Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 2

With a start, he cocked his shotgun as multiple vehicles drove by mixed with screams and cheers. He opened his driver side window and looked through a hole in his tarp to see a buggy and a 50’s style pink Chevy, with jacked tires and bags hanging on the sides with a screaming V8 engine, both being chased by four bikers, a pickup with a four arrow gun and a four-door car covered with metal platting. Mike watched as the gunner on the truck fired its arrows and the left rear tire on the buggy exploded and flipped a couple of times before it came to rest upright as the Chevy kept going as its pursuers kept chase, except three bikers as they surrounded the buggy with the man and woman inside looking dazed. The bikers yanked both of them out and two of the bikers began beating up the man while the other two held the woman down and started tearing her clothes off, all the while Mike heard them screaming as the bikers cackled and Mike said, “Rodents.” And he put his shotgun aside as he opened his door.

Biker 1 yelled, “Crack his head Rodey! I want to see his brains!” Rodey yelled back, “Coming right up!” And he swung his bat and cracked the side of the buggy driver’s head, sending a splatter of blood in the air as he fell and Rodey yelled, “Come on Cody!” Cody pulled out his brass knuckles and punched the driver’s face. There was a cry of a woman and a man grunted as Biker 4 yelled, “Yeah Joey, tear her up!” Rodey looked back and cheered as Joey made a cowboy yell and Cody punched the buggy driver in the face again when he tried to push Cody off and Cody repeatedly punched him hard as the woman screamed and the others laughed when all of a sudden they a roar of a jet engine. Three of them (except Joey) turned back to look at a cloud of orange dirt that formed and the black DeLorean blew out of the cloud and sped straight at Rodey. Rodey screamed and put his hands up when the DeLorean slammed, head on, at Rodey and snapped both his legs (at the knees) and Rodey’s face flew straight at the DeLorean’s windshield and transformed into a giant blood splatter as his head exploded on impact and his corpse flew up in the air and landed on the ground like a sack of dead meat. Mad Mike continued and smashed/ran over Rodey and Joey’s bikes to the side of the road and Mike made a hard left as he slammed the brake and the tires squealed as he turned 180 and biker 4 screamed, “YOU COCK FUCKER!” The driver side door of the DeLorean flew up and Mike had his sawed off shotgun out, fired and the biker’s head blew apart, like a balloon, and Mike fired again at Cody’s chest, throwing him back and gave a single gasp as he died. Joey laid on top of the woman he was raping, as Mike fired, and continued looking up in shock as Mike got out his DeLorean and discharged the empty shells. Joey yelled, “She’ll forever belong to me bitch!” Before Mike knew it, joey pulled out a large knife and jammed it in the woman’s left side and the woman screamed in pain as the buggy driver yelled, “NO!” Mike whipped out a switchblade (behind his head), threw it and it struck Joey squarely in the forehead (up to the hilt of the knife) and Joey dropped dead. The buggy driver stumbled over with his face bloody and swollen as Mike grabbed Joey’s corpse by the collar and threw his corpse to the side as the buggy driver came to the woman’s side as she bleed to death. The buggy driver sobbed as he looked up at Mike and pleaded, “Help her! Please!” He waited for Mike’s response but ignored Mike as the woman tried to speak to him and drew his attention away from Mike as Mike went through Joey’s pockets but found nothing and he heard a distant explosion and looked to see a rising cloud of smoke a few miles out. He then looked through biker 4’s body and pulled out a hatchet and holster from him and he continued to ignore the buggy driver’s cries and Mike found out his name is Jona, from the dying woman as she tried to speak to Jona. Mike went through biker 4’s bike and he tapped the gas tank and found it is half full and he tore it out of the bike with little effort, to the surprise of Jona, and Mike poured the gas into his car, after he made a quick inspection on Joey’s bike and found nothing of value. He then looked over the wreckage of Rodey’s bike and found some tool parts he could use and looked over Cody’s body and took the brass knuckles and handgun, with two clips of ammo when suddenly Jona screamed as the woman gave her last breath.

Jona screamed through tears, “Why didn’t you save her?” Mike replied plainly, “She is already dead.” He heard Jona rushing up behind him and screaming when Mike turned, grabbed him by the arm (that was holding the bloody knife that killed the woman) and flipped him over on his back and kicked the knife away as he held Jona down while Jona struggled beneath his grip and exclaimed, “You son of a bitch! You are just like them. You....” He looked at Mike’s black leather jacket and saw his Force Protection badge and Mike’s face as he looked startled before he spoke calmly, “Wait a minute. I think I’ve heard of you.” Mike let Jona go and turned his attention away as he looked at Cody’s bike as Jona continued looking on, pointed at Mike and said, “You’re...Mad Mike.” Mike tapped the gas tank (as if ignoring Jona’s comment) and head some gas inside before pulling out a Thumper from the holster on the bike, inspected it and Mike smirked and stated, “Excellent.” He then pulled out the holster from the bike and went through a couple of bags on the sides of the rear tire and found some ammo of the Thumper while the other held a canteen that was about half full of water and he tossed it to Jona as he spoke, “Here.” Jona caught it and began drinking as Mike continued looking through the bag and found a wrapped roll of bread and dirty magazines when Jona thanked Mike and asked, “What about the others?” Mike replied (as he tried to pry out the gas tank), “I’ll see what that explosion was and if it’s not them, then oh well.” Jona looked confused but asked, “You, what about me?” Mike finally pulled the tank out and walked to his car as he replied, “You stay in the car till I find you a vehicle you can use.” Jona pointed at the bikes and asked, “Why not one of these?” Mike began emptying the tank as he replied, “Do you want to explain to their buddies why you’re driving one of their dead friend’s bikes?” Jona answered dumbly, “Right.” Mike tossed the empty tank aside and got in his car and closed the door as Jona ran up to the right side and quickly opened the door up and asked with growing anger, “What are you going to do about my girlfriend?” Mike answered, “She’s dead.” Jona stated firmly, “I can’t leave her on the road like a dead animal.” Mike looked on at Jona as he turned the car off and sat back as Jona went to get his girlfriend’s body and after a few moments of struggling to move her body, Jona called out, “I could use some help!” Mike sighed before getting out of the car and picked up Jona’s girlfriend’s legs and helped him carry her off the road and past the ditch and Mike stated, “If you’re digging a hole for her you do it yourself.” Jona grumbled and once they set her down Mike looked for a shovel in his car and brought out a short shovel and tossed it to Jona before heading back to his car, sat and waited for Jona.

Jona came back, body covered with dirt and sand and his face mixed with sweat and tears and Mike drove off to the direction where the smoke is coming from. It didn’t take them long as they crested the last hill and saw a bike in the road that is damaged and appeared to be run over as the dead biker laid sprawled, face planted on the cement with a black burning Chevy on the left side of the road and appeared to have run into a boulder. Mike stopped the car as Jona looked at the Chevy in and said, “My God.” Mike stated, “God’s got nothing to do with this.” Mike got out and he first went to the bike, but found the gas drained out and it and the biker were already searched. He looked over at the Chevy and noticed Jona is standing in front of it and Mike knew there is no point in searching (since everything is burnt or in flames) and he asked Jona, “Where are you heading?” Jona stood (as if in a trance) and Mike yelled, “HEY!” Jona flinched and looked at Mike, startled, and Mike asked again, “Where are you heading?” Jona replied, “Few miles north to meet up with the others on the other side of a bridge.” Mike turned back to his car and Jona followed as Mike drove off.

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