Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 13

Mad Mike immediately turned to the doorway, aimed and fired at the cannibals, killing three of them, and blood splattered around the civvy (that was yanked out of the RV) as he moaned in pain. Mike leapt outside and turned to face two cannibals descending upon him and Mike fired two quick shots with his .44 at their chest. Mike reached the civvy and found (to his surprise) the civvy had multiple, medium size, bite marks on his arms and legs and scratch marks all over his body but nothing life threatening. Mike spoke to the civvy, sarcastically, “You lucky fuck.” And he grabbed the gunman and quickly pulled him back in the RV a more cannibals descended and Mike quickly fired his shotgun and blasted two of them through the chest. The civvy limped his way back, towards the doctor and nurses, as Mike reloaded his .44 and asked the gunman as he showed him his .44, “You know how to handle this?” The gunman gritted his teeth as he tried to nurse his wounds and replied, “Yeah!” Mike handed the .44 to the civvy and put two handfuls of ammunition on a hollowed out, overturned seat cushion and Mike said, “Good, cause I’m goin outside and keep as many as I could away from the RV.” Mike pulled out his shotgun and stumbled to the front of the rocking RV as the civvy in the back continued to fire till he ran out of ammo and he started to load another clip. Suddenly a few clutching hands and arms busted through the roof, grabbed him and as he struggled he accidentally dropped the ammo clip. He was yanked off his feet and he screamed as he is pulled up and was stopped halfway as the cannibals feasted on the top half of his body and blood dripped on the floor as his legs and feet twitched till they pulled up the rest of his body through the roof. Mike leapt outside and saw a hoard of cannibals against the RV and paid no attention to Mike as they still tried desperately to get inside when a voice called out, “GET HIM!” The cannibals looked around and took notice of Mike and suddenly they charged at him even as Mike pulled out and aimed his shotgun before unleashing both barrels upon them, blasting holes in their faces and chests on four of them. The four fell back and the others backed away as some of them looked startled and Mike saw one of the handlers step up and tried pushing them forward as he yelled, “Get your asses mov...” Mike pulled out a blade from his side, threw it and struck the handler right in the forehead as his eyes crossed and fell back. The cannibals then charged after Mike and he swung his shotgun, striking one in the face and flipped clockwise as he kicked another in the face and deadlocked one from behind and snapped his neck. Mike grabbed a cannibal’s head with both hands and sunk his fingers deep into its skull, making blood ooze out and it screamed as Mike used its body like a bat and swung at an oncoming hoard as he yelled and knocked them down with one swing. He also tore the head off of the one he’s holding and threw its head like a softball, smashing the face of one of the handlers.

Mike pulled out his hatchet from behind and his large combat knife as the cannibals went after him and in lightening speed he slashed across faces, mouths, chest and body, leaving fountains of blood spraying/flying everywhere as he screamed like a mad man. He even stabbed two in the chest and as he spun he threw them off, tearing large, deep, gashes in their chests. Inside the RV, the rocking subsided as loud screeches of pain filled the air and a handler was scrambling up the ladder in the back, as he tried desperately to get to the roof top, with blood all over his face and he yelped, “Help me, help me, HEL...” A large knife stabbed him in the back of his neck as the civvy soldier, nurses and doctor looked on in horror as the blood covered hand, holding the knife, pulled the dead handler back out. There were more animal cries, snarls and screams till the shaking stopped and the noises either ceased or died away and the doctor sighed and stated, “Thank God for small favors.” And the nurses and the gunman looked at each other either puzzled or shocked. Outside, the cannibals and handlers ran away, disappearing into the sandstorm as Mike picks up his shotgun and reloads it before holstering it and tears off a piece of clothing from one of the dead cannibals and wipes the blood from his face, hands and jacket before tossing it away and made his way back to the RV.

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