Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 14

Mike entered the RV and saw the gunman pointing Mike’s .44 at him and the gunman sighed and lowered it before Mike approached him and snatched it away from the gunman and placed it back in its holster at Mike’s left hip and collected the ammunition that was never used. Mike looked at Cindy and saw her eyes closed with a respirator over her mouth and a dark blanket covering her body and Mike asked, “How is she?” The doctor replied, “She is stable. We have to move her to the ambulance and take care of her from there. Her father on the other hand is dead before we even got here.” Outside the storm dissipated and Mike and the others looked out to see the ground surrounding the RV is littered with bodies that are partially buried in the sand. Civvy’s from other vehicles exited and looked around cautiously to see that the cannibals and their handlers already left. Mike left the RV, seeing Cindy and the injured gunman reached the single ambulance safely and then went straight to the Mayor’s RV and on the way saw a short bus with blood splatters all over the inside windows and door and some of the windows and tires were torn apart or shredded and when he reached the RV he saw a gathering of people outside it. Mike shoved his way through and when the guards saw him, they let him pass and enter the RV. Mike saw the Mayor looking over papers on the table before him and looked up and saw Mike and spoke calmly, “We are lucky somehow. Whatever those things are they’ve torn apart four vehicles and killed 19 people. Those handlers and the people that they’ve turned into their pet cannibals only hunt when there is a sandstorm. Fucking sick.” Mike spoke (as if ignoring what the Mayor said), “I am leaving to scout ahead.” The Mayor looked at him with a look of disbelief and asked, “Seriously?” Mike replied, “Yes.” The Mayor spoke aloud in a demanding tone, “You can’t! Look what just happened! We need someone like you to protect us and you are the only one with enough combat experience to deal with these bandits or whoever decides to attack us!” Mike spoke as if stating the facts, “Most of these bandits know who I am at this point and they will either hunt me down and bring more suffering to your people or run away. It will be best I travel the rest of the way alone and keep them off of your back and secure a path to the Forest Region.” The Mayor sighed and asked, “Is there any way I can persuade you to stay?” Mike replied, “No.” The Mayor stated, “Very well. I and no one in the party will force you to stay.” Mike then asked, “Are you going to stay on this road or are you going to take my advice and take the highway?” The Mayor grumbled and answered, “We’ll take the highway. So far this road is turning out to be too much to handle and hopefully the highway is better.” He extended his hand out to Mike and wished him luck and Mike shook back but said, “I don’t believe in luck, only the law.” And Mike turned and left, not seeing the Mayor’s reaction.

Mike returned to the RV and unhooked the DeLorean when someone called out, “Hey!” Mike looked back and saw a male civvy carrying two gas cans, sat them down and caught his breath before he spoke, “The Mayor figured you may need this.” Mike opened the driver side door and said, “No, I don’t.” He sat down and strapped himself in before closing the door and the confused civvy looked at him and asked, “Why not?” When Mike started the car, pointed to the sun, before looking back at the civvy and replied, “Solar power.” And he backed up as the civvy looked shocked and Mike pulled away towards the road as the civvy put down the gas cans and waved when Mike drove away.

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