Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 3

They went a few miles, without Jona saying a word, till Mike ordered, “Get down. Things are about to get hairy.” Jona looked at him confused and asked, “What do you mean?” Mike didn’t have to explain once they saw two large school buses and half a dozen banged up cars being chased by multiple motorcycles, three spiked cars, a couple of arrow turret trucks and two metal platted cars with a large armored truck chasing them and Jona spoke (awed), “Never mind.” Jona squirmed low in his seat as Mike pulled out his shotgun and loaded it before pulling the red button and the V8 roared to life, catching up to the fight really fast.

One of the armor platted cars slammed into the back of one of the ragged cars, knocking off its bumper and crushing the trunk, as the bandits screamed in delight. The kids in one bus cried with fear as an Indian like black man appeared from the turret of the armored truck with a megaphone and called out, “This is Boombox! Run those vehicles off the road!” A spiked car came up alongside a car and slammed into the right side, spearing the driver and one of the passengers as they screamed, and slammed it into the bus before the spiked car hit the brakes when an armor platted car came up from behind and smashed through the vehicle, crushing both the car and two other passengers inside as the bandits screamed in joy. One biker on either side of another car approached but then the right rear passenger pulled out an assault rifle and fired at the biker, but only hitting his body armor while the passenger in the left pulled out a pistol and completely missed and both bikers backed away. The kids in the bus cheered and the driver and passengers of the car waved to the kids. The bikers pulled to the sides of the truck, with the arrow turret, and they were given lighted Molotov cocktails and sped back forward when the loader waved ahead. One other biker sped forward to the left, with a crossbow on her left arm, and was about to shoot one of the tires when the forward car passenger fired both barrels of his shotgun at her in point blank range, blowing her off the bike and ran over by a spiked car. The passengers cheered but then the bikers, with the Molotov cocktails, pulled up again and as when they were about to shoot, the bikers threw the cocktails and the whole car turned into a fireball as the bikers raised their fists into the air. The kids in the bus screamed, as well as the people in the burning car, as the car swerved on the road, then made a sharp turn left and slammed into a ditch, flew in the air (spinning) and slammed hard onto the ground upside down. The arrow turret truck moved up and the gunner screamed causing the kids to scream louder (as they were terrified). The truck then slammed into the back of a car rigged with bags and the gunner fired the arrows through the back window and the two passengers in the back were struck in the backs and were instantly killed as their executioner raised his fist and screamed with delight and Boombox yelled in the background, “GO! GO!” As he pointed to the gunner on top of a metal platted car to the back of the bus and the car sped up. The gunner loaded the harpoon gun and was taking aim with the kids running from the back of the bus till a DeLorean Special flew over the hill, behind them, and smashed through the gunner and turret, blowing pieces of both metal and flesh everywhere and the DeLorean landed in front of the car and behind the bus, keeping up with the same speed between them.

Mike then swerved to the left and rammed a biker, that was aiming at him, off balance and he fell and was crushed by the metal platted car behind him. Mike then pulled out the Thumper and loaded it with an explosive round before throwing his head back as a biker shot an arrow where his face was and Mike pulled out his .44 and fired, hitting the biker’s chest and blowing him off as the armored truck ran over him. Mike then swerved his car to the right and slowed down as Boombox yelled over the megaphone, “KILL HIM!” A replacement gunner went up to the destroyed and bloody one with a double barreled shotgun and was about to take aim when Mike leaned out of his window, aiming his Thumper, fired and the right front tire exploded. Mike ducked back in the car when the debris flew past and the current man ducked. The metal platted car then started dragging on the right corner, leaving a sea of sparks, till it hit a pothole and the car flew forward in the air, slammed down on its side at high speed and flew high as the V8 DeLorean Special passed right underneath and began rolling on the road, hard, and out of control as the armored truck, a spiked car and some bikers swerved out of the way on either side except two bikers were crushed or ran into the tumbling car till it stopped upright. A spiked car then swerved from the right to Mike but Mike pulled the emergency brake and spun to the left around the armored truck and he pulled out his shotgun and aimed to the dune buggy on his left, fired and hit the driver and the dune buggy swerved off the road and tumbled in the desert as Mike was falling back but regained his pursuit. Mike spoke to Jona, “See a small crate that says Willy Pete?” Jona looked, found it and replied, “Yeah?” Mike ordered, “Give me one.” Jona opened the box as Mike reloaded a round in his shotgun and pulled out one white can grenade and handed it to Mike and Mike said, “Brace yourself.” Jona asked, “Why?” And Mike pulled the red button all the way and the V8 fired and flames shot out from the two large fans and the DeLorean flew along the road and smashed three bikers out of the way (like pins in a bowling alley) and as Mad Mike was passing to the left of one of the spiked cars, fast, he pulled the pin from the Willy Pete grenade and threw it backhanded with his right hand and, in a perfect throw, it went out the right window, entered the left window of the spiked car and it exploded, showering the inside of the car with napalm as Mad Mike cleared away by continuing onwards. The spiked car violently swerved left and right, with the driver and passengers in the burning car screaming their heads off, spearing two bikers, knocking one off, smashed apart a two person dune buggy and rammed into another spiked car and tore off some of its spiked when Boombox yelled, “DECOMMISSION!” And the armored truck drove forward and slammed into the burning, screaming, spiked car and Boombox was handed an RPG and he aimed at the car the armored truck is pushing, fired and it exploded in two.

The bridge Jona and his comrades are racing towards appeared over the last rise and Mike raced onwards and saw there was an improvised barricade of container trucks on the other side of the bridge and he looked at his rearview mirror, saw the vehicles, that were chasing them and under the command of Boombox, stopped at the edge of the bridge as Mike and the others raced through to the other side. Jona sat up in his seat, leaned out the window and waved his arm as Mike disengaged the V8. The people with bows and flame throwers behind the barricade saw them and they moved the two container trucks open and they all passed through. Once pass the barricade and drove between and over the two hills behind the barricade, Mike saw a couple of military humvees, a handful of pickup trucks with tripod machine guns, a short school bus, tanker truck and improvised tents and structures to the left side of the road. Mike pulled over to the left side of the road, ahead and away from the buses and Jona jumped out and ran to the people behind as Mike got out and put his left hand on the shotgun he put in the holster in the door frame as the door lifted up, so if anything gets out of hand he can whip his shotgun down. He watched as the school bus to the right opened its side doors and the kids inside came pouring out, while the bus on the left had mixed, adult and older passengers. He continued watching as a middle-aged man hugged a small girl running out of the bus towards him and kissed her on the cheek as he lifted her up and a woman, roughly the same age, appeared and embraced the young girl.

He noticed a large group of people, wearing football or hockey protection/padded gear approach him either holding their weapons down or were at the ready and Jona walked up alongside an older man, wearing SWAT gear, and Jona said, “Mayor, this is the man I’ve told you about! The one that defeated Furosium!” The Mayor seemed not impressed as he spoke, “But he’s been living in the Deadlands for the last couple of months. What makes you think it hasn’t drove him crazy yet, like those bandits under Boombox?” A younger woman spoke aloud, “He can’t be a cop! No Force Protection officer or anyone is sent out into the Deadlands!” Another woman cried out, “He must be a spy!” There were yells and murmurs of agreement and the crowd is getting restless till the Mayor raised his shotgun over his head and ordered aloud, “Quiet! Let Jona speak!” The crowd quieted down and Jona continued, “I didn’t bother with the details Mayor, but he helped me bury Sarah and gave me a ride as well as water to drink.” The Mayor looked at Mike with caution and the Mayor asked, “Why are you here?” Mike replied, “To return one of your own.” The Mayor asked again, “Is that all? Not for gas?” Mike replied, “I can find gas on the road.” Jona spoke, “He can help us! He can protect us till we reach the Forest Region!” Before the Mayor could reply Mike cut in, “I’m fine on my own.” He turned to get back in his car till the Mayor called out, “We could use some help! Only till we reached the Forest Region, then you can leave if you want.” Mike stopped himself and stood for a few moments, as if considering the Mayor’s offer, till Mike turned back and asked, “How far is it?” The Mayor replied, “A weeks journey.” Mike stated, “I’ll guide you halfway, after that you are on your own.” The Mayor replied, “Fair enough.” Mike took his hand off the shotgun and extended his hand out as the Mayor looked on and then shook his hand.

The others dispersed and walked in various directions as Mike went back to his car and closed the door as the Mayor stood by and asked, “Need a place to stay?” Mike replied, “I got everything here.” The Mayor nodded and Mike drove off to the other side of the makeshift small town and parked ahead on the side of the road, just outside of the encampment. During what’s left of the day, Mike washed the blood off his windshield and finished repairs on his front bumper till it got dark and the lights in the encampment came on either from road construction lamps or from other vehicles and Mike noticed someone approaching from behind and noticed the Mayor’s body armor as he approached with an MRE and he extended it towards Mike’s driver side door and said, “I brought you food. You haven’t come to our village since you arrived.” Mike said, “I prefer to be alone.” The Mayor didn’t move and Mike took the MRE and the Mayor asked, “Why aren’t you in the village with the rest of us?” Mike replied again, “I prefer to be alone. No offense, but I don’t trust anyone or thing out here.” The Mayor nodded as he spoke, “Understandable, but you can’t just isolate yourself.” Mike stated, “Its better this way. That way I don’t have any personal attachments.” The Mayor said, “But you have to trust someone. If you go on living by yourself out there it will drive you crazy.” Mike stated, “I done it before.” The Mayor asked, “You lose someone close?” Mike replied, “In a way.” The Mayor said, “The best you can do is move on. We all lost someone during the war and the chaos afterwards.” Mike said, “My situation is more complicated, you won’t understand.” The Mayor disagreed, “Bullshit.” Mike looked blankly at the Mayor as he continued, “Even if you lost someone close does not mean that life is better living alone and isolated from everyone else.” Mike added, “Even if your own wife tried to kill you for money?” The Mayor shook his head and said, “I’m sorry for her betrayal, but sooner or later you have to let it go.” Mike thanked him and the Mayor started walking away till Mike asked, “What kept them from crossing the bridge?” The Mayor stopped, looked back and replied, “We rigged the bridge with explosives way before you came.” He left Mike alone as he walked away.

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