp and lifeless.

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