Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 12

“GET HIM BOYS!” Mike looked up to see another bandit handler and when his cannibal “pets” came after him, Mike used the partial spine of the other dead cannibal and swung it from left to right in one move and blasted apart one of the cannibal’s head’s, sending blood, brain and bone to the side of the RV. He then shoved the spine into the stomach of another as he grabbed its throat and as the cannibal struggled, Mad Mike screamed with a furious rage. There was a crunching sound and blood was oozing between Mike’s fingers and out the corners of the cannibal’s eyes as it grabbed his hand, trying to pry loose, but then its head popped out like a cork in a bottle. The handler then punched Mike in the face, grabbed him and threw him over his head to the floor. The handler then pulled out a machete and brought it down over Mike’s head, but Mike grabbed his wrist and stopped him just when the tip of the blade just scrapped the bridge of his nose. Mike twisted it and there was a loud snap from the handler’s wrist and the handler screamed in agony. Mike then flipped around, behind the handler and grabbed both of his arms and pulled them back, pinning his body forward and there were double snaps and the handler screamed even louder. The other handler (with the left side of his face all bloody) got up and slashed a jagged blade at Mike, but Mike rolled over to his right side and the jagged blade made a deep cut from the stomach to the chest of the other handler and blood poured out and sent a spray to the other handler’s face, temporarily blinding him. Mike then kicked the bloody handler and knocked him into his comrade and they both fell down. As Mike stood up, the handler came after Mike again, but Mike grabbed the arm that his hand held a knife and flipped him forward and as he scrambled up, Mike kicked him and he flew back, smashing through the windshield and fell hard outside. Mike looked back at Cindy and saw a large pool of blood surrounding her mangled neck and chest. Cindy lifted her head and reached out towards Mike, with her bloody right hand, as she tried to speak. Without hesitation, Mike tore down a curtain and tore a large piece off and held it to her neck and Mike said, “I’m going to get help, just hold this tight to your throat and don’t speak.” Cindy gave a single nod and Mike hurried to the front of the RV and pulled out the radio and tuned in on the frequency and Mike spoke urgently, “This is Mike on RV2, I need immediate medical assistance! Everyone keep your doors and windows locked and do not go outside!” He repeated his message two more times before he dropped the radio (not caring who replied or spoke back) and went back over to Cindy’s side with his sawed off shotgun pulled out and aimed at the front of the RV.

There is a sound of fast and hard foot falls on the sand just outside the RV and Mike squeezed the trigger of his shotgun when he suddenly stopped himself as he saw it was other civvy’s dressed in makeshift medical garb with an armed escort behind them. The medical team threw their hands up as they saw Mike aiming his shotgun at them and looked shocked and the doctor yelped, “It’s us, don’t shoot!” Mike lowered his shotgun and made way for them to help Cindy and the doctor held back from throwing up as he spoke, “Jeez, she is still alive! What happened?” Mike answered, “She was mauled by these things.” He pulled one of the cannibals up that has the lost spine and Mike continued, “They were people, but these bandits captured, starved them and turned them into these things to use them like wild dogs.” A nurse said, “We can’t move her, not in her condition.” Mike said, “Treat her here, I’ll cover you.” He looked at the three gunman with rifles, pointed at two of them and ordered, “You two, cover the openings at the front.” He pointed at the other and continued, “You, the rear. I’ll stay here. Remember, no matter what, do not go outside.” As the doctor and nurses worked on Cindy, the gunmen watched outside as they heard bird cawing and animal cries when one cannibal leapt in front of the RV and one of the civvy’s fired and hit it right between the eyes. There were growling sounds surrounding the RV when a voice cried out from outside, “FEAST ON THEIR CORPSES!” Then a cannibal jumped from the storm and tackled one of the guard civvy’s and chomped on his face at the same time, before the civvy could fire his gun and tried to scream as he clawed at the cannibal and the other civvy aimed and was about to fire till he was tackled from the side. Cannibals the jumped on the side of the RV facing Mike, but were blocked by the glass.

Mike fired his shotgun and the window exploded as he shot two of them in the head and both of their heads were incinerated in the blast. The cannibal that was tearing the first civvy’s face jumped at Mike, but Mike pulled out a star from his side, threw it and hit the cannibal’s eyes and it yelped in pain, like a wounded dog, as it fell back and then yanked the star out. Mike reloaded his shotgun as the cannibal rubbed its bloody face and clawed the carpeted floor and Mike aimed and blew the back of the cannibal’s head off and then turned and blasted another in the back, as it was on top of the other civvy. As Mike was getting up, more cannibals jumped at Mike from the side, but Mike whipped out his .44 and fired three rounds, hitting all three in the heads, sending out more balloon pops of blood all over the RV or outside. As two bandits ran towards the front, the civvy fired his rifle and shot both of them in the chest. A cannibal smashed the back window in and tried to crawl in but a civvy was there and shot it in the head with ease and the cannibal’s body slumped halfway in the RV. More cannibals ran up to the sides of the RV and began rocking it from side to side and the doctor yelled over the mixture of rocking, snarling and howling noises, “I can’t operate with this thing rocking like this!” In the back, the civvy fired at the walls and floor and there were followed by dog like yelping noises and Mike yelled over the noises, “Leave it to me!” Mike pulled out and reloaded his shotgun, along with his .44 and stumbled to the front, but as he reached the front a pair of nasty, gnarly looking hands grabbed hold of the civvy gunman up front and yanked the screaming gunman outside and his screams are blocked out by the continuous snarling, yelping and howling noises of the cannibals outside. The nurses screamed as they saw the gunman disappear and heard the cannibals ripping him apart when the doctor yelled, “MIND THE PATIENT!” And the nurses immediately came to their senses and quickly tried to continue to help the doctor.

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